Weather In Spain In March: Events And Temperatures In March 2018/2019

Spring season is the start of fun and adventure. It is like waking up in days of hibernation, after a sleeping through the freezing cold weather in winter season. But the weather in Spain in March is much different as the temperatures start to rise and more people are on the street enjoying the wonderful things of Spain.

Spain alone is a delightful country that is full of historical and natural landscape. The Vernal Equinox season made it more special because it is a good weather. Turning the entire country in a more majestic abode than how it is normal is. We gathered major events in Spain in March for you to watch out and prepare for your trip to Spain in March. In addition we have the temperatures in Barcelona in March, so you’ll know exactly what to pack.


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Weather In Spain In March


  • Temperature: 37°F – 61°F (3°C – 16°C )



  • Temperature: 61°F – 45°F (7°C – 16°C )



  • Temperature: 48°F – 66°F (9°C – 19°C)


Northern Spain

  • Temperature: 45°F – 61°F (7°C – 16°C)


North – West Spain

  • Temperature: is 48°F – 57°F (9°C – 14°C)


Things To Do In Spain In March

The Bullfighting Season

The first bullfight event can be witnessed in Madrid. There are consecutive bull fighting shows every Sunday starting March till October. If you are interested to watch bull fights the Spanish way, visit   Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid for reservations. For those interested in buying tickets, read this guide on how to buy bullfighting tickets.


The Fallas Festival

A spring festival in Valencia where locals in Castellon de la Plana burn different exhibited images made from woods, paper mache to represent “pardon”. A night event where people gathered at night and later burnt sacrifices will then be displayed in Fallas Museum.


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The Fiesta de la Magdalena

The eight – day feast of Fira i Festes de la Magdalena in Castellon de la Plana, commonly known as Magdalena Festival celebration starts on third Saturday of Lent every year. This is a festival of costume parade, Semana Santa feast (Holy Week, which happens in all parts of Spain), Fireworks, lighting of Gaiatas per town, children’s fair, and a lot more!


The Barcelona Beer Festival

What separates European from other people around the world is their ability to drink beer limitless. Beer Festival in Barcelona is full of party, music and unlimited beer. You can buy beer for €1 to €7 per bottle, and sample form over 300 kinds of available beers on the streets of Barcelona.


The Amimac Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació

The event is a non-completive selection of best animation movies and media all around the world. The Animac International is organized by Llieda City Council and Catalonia government, which are attended by film and media makers around the world.


Fec Festival

Another film celebration is Fec Festival. This is gathering all short fiction movie advocates and makers together from all parts of Europe where awards, film exhibits, seminars and other fun activities are organized every year. The Jerez Flamenco Festival view some of these shows that are happening in Spain in March. It is a celebration which is dedicated to international Flamenco dance and all other culture related to it. The whole city of Jerez dela Frontera, Cadiz, and Triana celebrate this with colorful costumes / decorations, pleasurable music and bailes (dances). Andalusia also celebrates this event, which also known as Spain’s largest flamenco festivals.


The Sant Medir Festival

Dubbed as the “Sweetest Festival” or the Fiesta de San Emeterio held at Gracia , Barcelona that serves 60 tons of sweets participated by over 120 horse and its carriages.


The Gaucin Bull Run

Another event in Andalusia in province of Malaga, the Gaucin Bull run (also known as Toro de Cuerda), is surprisingly expected by thousands of participants and audiences every year. Controversial yet celebrated, people from the narrow streets of Gaucin are expected to be chased and even pushed by agitated bull.


The Carnival

The most celebrated and wised celebration on the month of March is the Carnival time festival. The festival is celebrated from Cadiz, Tenerife, and all over the country of Spain. The event both celebrate life, fun and lavish shows on the road! A lot of celebrities can be spotted during the event as well.

Gay community, Sitges near Barcelona and Chueca in Madrid are also able to show their talents as they exhibit bravura costumes and floats on grand and extravagant parade!


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The Tradionarius Festival

If you are into folk music, the Tradionarious Festival is definitely for you. Drinks, conversations, folk music and dancing fill the air in Gracia, Barcelona.


The Old Music Festival

Another music fest is the Old Music Festival happens in Seville   where classical music and Baroque is celebrated for the whole month of March. Exhibits and local shows are organized during the event.


The La Passio

The event happens every Sunday of the month of March in the area of Esparraguera, Catalonia which exhibits famous presentation of the Passion of Christ.


The Spannabis

Well, belive it or not, Cannabis or the infamous Marijuana (colloquial term as “Mary Jane”) has its own event in Spain! Barcelona is conduction annual Trade Fair for responsible Cannabis use. Why do you think Spain allow use of Marijuana in the country?


The Motortec

In the city of Madrid, car and automobile lovers can gather around and enjoy Motor Trade shows from different European brands.


The Classic Car Rally of Mallorca

While in Balearic Islands, classic and other vintage collectible cars are exhibited. Classic car enthusiast will surely love to attend to!

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