Weather In Spain In February And Events To Attend In Spain

Generally, most of countries in Europe are basically wet and unpredictably cold due to rain showers, but the weather in Spain in February is a little different. In most regions of Spain, temperature may be pleasant but not that warm enough, but comfortable. So, there are a lot of things to do in Spain in February as the Spanish weather is good.

Let us check out places, events and the weather in Spain you should be expecting if you are planning to spend your vacation in Spain.

It is also the best time of the year to bring your loved once in Spain n Valentine’s Day. Spain alone is a romantic country to spend time with your date! Over flowing variety of chocolates, wines, good food, and astounding ambiance!

And in the month of February in Spain perhaps even the whole year round in Spain as the vibrant carnival and parades are celebrated.


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List Of Festivities And Events Per Region In Spain:


Located in Southern most part of Spain, Andalusia in most cases doesn’t get as cold as it does in Northern Spain, that is why many enjoy coming here in the winter months. The coasts are generally a little colder, but cities like Seville are better for warmer conditions.

It is quite a bit warmer inland (such as in Seville) than on the coast. Andalusia may still be a little cold to get a tan on most days, but you shouldn’t be shivering as you would be further north in the country. Also, it really doesn’t rain that much in Andalusia, making it one of the dryer weather in Spain for February.

The average maximum temperature in Malaga in February is 63°F/17°C and the average minimum temperature is 46°F/8°C. The February weather in Spain is best to be in Andalusia to enjoy the best conditions.


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Events To Watch Out In Andalusia:

Festival de Jerez

In Jerez de la Frontera, the Festival de Jerez is celebrated the whole month of February. It is a fête of the love of Flamenco dance. And at the same time there are also carnival events around Jerez as well, near Cadiz.


Seville Marathon

Transforming the old city streets, into a thrilled – seeking runners’ cove filled Seville.


Flamenco Fashion Show

Another love for Flamenco dance is celebrated on one of the towns in Andalusia, the Flamenco Fashion Show. Aside from dance appreciation, clothing designer and seamstress area able to showcase different Flamenco dresses designs based on their own inspirations.


San Cecilio festival

Aside from tribute to Flamenco dance (which is considered as national identity of Spain), in Granada the whole place is turned into a huge party place to celebrate the gypsy festival. The event starts the first Sunday of the month.



Compared to other cities in Spain, the city of Barcelona weather has higher temperatures. The weather in Spain here is generally warm and friendly because of the beach area around the region. If you want to escape unexpected rain showers and wet land areas during February, you should be spending your vacation in Barcelona. Average temperature is within 14°C (57°F). You can carry lighter clothes but be prepared with your fashionable sweater or jackets for your night stroll in the city of Barcelona.


Sitges Carnival

The flamboyant event of Sitges Carnival, is really one of the most colorful street parade and dance party in whole Spain. There are a lot of beers, food, and vibrant costumes.

Plus, the Guitar BCN  Festival and the Amimac Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació, in Lleida, near Barcelona.


Guitar Festival

For folkloric and modern string music exhibit, the Guitar Festival is also celebrated. Guitar concerts and guitar exhibits can also be witnessed in Barcelona. Guitar festivities starts from February till the end of June.


Festes de Santa Eulàlia

With the rich culture and musicality of Spain, there is also a festival of music for children, called Festes de Santa Eulàlia.

Barcelona Half-Marathon

Running has now become popular with all parts of the world. Another increasing gaining popularity among locals and tourists of Barcelona is the Barcelona Half – Marathon event.


Santa Agueda Women’s festival

If you happen to stop by a village near Segovia, stop by and celebrate with the locals the Santa Agueda Women’s festival, burns the popular burning of straw guy in Zamarramala. The festival often scheduled on first Sunday of the month of February.


La Endiablada

If you want to celebrate a bit of strange festival, you can try to participate or observe in the (almost like a Halloween event but) all people who participate are in devil’s costume. The festival is scary, but still fun activity. Despite of the terrifying masks and costumes, it creates friendships and a good start to socialize with locals and other town visitors as well. The La Endiablada festival is celebrated Almonacid.


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Madrid has the lowest temperature in Spain in February but there are fewer rain showers. So if you decided to spend your vacation in Madrid, make sure to bring clothes for the cold weather in Spain in February. Expect average maximum temperature in Madrid 12°C (54°F).

Carnival festival is famous and celebrated all around Spain, but you may expect grand and animated fete in Madrid!


ARCO Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair

You cannot miss the love for music and artistry of Spanish people. Shows, programs and art exhibits are organized in Madrid this February.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Spain is also known as the land of fashion and arts, from dance, fashion, culture, and intricate literature, you cannot just have the festival for fashion and design. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a series of exhibit and fashion shows in Madrid.


Candelaria in Madrid

Because of the strong faith in Catholicism in Spain, in La Candaleria, locals celebrate the nativity. Yes, too early for Christmas scene, but it is the commemoration of time when Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to a temple in Jerusalem.



For Spanish dish and unique fusion of food, chains of cooking competitions, dish exhibits and other gastronomic activities are expected in the Gastrofestival.


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Northern Spain

Both Madrid and provinces around Northern region of Spain has the coldest temperature during February in Spain weather. This does not mean, your tour and vacation around the Northern Spain will be ruined by the low temperatures. There are lots of things to do on winter time in Northern part of Spain! Average maximum temperature in Northern Spain on the month of February is 14°C (57°F).


Amimac Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació

The gathering of international animated films around Europe and other parts of the world are celebrated and recognized in Lleida, Catalonia. this is in appreciation of animated arts around the world.


North – West Spain

A romantic ere is added when rain showers are experienced most often. A feeling of nostalgia yet amazing time can be spent in provinces around North – West of Spain. If you like this kind of vacation, you can always hop on the plane and find yourself bask in regions of North – West Spain. The average maximum temperature North – West Spain in February is 11°C (52°F).


Almond Festival

An interesting local town festival in Puntagorda village is called Almond Festival. It is fun to see locals compete for persons who can crack almonds the fastest. You can also sample from a lot of variance of almonds product harvested and produced from the area.


Festival de Musica de Canarias

Spain will never run out of festival for music and culture. For those that like classical music, this event is one of the best in Spain in February.


Moros y Cristianos

And for those people appreciate and would want to relish history, a re–enactment of the battle in the 18th century of Moors and Christians are annually celebrated in Valencia.


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