Weather In May In Spain 2018/2019 – What To Pack And Wear For Spain In May?

Just the thought of Spain in May brings images of sunshine, the sea and siestas by the beach. A colorful country, the spirit of Spain is unlike any other. But when is the right time to visit the many islands and regions of Spain? All the time would be the right answer!

Spain is an all year-round destination boasting lengthy sunny days, a large number of sunshine hours compared to its counterparts and neighbors, and highly diverse sights to visit and revel in for weather in May in Spain.


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If you’re visiting Spain in May, then you’re in luck! But first you need to know that weather in May in Spain can always be unpredictable and one year can vastly differ to the other. Spain is divided into three different climate zones, one dominated by the exotic Mediterranean climate, while the other experiences continental climate, and the last is affected by the oceanic climate.

So with the Mediterranean to the south and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the climate in Spain in May varies dramatically.


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Weather In Andalusia In May

Luckily, the weather in Andalusia in May borders between great and perfect. It’s a time where the sun shines over the authentic Spanish buildings, and the streets are filled with the start of the summer. So the weather is generally warm, but not intense like the summer months, however, be careful since there could be rainfalls every now and then so make sure to bring an umbrella!


Barcelona In May

If you’re not really a fan of rain (which I am also definitely not!), then Barcelona is where you should be in May. The city in general is much drier than Madrid, and the last time I stayed there for 7 months it rained three times only! Of course, thanks to my luck, one of them was on my birthday…Thanks Barcelona!

The weather in May is generally starting to warm up, but it’s not hot, scorching and summery yet. You might experience a few cloudy days in the beginning of May and it’s advisable to still have your jacket in the evening!

In the beginning of May, it might be beach weather up until 3 pm and then it starts getting a little bit colder, but by the end of the month, you’ll be experiencing the promising start of summer. The averages usually range from 15C to 26C. It is said over and over again that May is the absolute best month to visit Barcelona – the tourists haven’t flocked yet and you’ve got all the attractions to yourself!


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Madrid In May

Madrid has quite a harsh, into-your-face kind of climate. Either extremely hot and humid in the summers, or cold and harsh in winter. The temperature extremes of sizzling hot and bitterly cold are both not the optimum time to visit.

This brings us to May in Madrid – one of the shoulder months, where the crowds are still not that much, the weather is a little bit milder and the prices are still not rocketing! With Madrid being one f the sunniest cities in Europe, you can enjoy clear skies in the month of May. Of course, there is still a chance of a little rainfall every now and then, but the temperatures start reaching around 21C, and the city starts to burst into colors, pool parties and outdoor cafes being laid out.

The weather can range anything from 16C in the beginning of May in Spain, to a staggering 33C at the end of May! Yes, you heard that right! 33C!

The month is usually characterized by the rapidly rising temperatures, but be careful that the weather tends to drop dramatically at night. So if you’re going to Madrid in May, some light clothes, a light cardigan and scarves and an umbrella just in case would be the perfect option!


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Weather In Northern Spain

Ah Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country, beautiful weather, sprawling beaches and diverse histories – the region of Northern Spain is a must visit on any Spain itinerary! Sadly, this region is unlike the others in Spain with more frequent rain, fog and cloudy skies – but don’t fret!

The weather, due to the high elevation, is considered some of the most unpredictable in all of Spain, and there’s always a chance of heavy rains. Temperatures easily range from 12C to 22C!


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