Things To Do In Spain In May: Guide For Each Major City

April showers bring may flowers, right? Well, not exactly in Spain during May – this is the least rainy of all European countries – but don’t be sad, they still have flowers, nice warm weather, and plenty of sights to see. This month of the year is an especially rewarding time to make your visit. It’s tourist season for Spain in May and there is so much going on, and so many adventures to have. Especially if you’re a fan of music – seriously any music, I can promise they have it all. Check out all the things to do in Spain in May 2018. To get the best experience, it’s important to know what to pack for the weather in Spain. Check out this guide on what to wear and pack for weather in Spain in May.


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Bullfights are HUGE in Madrid. In fact, this city is renowned and most known for its bullfights and bull runs. Especially once may hits with the San Isidro Festival. Here is May’s Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid.

As well, at this time, take part in

  • Dos de Mayo festival
  • Madrid Open Which is an amazing tennis tournament
  • Documenta Madrid Another great documentary festival.

Join the fun by AVE high-speed train.


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Jam out to your hearts content throughout this second very famous musical extravaganza! There are musicians from all over Spain in May and the world who come to the Seville Festival to share their talents with adoring and boisterous crowds.


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Events here are never a drag, and there are always more, more, more! Plenty of things to do in Spain in May, events, festivals, etcetera for the entire family, friend group, romantic couple, whatever!


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Since there is so much to do in Barcelona during May, the best way to do it all, is to make sure and book ahead, then take a lovely day trip to Barcelona.



This next festival may sound a little sexist but it isn’t – even though it involves setting up a giant straw man and setting him aflame. . . One of the grandest, not-to-be-MISSED events is in Caceres, the very illustrious Woman Festival Don’t be afraid, it’s also a world-wide musical festival. Dates vary throughout the month, so always check online for details.



Cordoba provides two very large events throughout this season: the first which is Cruces de Mayo – a funny, but somewhat serious and competitive competition to have the best-decorated patio of all the rest.

Second, the Cordoba Festival, which includes an excellent breathtaking bullfight. As well, include in this trip the nearby ganders of Granada and Seville.

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