Things To Do In Spain In July: Ultimate Guide For Madrid, Barcelona And Cordoba

Should you make your way to the fine country of Spain during the high touring summer month of July, prepare for the heat! But also make sure to prepare for the number of events and opportunities which come package-deal with the sunshine.

Here in Spain in July, you can expect your average highs to reach their peak near the southern and eastern coasts. Central Spain is more warm than is hot. There’s lots of great things to do in Spain in July in all of the major cities in Spain, we’ll explain some of the best below.


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Not only does lots go on in Bilbao but much of the country can be accessed from this city. During Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls (a quick bus ride from Bilbao) there are also reputable live music concerts at the same time at the BBK festival. Many consider this the best things to do in Spain in July. For the running of the bulls itself, one of the funnest ways to experience the event is by taking nightly trips on the bus from Bilbao to Pamplona.

Some buses, or even if you have a car, are worth the ride out to Anguiano for the Danza de los Zancos, this is a festive party with stilt walkers, and it is one of the regions religious traditions of the season.



There is one perfect reason to visit Cordoba during July’s heat, and that is Festival de la Guitarra, which is an excellent guitar festival that celebrates the arts of blues, classic guitar, other styles, and even Spanish flamenco. This city is also a refuge to many religions, the largest one flocking in and out of Mezquita, one of the cities larges mosques.

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How To Get To Cordoba

You can get to Cordoba using the high-speed train from either Seville or Madrid. It is also well connected by bus from all over Andalusia.

You can easily access Cordoba from either Seville or Madrid, as the high-speed AVE train crosses through both of them and accesses most other cities in the country as well. Andalusia on the other hand, has more established bus connections than anything else.



This, the capitol city of Spain, is one of the best places to go in Spain in July and still let the city awe you without being overly hot. Going to the capital of Spain in July is a great option. There are also a number of festivals and shows which run along throughout the city. In Madrid there’s lots of different activities and things you can do.


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How To Get To Madrid

From other parts of Europe and then even into Spain, tourists often find that Madrid is really the center of the country – both as the busy capitol, and as being geologically quite centrally located. The best way to get to Madrid, and even Spain, at the high-speed trains which lead out of the country and also travel from Barcelona and Madrid – with multiple connections along the way.



In San Fermin their eight-day festival is the main focus for bull runs and bullfights throughout all the surrounding regions! During the morning hundreds of daring locals, and even the brave face of a tourist here and there, charge forward through the streets of the city – running in front of riled up bulls until they reach the bullring and coral the wild animals inside. Once night falls, there is plenty of drink to go around, and bullfights to be watched!

The reason people decided to commute into Pamplona this time of the year, is because the price of staying in the city is increased by the popularity of the Bullfighting. It’s much cheaper to stay in Bilbao or even San Sebastian and go to each bullfight and party you plan on attending as it’s one of the best things to do in Spain in July.

But do not lot the cost of a bus ticket or rental car, deter you from seeing the Running of the Bulls, this is an amazing event which most of Spain is known for, and one of its longest sessions hits during Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival. At this time each morning many of the locals, and even scores of tourists, pack into a bullring to begin ‘the running of the bulls’. Much can be said of their bravery.


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