Things To Do In Spain In April 2018/2019 – The Best Cities To Visit In Spain In April

With the promise of a sunny summer on the doors, April in Spain is the perfect grounded month to visit the beautiful county. The Semana Santa celebrations permeate in the air of every Spanish city, Easter is on in full force, the cities across Spain are filled with a myriad of activities, and the weather is warm – not too hot, not too cold, you get plenty of sun and you can even bask in the sun on the beaches! There’s so many things to do in Spain in April that you need to select your favorite things.


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The weather in Spain is even warm enough for a nice beach vacation on the coasts of Spain. So, you’ve decided to visit Spain in April and now you’re wondering what you could possibly do in the plethora of cities that Spain has.

A quick recommendation – if you’re visiting Spain in April, make sure to time your visit with Semana Santa – the hugest Easter celebration that is celebrated all across Spain. A tip, however, make sure to book in advance since the prices soar up and availability will be scarce.


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Things To Do In Barcelona In April

Barcelona is great all year long, whether you visit in January or in April in Spain, there will always be something to do and a festival to immerse yourself in.

The festival that takes over Barcelona in April is Saint Jordi where the entire city is filled with red roses and books, books and more books! It’s an incredible cultural event where the spirit of love looms over the entire city with so many things to do.

Of course, spend time by the beach, check out Gaudi’s masterpieces, visit the array of museums available, skate-board by MACBA, watch the dancing fountain at MNAC, and enjoy the constant celebration of life that’s prominent in Barcelona.

You can even catch the La Passio event where the passion of the Christ is performed.


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Things To Do In Madrid In April

The thing about Madrid is that you can simply feel how alive it is – there’s always something going on – whether concerts, clubs opening up, exhibitions, galleries, pop-up live music in El Retiro, the city is sprawling with incredible things to do all the time.

The weather in April in Madrid is quite warm and you can either enjoy its most prominent sites or check the festivals and events schedule in April. If you’re a music fan, Madrid is filled with all types of clubs and bars to satisfy your thirst, and above all of this in April you can attend the Festimad music festival!

Check out some of the great things to do like the enormous Palacio Real, get cultured at El Reina Sofia, el Predo and Thyssen museums, spend your days amongst Baroque architecture and glass buildings in El Retiro park or spend your time shopping at Gran Via, have a religious experience at the Convento de las Descalzas, finally ending your day at the 7-floor Kapital club!


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Things To Do In Seville In April

If you want to have the ultimate Easter experience, don’t think twice and just head to Seville. The most flamboyant, extravagant carnival is celebrated there and it’s without a doubt the biggest draw in Seville all year long.


What Happens In The festival?

The entire city of Seville revels in the celebration, workplaces close, schools are off and everyone is in the streets.

  • Every single church in Seville turns into a social gathering
  • Floats called pasos all float through the city in artistic representations of different stories. These floats are carried by locals!
  • You’ll find the distinctive, quite eerie white protective garments on their heads.
  • Spot the traditional mantillas worn by the women.
  • Hear the saeta, the traditional song sung by them.


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Things To Do In Malaga In April

The city that inspired Picasso and his art, the city of Malaga is a gorgeous ocean-front destination, juxtaposing modern architecture with palm-filled promenades, the works of Pablo Picasso and all-year-round amazing weather.

Visit the Moorish Alcazaba castle with hundreds of years of history stacked into its walls and museums, hike up to Mount of Gibralfaro, visit the Museum of Alacazaba, or stroll around the Old Town of Malaga with its cathedral, its buildings and its mosques! Get lost in a medieval fortress, learn about Picasso in his museum there that gives you a glimpse into his life, or wind down at the Botanical gardens.

If you’re visiting Malaga you can also visit a plethora of nearby destinations, since Malaga serves as a great jumping off point.


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