Things To Do In Barcelona In September 2018/2019

September in Barcelona still experiences all the perks of summer without the scorching heat and the tourists that fill up the place. The tourist crowds have started to die down but the city is still as lively as ever and the weather is incredibly gorgeous! The city experiences a plethora of cultural festivals that you can spend your days enjoying and there’s still lots of things to do in Barcelona in September.


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Things To Do In Barcelona In September

Diada Nacional de Catalunya

On the 11th of September, the entire city of Barcelona turns into a large festival that commemorates Barcelona’s independence. You’ll find the Catalan flag flying through every nook and cranny of the neighborhoods, you’ll experience the true meaning of nationalism, and the marches through the city are quite an invigorating experience. This is truly one of the best things to see in Barcelona in September of enjoying the rawest form of Catalan culture and mingling with the locals.


Festas de la Merce

Are you ready to be part of the biggest party in Barcelona in September? I bet you are! Giants walk down the streets, fireworks fill the sky, human towers are nonchalantly being made fire runs are no source of alarm and the city vibrates with energy, with live music, happiness, and all types of performances. The festival is held in the honor of “Our Lady of Mercy” and it’s an incredible reflection of Catalan culture and long-lived traditions. This is most fun things to do in Barcelona in September and is must attend event.


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Mostra de Vins i Caves de Catalunya

Who isn’t a wine enthusiast nowadays? From outdoor tastings, wine and cava fairs and more than 400 labels, this festival is perfect for all wine lovers out there. Held in Ciutat Vella, you’ll find a wide array of fine cheeses, wines and cava tastings all around. You can get yourself a nice souvenir glass!


Festa Major de la Barceloneta

Throughout the entire year, different neighborhoods in Barcelona have different festivals that they celebrate, and in September the maritime community of La Barceloneta throws a local “festes”!

You’ll find fireworks by the beach, tournaments, parties that continue into the wee morning hours, parades, music and so much more great things to do in Barcelona!


Sitges Film Festival

Are you a movie enthusiast? Even better – are you into all things gory, horror and sci-fi? Sitges has the perfect festival for you. Considered one of the most renowned festivals for the horror genre, this festival takes place in the end of September to the beginning of October and has all types of film screenings, conferences, appearances and premiers that is great things to do in Barcelona in September.


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Barcelona Accio Musical

A lot of people relish the idea of live music, and there is no doubt that the power of live music bringing people together is strong enough to move mountains. The city of Barcelona in September offers free concerts for all genres – jazz, rock, house, and much more. You’ll find performances, dance acts, salsa classes and a wide array of cultural and musical experiences intertwined together.


Rosh Hashaná

Drop a visit to the gorgeous medieval streets of Barcelona and celebrate the Jewish new year! On the 14th, you can visit the Call and learn about the intertwining of history and religion in Barcelona.


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