Things To Do In Barcelona In June 2018/2019

There is a presence in the air which ripples with excitement and energy – the rapid movement of touring around, the food, the fresh sights to see – truly there is an energy which takes over Barcelona in June. This is a MUST COME! time of the year as there’s lots of things to do in Barcelona in June.


SÓNAR Dance Festival!

If electronic music is your cup of tea, this is a festival which will transport you on a wild but wonderful ride, with converts suitable for all types of people from many walks of life. There’s lots of things to do in June in Barcelona that will blow you away. Sonar happens every 18th to 20th of the month, and includes acclaimed bands such as Flying Lotus, The Chemical Brothers, and south-Africans Die Antwoord! There are both daytime and nighttime sessions of this killer concerts, taking place in Barcelona’s city center as well as in L’Hospitalet!


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Sant Joans’ Bonfires

As legend of Sant Joan (Saint John) goes, the shortest night of the year falls on the evening of June 23rd. On this night, the locals build great bonfires and set them alight to party out the night and await the dawn. This tradition is closely related to the pagan tradition of summer solistice, although that date normally falls on the 24th on the month.

Make sure you join this party for its bonfires, warm drinks, and fun firecrackers. Want to know where to go? Just find the ocean and head toward the beaches. You’re bound to find the party as there’s many things to see in Barcelona in June.


Do You Consider Yourself A Modernist?

Well any modernist would be loathe to miss out on a one of a kind Hospital. Trust me, Barcelona has outdone itself this time. Quite near Sagrada Familia at one point stood an older regular hospital – this is no longer the case! In recent years it has been renovated, and was just introduced again this winter.

Welcome to Hospital de Sant Pau and we hope you give it a visit, just not for any serious medical reasons. This modernist hospital was designed with a different but similar premise of a regular hospital, with a concept that patients are going to heal better and quicker in a gorgeous and more engaging environment. This vision was formed by Lluís Domènech i Muntaner, an architect also responsible for Palau de la Música, Fundació Tàpies and Casa Lleó Morera.


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More Modernist Sites?

A contest of modernism you must see! First built was the wonderful Casa Ametller by Puig i Cadafalch building, a very modernist piece in the city of Barcelona. The competition then was off, with a second and even more modernist building to arise: Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí.

And indeed, these buildings are just two of three structures which form the Golden Apple of Discordy (Barcelona’s metaphorical battle to prove which house hold the most beauty) Indeed, the rooms of this treasure trove have not been tampered with for over a century. Entry is just 15 euros a person.

June has acquired taste for every pallet! Don’t miss out on the fun and all the great things to do in Barcelona in June.


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