Things To Do In Barcelona In July 2018/2019

What to do this summer? The best way to spend the summer vacation this July in Barcelona is somewhere surreal and sophisticated at the same time. Well, Barcelona can offer you both! With the urbane yet deep-rooted history and old architecture of the city, Barcelona in July is the best place to visit in Spain. We listed few things to see in Barcelona and things to do in Barcelona in July while you’re in Spain.


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Things To Do In Barcelona In July 2018


Take An Architectural Tour Around Barcelona

With the deep rooted history of the city of Barelona, there are a lot of lovely building designs and architectural structure to see especially in the old city road of Passeig de Gracia. Another thing to do in Barcelona is see the Barri Gotic quarter that is in a narrow street in Barcelona. Thus, the fine sunny weather is perfect for trolling around the streets of Barcelona in July.

Marvel In Barcelona’s Museum

If you have an eye for fine arts this is one of the best things to see in Barcelona, you can drop by and be amused in the beauty of paintings, sculptures and other forms of arts. The City History Museum and National Catalan Museum exhibits various arts for artists in the past and present.


Time To Contemplate

Whether for religious purposes or for culture appreciation, it is always a good practice when you are in a vacation, to stop a quick journey in Sagrada Familia which was designed by famouns artists Antoni Gaudi.


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Tour Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium

Barcelona cannot be famous enough without its legendary football team – “Futbol club Barcelona”. Experience the same intensity and sensations as almost 100,000 football fans cheers on their favorite soccer team in Camp Nou. Since July is Barcelona is the offseason, the best thing you can do is take a tour of the stadium. You’ll be able to go into the locker rooms, press room and even on the field from the tunnel to see what it’s like to be a Barcelona player. For football lovers, this is one of the best things to do in Barcelona in July.


Try A Quick Adventure

Despite of the manifestation of the locals of Barcelona’s ingenuity and artistry, there is also a place in the city that is worth visiting for. Monserat can give you a sightseeing trek on Catalan landscape.

Or if you want to walk around and marvel in beautiful garden landscape, it is a lovely experience to get lost in Laberint d’Horta, where puzzle of flower mazes leads you.


Attend A Concert

One of the biggest events in Barcelona in July is a concert, more specifically the Cruïlla Festival. The series of concert party is held from July 10 to 12th of the month crusading on the lively streets of the city. Another music concert celebrations: the Grec Festival, the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival, and the the Cap Roig Festivalare all happening in July too! To complete the fun, dancing and singing.


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