Things To Do In Barcelona In February 2018/2019

See, there are so many things things to do in Barcelona in February that might make you want to visit – the azure beaches, the lively nightlife, the bustling streets….The possibilities are endless.

Visiting Barcelona in February is one of the most amazing decisions you can take, the rain still hasn’t set (leave that for spring!), the skies are blue and clear, and there’s this very little cold breeze that makes walking around and doing all the fun things in Barcelona!

It’s also the time the city’s cultural calendar explodes with a myriad of events, specifically cultural ones – so if you want to visit Barcelona at a time where events are in full force, the weather is beautiful, and you have the city all for yourself without the huddles of tourists, then by all means, visit Barcelona in February.


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What’s On This Year?

There are so many things to do in Barcelona in February that can be done in the year 2018, some are specific to that year, while others are annual events that you can enjoy practically every year!

Whether you want music, cultural, fashion, or just a few attractions to see, Barcelona offers all of this and more.


Let’s Start With The Basics…

Of course, needless to say, being in Barcelona in February means you will still need to see the main attractions! Visit the Sagrada Familia, drink a mojito by the beach, revel in the Baroque architecture of Parc Ciutadella, visit Gaudi’s creations or the plethora of museums in the city.


Catch A Flamenco Show!

Even though flamenco is not exactly a Catalunyan activity, you can enjoy it and many of these must see things in Barcelona can be seen at many of the flamenco bars (albeit a bit expensive) like Tablo Flamenco Cordobes or Tarantos Club!


More Of A Music Fan?

You’d be excited to know that February in Barcelona brings about some great artists, live music shows and bands! Hit Razzmataz up for some of the best live music shows!

Also, if you’re a metal fan then the renowned Metallica band will also be playing this February, along with the completely contrasting Jason Derulo event!

Luckily, the clubs in Barcelona never “die down” in the winter months and the touristy clubs of Opium, Shoko and Pacha are as lively as ever with parties running until the wee morning hours.


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Go To A Flea Market

See Barcelona is peppered with dozens of flea markets that you can get your shopping on at! The Els Encants Market is one of the most well-known markets, and has been around for centuries. You’ll find all types of products and unleash incredible deals!

Visit the Sant Anthony old book market and treat yourself with some vintage stamps, magazines, books and more!


The Festivals

Two many festivals take place in Barcelona in February and you shouldn’t miss out on all the fun things to do in Barcelona!

Firstly, the Carnaval experiences the entire city of Barcelona turning into a myriad of flamboyant, colorful vibes with dancers, performers, parades, and much more. The whole city comes together to celebrate life, to dress in weird costumes and to enjoy the fleeting moments of happiness!

The other festival is Sant Elulalia where the city is filled with giants! Giants fill up the street and thousands of people come to celebrate along! Take care of pick-pocketers!


Watch The City Light Up!

Barcelona’s festival of lights is a 3-day event that takes place in February and is a sight to behold! Architectural items become illuminated into gorgeous colors, and the entire Gothic Quarter becomes a light show!


What Can You Participate In?

You don’t always have to be a viewer – join Barcelona’s Half Marathon. If you’re athletic (or not!), you can enjoy the wonders and attractions of the cities while simultaneously being in a marathon. The whole city comes together to enjoy this event and the spirit is unparalleled!


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