Things To Do In Barcelona In August 2018/2019

You may have heard that Barcelonans run away from their country in August because the city is crowded, the weather is hot and there’s nothing to do. This ideology is not true and there’s lots of things to do in Barcelona in August. Barcelona is a great place to visit in August, and there are several activities to do irrespective of it being hot.


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Visit Barcelona temples

Barcelona has very many temples and Christian buildings. This is great places to visit and especially if you want to hide from the scorching sun. Many of this church buildings are free, and you can be assured of the fresh temperature inside due to their big walls. Some of the temples you can visit are the Sagrada Familia in the City Centre, Santa Anna in Gothic Quarter and Maria del Mar in Born neighborhood. This is one of the best things to do in Barcelona in August 2018.


Observatori Fabra

This is a point under the peak of Tibidabo and on top of the city where you can watch the stars of Barcelona. You can go here to see the stars as you take your dinner. This is a pace you can visit at any time but is best to go here during the Perseids where you will view the mesmerizing rain of meteors. This is usually on the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth day of August. It can at times be difficult to see them due to the weather or because of pollution, but you can take the risk.


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Enjoy A Piknic

Piknic Electronik is a must activity in summer, and it will be better if you do it in Barcelona in August. It is an excellent outdoor activity that you can experience the environment with. You can take your family or friends to Montjuic Mountain and listen to electronic music. The healthy party that happens during the day is the most interesting activity.


Festes de Gràcia

Gracia is one of the greatest places to visit. It said to be the place where streets become magical. Locals go there to celebrate the neighborhood Gracia, and this happens annually on the fifteenth day of August. Different streets here are decorated, and they compete towards the one that is best decorated during festes de Gracia. Take some time and visit this streets and balconies and see the fantastic sights. There are also different shows organized by the neighbors of every street. You’ll love this as it’s a great thing to do in Barcelona in August 2018.


With these activities, be you can be guaranteed to have an enjoyable summer season in Barcelona, Spain.


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