Spain In July 2018/2019: Weather, Events And Things To Do In July In Spain

Lift up your head, can you smell that? Can you feel the air? Winter is clearly over, and you can feel the very cold and wet migrating out of the Spanish air and back deep into the sea, and the sky, and underground – wherever the cold goes, when the summer suddenly hits. Welcome to Spain in July!

What to expect the weather to be like? Expect to get its most hot in the landlocked higher center of Spain, here the heat has no rolling waves to mediate it, and nowhere else to go. Along the coasts then, eastern and southern, you can bet it will be hot – but with fanciful cool evenings, and sometimes the rare splash of rain.

Though of course, even though people attempt to ‘predict the weather’, always be aware that the weather is an unpredictable thing. Make sure you pack with light layers, just in case of the odd storm as you’re on your excursions doing things in Spain in July 2018.


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What to Expect in the Month of July?

As the highs of July in Spain, anywhere in Spain, including Madrid, can receive a hit wave that is stifling and perhaps uncomfortably so. Often what this can do to you isn’t all that serious – just drink plenty of water, and wear less clothing (easy right?). What the heat can do to businesses on the other hand, depends entirely on the Tourism. If tourism is bad that season, some shops will shut up for the summer holidays – some close up during this season anyway, heat or no heat – but also, some very fresh shops and bars open specifically only during the summers for the Tourist months. You can expect the average low temp in Madrid to be around 61°F (16°C) with an average high temp to hit 90°F (32°C).


What’s the Weather Like?

Expect sun, sun, and more sun. Its heavenly rays will come down and heat up the earth and draw all the northern Europeans from hiding and to the beaches to work on a glorious summer tan. Rain is rare, especially since Spain in July isn’t nearly as rainy as other European countries, but always pack a little extra jacket or hat for the unexpected. Barcelona with its beaches will be especially packed with people, and is certainly more bearable in its heat than the city of Madrid. Barcelona reports average lows of 66°F (19°C) and average highs around 84°F (29°C).


North-Western Spain; Weather Report

Thank nature for the seas which keep the lovely coastal areas – which could be completely sucked dry throughout July – a little cooler in Galicia and Asturias than other cities in Spain. Here the beaches are perfect for all sorts of water sports, or even just laying out a towel and working on that golden-glow tan. It should be expected that to rain in this region, sometimes coming down once every three days.

The reported highs and lows are from the gorgeous area of Santiago de Compostela, with a general high of 68°F (20°C) and an expected low of 59°F (15°C).


The Andelusia Weather Chart?

Expect your minimum temp in Andelusia to reach 68°F (20°C), because this are days if Spain becomes one of the hottest – Seville almost becoming a desolate ghost town of its former winter self – and rain is rarer than rare (though always allow yourself to be surprised. With low temperatures so high, you can imagine what the highs would look like. In case you can’t though, with a maximum average temp you’re going to reach in these areas is 88°F (31°C).


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Northern Spain; Weather Report

Spain certainly isn’t known for its rainy summers, but you can expect its Northern areas to be a little more pleasant and cool. Especially in the region on Basque Country and areas further up in the North. This far north, the hottest its going to get is generally 75°F (24°C) and your lows are 59°F (15°C)


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Summer Events In Spain

June 1 – August 28thPhoto España

Location? Madrid

Description – The city of Madrid welcomes its largest and most influential photography exhibition. Prepare to be stunned by the panoply of excellent images.


June 17 – July 8thInternational Festival of Music & Dance

Location? Granada, Andalusia.
Description – This festival centers itself around the fantastic art form of dance and music, displaying these performing arts in a wide array of styles.


June 19 – July 2 – Madrid Pride

Location? Madrid
Description – Celebrate with all the lovers and locals alike, at this one of a kind Gay Pride event.

July 1 – August 30 – ‘Veranos de la Villa’
Location? Madrid
Description? Also known as ‘Summer in the City’ this event features wonderful theatrical performances and concerts galore. The locals are always surprised by the talent that shows up, and it is not an event to be missed.


July 1 – July 16 – Festival de la Guitarra de Cordoba
Location? Cordoba, Andalusia.

Description – If you’re into guitar, this is the place to be during July. The level of talent which comes to play at this guitar festival is unbelievable. The styles and variations which are played are Flamenco, classical, rock, and so many other unique methods and forms.


July 1 – July 31 – Grec festival

Location? Barcelona
Description – Enjoy a very Greek culture festival, with foods, events, and people that you will never forget.


July 1 – 5 – Getxo International Jazz Festival

Location? Getxo

Description – Not enthused by the previous events of guitar and dance? Of modern pop music? This is a renowned festival designed specifically around the art of jazz music. Become a classy version of yourself, dress up, and enjoy the music.


July 2 – 3rdMijas Blues Festival
Location? Mijas
Description – If jazz wasn’t your kind of music, and pop wasn’t your kind of music, neither guitar nor its flamenco called to you, perhaps this one of a kind Blues Festival ( located on Costa del Sol) is right up your alley.


July and August –Festival de Merida
Location? Merida, Extremadura
Description – Take to the seats and watch the magnificent stage, as well as its talented actors, during this ripe drama festival.


July 3 

Location? Madrid
Description – One of the things Spain is most famous for, are the bullfights during the summer.

July 5 – Concierto de las Velas.

Location? Pedraza

Description – Take yourself, your friends, your family, and a lighter with a candle. This amazing event features a night filled with candles, as they light up and dance during a nighttime concert. Check out the useful: Winebus, which organizes tours for the event and provides excellent Spanish wine tastings.


July 5 – 13thBous a la Mar (Toros en el Mar)

Location? Denia

Description – Since bull runs are one of the things Spain is most famous for, throughout this month there are many bull runs, both more locally and unknown, or extremely popular and well known.


July 7 – 9th BBK Bilbao Live

Location? Bilbao 

Description – This month is truly chock full of music, and this festival welcomes another unique form and take on musical skill and talent, in a rock and pop music extravaganza.

July 7 – 14 – Running of the Bulls (San Fermin Festival)

Location? Pamplona
Description – This event is known around the world, and often previewed and talked about. It welcomes each July 7th through the 14th, runners who wish to ‘run with the bulls’ and although for tourists running is usually NOT RECOMMENDED.


July 11 – 14thBaile del Patatu at the San Benito Feria
Location? Obejo
Description – Here are featured an abundance of new talents to awe audiences from around Spain to around the world. There are featured sword and fire dances, as well as contests between people from all walks of life, and an excellent finale of music and fireworks.

July 12 – 16 – Jazz Vitoria

Location? Vitoria, Basque Country.

Description – The Spanish truly love to celebrate their jazz, now don’t they?

July 14 – 17 – Benicassim Rock & Pop Festival

Location? Benicassim.
Description – This is by far one of Spain’s largest and greatest events, featuring a grand musical celebration which includes all of the alternative/mainstream music’s, and famous groups from across the US, UK, and Europe. It will blow you away, and leave you wanting more! And then encore of course.

July 15- 26thFestival de Segovia

Location? Segovia
Description – Another wonderful and electric musical celebration.
July 16thFeast of Virgen del Carmen


July 17 – 24 – Jazz en la Costa

Location? Almuñécar
Description – Another excellent Jazz jubilee.

Third Sunday of JulyDay Without Swimsuits

Location? Nudist Beaches in Spain

Description – Perhaps odd to some, this celebration features a display of nudity in support of nudism (its freedom and its beauty). In fact, on this holiday in 2013, the record for skinny-dipping was achieved on a beach in Almeria.


July 20 – 25thJazzaldia Jazz Festival

Location? San Sebastian
Description – Because you can never have too much jazz.


July 22nd Danza de los Zancos

Location? Anguiano, La Rioja
Description – An impressive and balanced display of ‘stilt dancing’.


July 25 – August 2ndFuerteventura Grand Slam

Location? Fuerteventura

Description – If you’re into windsurfing, this competition is just plain fun and totally meant for you.


Usually about July 25thFeria de Santa Ana

Location? Seville

Description – Religious procession and a holy mass, which commemorates the feast of Santa Ana.
July 25th – Apostle’s festival


July 26thCasabermeja Flamenco festival

Location? Casabermeja
Description – Welcome to another excellent celebration and festival, featuring the Spanish art of Flamenco.


July 29th ‘Near-Death Festival’

Location? As Neves, Galicia
Description – This rather odd event, is also very fun. It features a procession of people carrying coffins, in which some have almost died.


July 29 – 30 – Imagina Funk 

Location? Sierra Mágina, Torres, Jaén.
Description – Not to be outshone by Pop, Rock, Blues, or Jazz, here is another festival featuring the magnificent Funk voice and Funk artists.


End of July – Bull running

Location? Tudela
Description – Another excellent bull-run.



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