Spain In February 2018/2019: Weather, Things To See And What To Pack

Spain in February is the month of love, although many people might agree that they don’t ‘love’ the colder weather which typically persists throughout this time of year in Spain. That’s a few voices however, and anyone actually living in Spain will tell you that the colder months, November through February, are an excellent time to visit, if not one of the most magical times of all.

Consider this – during the popular summer months most of the locals are away on their own holidays, and Spain is overrun with tourists, however despite the cold during these latter months: Spain in February 2018 is particularly Spanish and natively unique.


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The Event Filled February

The most excellent event during this time of the year is the February carnival, which is resplendent in dresses and dancing and festivity. The dates vary, so make sure to check carnival dates online. More events are covered throughout the remained of this guide for Spain during February.


Barcelona Weather Report For February

Maximum temperatures in Barcelona in February throughout this month will trend around 57°F (14°C) with minimums down to 41°F (5°C). In Spain, this city is one of the countries warmer cities, and is so because of Barcelona’s close proximity to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Keep this in mind when booking your tickets, because not only is this city a wondrous place, but its access to the gorgeous ocean is not to be missed.


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Madrid Weather Report For February

Due to its elevation – being the highest capitol city in Europe – Madrid in February is much colder than other low elevation cities. This said, be advised that you should bundle up tightly, before going out to eat plenty of warming foods. Rain is typical, but for the most part the city stays reasonably dry – rainfall only to be expected generally around once every three days.

With maximum temperatures up to 54°F (12°C) and minimum temperature down to 36°F (2°C), expect to wear layers in order to combat the weather. Then, let your journey begin.


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Northern Spain’s Weather Report For February

This is not the trip to break out that new swimming suit and catch some sun, but if you’re looking for wise purchases for a trip to Northern Spain this late season of the year, make sure to purchase boots, gloves, a hat, an umbrella for the pesky and constant Northern rains, as well as a good winter jacket for the towns of San Sabastian and Bilbao, where the relative high is 57°F (14°C) and the relative low is 43°F (6°C)


Andalusia Weather Report For February

If you’re truly looking to be surprised by a city’s weather conditions, Andalusia often proves an exceptional rule breaker – this city rarely reaches the same minimum temperatures that other places in France will reach further in the north. Inland and at a lower elevation, this city stays much warmer than those near the sea, and those high in the air. Rain can be infrequent, but as always, check the local weather reports and prepare to sometimes be surprised. Max: 63°F/17°C – Min: 46°F/8°C.


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North-West Spain; Weather Report For February

Rain, rain, and more rain – take this into account, especially if you get as far North West as Santiago de Compostela – here your expected high is around 52°F (11°C) and your expected low is 46°F (8°C). If you’re visiting without an umbrella throughout this month, you’ll be changing outfits at least twice a day – not to mention the laundry you’ll be doing. Plan accordingly, the rain can be lovely, but as always: the rain can be wet!


Our Pick Of The Best City To Visit?

Barcelona. No contest.

Mostly this is because of the renowned and wonderful, Sitges carnival. This carnival in Barcelona in February is big, loud, busy, and colorful. There is a new sight and a new face around every corner. Expect Spaniards from miles to flock to Sitges, they all want to join in the fun, and they’ll always give you a good old-fashioned time. Not to mention the drinks which will be served, and the costumes which will dazzle the eye.

Other than this fabulous carnival, one can never miss out on visiting Barcelona as St. Valentine’s Day hits. Certainly this city is no different from others when it comes to the holiday of love, but what is more romantic than being in a new place or a foreign city on this of all holidays?

Also during this month, become enraptured by the Amimac Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animacia, as well as the Guitar BCN Festival – both of these events are hosted in Lleida, which is right near Barcelona.


Jarez And Cadiz – Second On Our List

As this month of wonder winds down, the city of Jarez takes upon itself the honor of hosting: Festival de Jerez. What is this festival, you ask? Why, its one the most magnificent and stunning flamenco festivals in all of the world. And if you’re here in February, it would be a shame to miss out on the dresses, the dancing, and the pure comradery. Not to mention the very close carnivals hosted close by in Cadiz.


Madrid Falls In Third!

February could almost be called ‘the month of carnivals’, or at least it could be called that in France, especially since another carnival creeps up in Madrid during February – specifically in the Chueca area. This carnival is one of the things which makes the capitol city so famous.

Other items to consider while in Madrid are the ARCO-Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair as well as the very holy holiday of La Candaleria – this day represents a celebration of the new testament story of father Joseph and Mother Mary taking the Baby Jesus all the way to the temple in Jerusalem. It’s an excellent holiday to dig in deep and learn about the locals. Read plenty more her about Candelaria in Madrid.

Last but certainly not least, and especially suited to the car lovers and connoisseurs of all types: enjoy the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.


Later January Through Early February; Events On The Horizon

Almond Festival
Location? Puntagorda, Tenerife
Description – This is actually a very fun and humorous competition, where people see how many almonds they can completely crack open in the space of thirty seconds.

Festival de Musica de Canarias
Location? Gran Canaria and Tenerife.
Description – Not to be missed, this is an excellent time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a ‘classy’ local classical music festival

Location? Madrid
Description – The Gastrofestival represents the cuisine dream to any and all who love good food. This festival includes presentations on gastronomy in the Spanish culture, special deals, and cooking exhibitions.

Flamenco Fashion Show
Location? Seville.
Description –  This fashion show exhibits all the latest and greatest flamenco dress fashion designs.

Guitar Festival BCN
Location? Barcelona, Catalonia.
Description – This event runs through till June, and covers all variations and styles of guitar play, including excellent concerts.

San Cecilio Festival
Location? Granada
Description – More of a local secret, this festival takes place around the first February of Sunday. And while there are excellent flamenco performances involved, most locals refer to this great party and event as more of a gypsy festival. Fun for all who discover its local secrets, it is usually held close to the Sacromonte monastery.

La Endiablada
Location? Almonacid (which is close to Cuenca)
Description – Hopefully this won’t frighten you off, for this festival is literally a costume party designed around the concept of dressing up to look like devils. It’s spooky and crazy and fun.

Moros y Cristianos.
Location? Bocairente (which is near Valencia)
Description – This is a historic event which entails good food and the mock performance of a famous battle.

Santa Agueda Women’s Festival
Location? Zamarramala, near Segovia.
Description – Enjoy a swirl of parades, musical events, and dancing the whole day through. Then, gear up for the great finale, where a giant straw effigy of a man is set on fire and burned to the ground.

La Candaleria
Location? This national holiday is celebrated all over the country, but is especially boisterous and popular in the capitol city of Madrid.
Description – This holiday memorializes the biblical events of when Mary and Joseph traveled to the temple in Jerusalem, 40 days following the birth of the Baby Jesus.


February Events At The Middle Of The Month

Festes de Santa Eulàlia
Location? Barcelona
Description – Where some events are a little too loud and raucous for children, this festival is especially friendly and geared towards families. The music and dancing are spectacular, and will be a treat for all involved.

Valentine’s Day
Location? All across Spain of course!
Description – Just in case this world-wide holiday needs a description, February 14th represents the day of all, where all people from all walk of life go out for dinner, buy chocolates, and just generally spoil each other.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Location? Madrid
Description – Madrid welcomes a colorful and exotic array of fashions displayed in one great big fashion show.

Barcelona Half-Marathon
Description – This half-marathon is for all who’ve got the strength of will (and of leg) to participate. It’s even fun just to volunteer!

International Contemporary Art Fair
Location? Madrid
Description – ‘ARCOmadrid’ is what this event is often referred as, and it is a cultural hub of excellent art and unique style.


End Of February Events

Amimac Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació
Location? Lleida, Catalonia.
Description – An excellent film festival, specifically featuring the excellent and impressive work of animated films.

Festival De Jerez
Location? Jerez (found in Andalusia)
Description – Perhaps one of the biggest and best flamenco festivals in all of Spain.

Seville Marathon
Location? Seville
Description – Take a new pair of shoes, lace them tight, and take competitive flight or even just a leisurely jog, through the streets of Seville in a great marathon. Or even just Volunteer, the Seville Marathon always needs volunteers!


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