Solo Traveling In Spain – 2018/2019 Guide

Another solo travel adventure I am going to share is in Spain. Before you go on solo trip, you need to experience first to travel with your friends. It is a way of adjusting and learning also of different ways to survive during each trip.

Spain is such a divine and somewhat spiritual place. Probably because of the number of Catholic gran churches which towers the whole cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, San Sebastian, and Valencia. And once you established the familiarity on traveling to new place, you can try to go back to that place. You can enjoy and have the best of your time alone!

But if you want to dare yourself and travel solo to a place you have never been before, you can do a well thorough research on a place you want to visit. You can read blogs and feedback of people who have been to each key city in Spain to guide you through what to do and not to do in Spain when you are in solo adventure.



Each city in Spain has really large territorial area. You cannot completely explore each capital in 3 or 7 days’ vacation. So, you can plan your succeeding trip and go back again for the next solo city exploration of the city of Spain.


Churches and Monasteries

Barcelona boast UNESCO cultural heritage sites. So you might as well check out famous tourist churches or monastery like the Sagrada Familia, and Montserrat Mountain Monastery.


Parks and Gardens

Take also a walk around the Park Güell and Plaça de Catalunya which you can also visit a lot of old architectural buildings and landmarks that makes the city of Barcelona unique and grandiose.

Camp Nou is also a good place to visit for football fans. The stadium is really huge and was constructed with real architectural artistry and design.

During one of your night walk you can add to your sight-seeing to witness the dancing of colorful fountains at The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.


Historical Sites and Museums 

Being a capital of many arts, there are also quite a lot of museums like the Casa Milà, Gothic Quarter, Museu Piccassu (where the life and works of the most celebrated painter are exhibited), and a lot more! You can check out local travel site packages that are open during your trip there.


Market, Shopping Area, and Restaurants 

For most solo travelers, what is most exciting is to shop for souvenirs and try different restaurants. The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria or commonly called La Boqueria is such dear to all tourists and locals. There are wide variety of stores, shops, and even food stall to offer. You can take home a piece of Barcelona as you pass by the market.

Just a few reminder, often look after your valuables when you are in the market because it is often a place for pick pockets and swindlers. Over all, solo shopping in La Boqueria is safe and an enjoyable experience.



Madrid is such a well couture capital of Spain. A lot of parks and public areas are properly designed with elegance and grandeur. The huge old buildings that were built ages ago mark the beauty of the city.

The same as Barcelona, Madrid also boast UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Escorial Monastery. This was used to be a royal residence of the old Spanish royalties. The palace of Escorial is designed with Spanish contemporary design, showing the rich sophisticated monarch regime.


Churches and Monasteries

The Almudena Cathedral is a Catholic church and was built in line with its Baroque and Gothic structure, and had been through the age of Moorish colony, which adds more story line to its history.


Parks and Gardens

There lovely garden and building spaces that can be visited at Plaza de Oriente, Plaza Mayor Madrid, Plaza de España, Buen Retiro Park, Parque de El Capricho and Puerta del Sol. The parks and public squares (often called plaza in Spain) shows its great history and Monarch elegance.

Madrid Rio, is a long river coast where you can also visit a lot of building structures, monuments, and park spaces.

Bull fighting is also famous in Madrid. If you are not that sensitive to animal activities such as bull fighting traditional activity you might check out a bull fight schedule at Las Ventas to experience Madrid more.


Historical Sites and Museums

Madrid has quite a lot of museums too! Try to get bookings to museums and historical sites like Sorolla Museum, Museum of Romanticism, Naval Museum of Madrid, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturale, Casa de Campo, or the Museum of America. You can also take pictures of the Fountain of Neptune.


Market, Shopping Area, and Restaurants

Of course, during solo vacations you need to buy stuff for your family and friends back home. You can drop by Market of San Miguel, or weekend flea market like the El Rastro.


San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a paradise for most tourists. Solo travel to this town is such a dearie. The town is a long coastline of beach front catering to tourist needs and destination areas. It is a tropical hide out for country with four seasons. The warm air surrounds the area during summer and even spring seasons.


Churches and Monasteries

Visit the Cathedral of Good Shepherd in San Sebastian, which the church’s designed is a Gothic inspired revival structure.


Beach and Gardens

No doubt, San Sebastian is such an ideal place for solo travel hide away. The long beach coastline of the town is a magnet for a lot of tourists who wants to get tanned, feel refreshed and enjoy a tropic like fever.

Try to visit the Concha Beach area, hop onto the Santa Clara Island for privacy, or enjoy outdoor activities at Urgull. There are mountain areas and wide natural garden like spaces for solo hikers and mountain climbers to enjoy a long walk on the natural park. Inquire local travel tourist guides for schedules and bookings of other outdoor activities.


Historical Sites and Museums

Despite of almost a beach themed town, San Sebastian also has a museum. You enter and appreciate Basque arts, culture and history at the San Telmo Museoa.



Seville is somewhere located at the Southern part of Andalusia region where a lot of early structures from old monarch royalties have been built. Seville, seems to be a quiet and resting town but the large old constructed architectures tells another story.

The same as Barcelona and Madrid, Seville also has its own UNESCO Heritage site. The Archivo de Indias, Jewish Quarters and Alcazar are quite interesting places to explore in Seville.


Churches and Monasteries

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Sea (or Cathedral of Seville) holds a long history of Monarch and Moorish story. The two culture somewhat reflects in the wall, towers, and scaffoldings designs of the church. The Moorish bell tower also stands firmly inside the grounds of the Cathedral of Seville.


Parks and Gardens

There are quite a few of parks you can visit in Seville. Try to explore and vsisit during your solo stroll at the Parque de María Luisa, Metropol Parasol, and Plaza Triunfo.


Historical Sites and Museums 

Seville has a number of Museums and historical places. This is in accordance to its long history with the previous Arabic, Jewish, and European colonizers of the land.

You can visit the Alcázar of Seville, the iconic Giralda bell tower, Torre de Oro, Puente de Triana or Triana Bridge, and La almeda.


Market, Shopping Area, and Restaurants

Santa Cruz and Triana in Seville are quite good places to shop and dine in.


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