Sights In Seville, Spain That You Must See In 2018/2019

The opulent scenic beauty, the mixture of Arab – Spanish architectural structures, the cozy atmosphere perfectly blends the temperature, the amazing people around, and the delightfully stimulating array food and drinks of Seville; make a picture perfect vacation scene. This may sound like a dream or a scene from a romantic movie, but yes this is a real life description of the Seville in Spain. There’s lots of things to do in Seville Spain that will make you fall in love with the city. The sights in Seville are so charming and majestic that it’ll make you love this region of Spain more than anywhere else.

Seville’s expanse of the country of modish culture, Spain, is without its locals. The Sevillanos are truly what makes the region stand out. The charm, passion, and pleasant people of Seville can truly make your stay in Seville worthwhile with some of the best things to do in Seville.

The sights in Seville are truly without any compare. You will be able to experience cultural explosion and amazement, as well as, authentic appreciation of its beauty.


Breath-Taking Cathedral of Seville

The huge church started its construction in the late 1400’s as a symbol of Christianity conquering Seville again, after centuries of lavish Arab occupation. It took longer than expected; the unimaginable structure for the cathedral extended and was able to complete construction after over a hundred years.

The largest and regal Gothic designed cathedral in the world can only be found in Seville, the Seville Cathedral. And in comparison with other huge churches such as The Vatican’s Saint Peter Cathedral and London’s Saint Paul Cathedral; The Cathedral of Seville ranks as third largest, respectively. This is one of the must things to see in Seville while you’re here.


Hospital de los Venerables

The best way to view this sight in Seville of the Hospital del los Venerables is to take a tour to get the best experience while in Seville. The hospital is constructed in two levels building with a unique Baroque style. The building is consists of artistic painted walls and creatively carved ceilings.

Originally, the hospital is built as intended to accommodate and house priest that were considered as helpless, poor, sick and handicapped.


Walking through the Wonderful Sights of Seville

Expect the eye catching architecture in Seville. All those who were able to visit Sevile, can really attest to its natural beauty armed with man maid glorious architecture. There are a lot of amazing places in the region and this is one of the best things to do in Seville Spain.

Seville is a vacation district with numerous of lovely and amazing hidden treasure, yet not a secret. All we need to do is take that step to experience and explore Seville’s grandeur architecture and amazing nature. And of course, do not forget the restaurants, shops, and Sevillanos culture you will enjoy doing!


Astonishing Torre Del Oro

The Torre del Torro was built around late 13th century under the rule of Moors during Taifa Kings, before the Spanish reconquering of Seville.

The Torre del Torro was built to serve as a city wall along side of the river Triana, as the first line of defense from the city boarder. But now, the top view of the wall now is converted as top terrace has an amazing view of the river. It’s one of the top sights in Seville and is highly recommended to check out during your visit.


Immense Height of Giralda Tower

A significant part of the history of Seville is the long the Arab colonization. You should definitely visit the Giralda Tower. It was the most popular monument in Seville to watch for.

The Giralda Tower is one of the only three left Almohad slender Arab tower in the world that was later turned into a bell tower for the enormous churches. It is a wonderful feeling you can experience once you physically walk through the history of Arabian and Spanish Architecture into one tower!


Majestic Diversity in the Royal Alcázar

Another architecture that shows juncture of all perfect mixture of Baroque, Gothic, Islamic and Renaissance arts could definitely be found in the Royal Alacázar.

The Royal Alacázar is constructed on 10th century as what used to be a majestic palace was used to be a Moorish fort. But the conversion of the building into a royal palace started on early 1400’s. You will truly be amazed with the nicely primed flowers and neatly designed garden.


Exuberant Plaza de España

The Plaza de España was built for the Ibero-American Exposition world’s Fair purpose, which took place around 1929 in Seville. The square structure is situated in Maria Luisa Park it’s one of the best things to see in Seville.

The plaza is quite large that it needed more than a thousand workers to continuously construct the place just in time for the world trade event on the late 1900’s. The huge square represents the Spanish culture, and previous ancient colonies. And also, the square is intended to geographically facing the Guadalquivir River symbolizing an alley to America.


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