September Weather In Spain For Barcelona, Madrid, Andalusia And Northern Spain

The brutal sun of summer Spain has passed deeper into the blue – at least metaphorically – and as September weather in Spain retains that heat but also starts to just barely cool off, it is the perfect time to visit your favorite Spanish sites and events.

From the city streets and culture of Madrid, across to the sandy beaches and eclectic Tapas style bars in Barcelona, then even to the Basque region, delectable wine countries, and even the historical visions throughout Andalusia. Welcome to September weather in Spain!


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Weather In Andalusia In September

As one of the regions where the sunlight hits most directly, Andalusia is known for being hotter than most other regions. Here you’ll want to hope for a colder September rather than a warm month. Here in Malaga expect your lows to dip to about 64 F and spike as high as 82 F.


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Weather In Barcelona In September

September weather in Barcelona really still counts as one of the summer months, and as such, it’s beaches will still be fairly crowded. Maybe more so even, because the highest temperatures have just gone, and now northern Europeans can actually enjoy the sea. Barcelona weather offers a high of around 79 F with a low close to 63 F.


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Weather In Madrid In September

Now that a brutal Summer weather in Madrid has passed, this is an excellent time to enter milder temperatures and relax into the culture and locals returning from vacation. Expect your highest comfortable temperature to maybe touch 82 degrees this fall, and your lowest to dip into the high 50’s and night. (Fahrenheit)


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Weather In Northwest Spain In September

Here in the North-West, it may feel more like a regular winter September everywhere else. The temperatures dip lower here than in other regions, with evening feeling quite a bit more like autumn than they do Summer. Especially since the cold weather is more of a dry biting cold than a mild wet one. In Santiago de Compostela, nighttime temperatures fall to around 590 and then reach about 70 F throughout the day.


Weather In Northern Spain In September

Northern Spain is quite lovely through the month of September, and it can be quite reliable for relaxing days and pleasantly cool nights. In Bilbao especially, there is a decent chance of rain and average warmest temps of 75 F with a standard low range of 57 F.

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