September Weather In Spain 2018/2019: Sunny Days And Cool Nights

Many people in Spain go for vacations during the summer season to run away from its intense heat. In September people start to get back from their vacations but the summer weather is still on. If you are plotting to go to Spain when there are an Autumnal Breezes, then you will have to wait until October. But the September weather in Spain is great for cool nights and sunny days of warmth.

The weather in Spain in September is mostly sunny irrespective of where you visit. You will find the same weather in San Sebastian of Northern Spain, Basque region, the wine country, the historical area of Andalusia, tapas bars and beaches of Barcelona or even in Madrid. It could be a warm month, but it is good weather in Spain to travel here in 2018.


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Weather in Andalusia in September

Andalusia is still in its summer in September. This is the sunniest region in Spain, and thus you should not be expecting a better weather then what is in the other regions. However the coastal may be more temperate compared to Seville. The temperature can get as low as 64 degrees and to as high as 82 degrees.


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Weather in Barcelona in September

September in Barcelona is still summer. The beaches during this time are full as people go to look for ways to cool themselves. Barcelona is not as hot as Madrid because the Mediterranean breezes cool it. The temperatures here range from 63 degrees to 79 degrees.


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Weather in Madrid in September

The summer season in Madrid is very hot. September is supposed to be the end of summer but if it stays for long, then this month will also be very warm. If not, Madrid will have pleasant warmth during this month. The nights here are about 55 degrees while the afternoons can go up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Weather in Northwest Spain in September

Some parts of Northwest Spain experience summer while some get considerably low temperatures such as Asturias and Galicia. These places, however, do not have these temperatures all through. They experience less wet days and more dry days during this month. The lowest temperature in Santiago de Compostela is averagely 9 degrees while the average maximum temperature is 70 degrees.


Weather in Northern Spain in September

The weather in the northern region of Spain is not as reliable as in other parts. However, you will experience a good weather most of the days, but there is a probability of getting wet some few days. The nights can have temperature as low as 57 degrees while the afternoons have an average of 75 degrees.


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