October Weather In Spain- Ultimate Guide For All Regions On Spain Weather In October

Oh, the wonders of Spain in October! The crisp gold, red, and copper leaves. The stunning pierced sunsets in the sky. The food just harvested, some of the freshest produce the whole year round.

Headed into fall, these first few days, and even weeks are usually quite enjoyable – warm rather than hot, cool rather than cold. Though gradually, the longer you stay, you’ll begin to feel that giddy nip in the air while in Spain in October. If you don’t prefer this nip of the cold, perhaps the summer months are more to your preference. For come autumn, rainfall is more likely, and dips in the temperature are guaranteed.


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How To Pack That Suitcase

During the month of October in Spain, the only thing you might be remise about forgetting, is an umbrella. Other items on your checklist are a little more apparent; pack a raincoat, ankle boots perhaps, light layers, and then also one thicker jacket – just for the blusterer days. Most of all, don’t stress about the packing, and let yourself enjoy this trip. Have a wonderful time in Spain during October.


Andalusia’s Weather Calendar

Always remember, that weather reports are just averages and prediction, and mostly they compare previously noticed patterns. The pattern for Andalusia in October is an especially hot one, seeing as this are is one of Spain’s hottest region. Through the summer Andalusia can prove especially taxing, and as October hits, expect this region to remain quite warm and sunny – though as far as getting that tan, it might be safer to do so in the Autumn here, than it ever is to do in the summer here. Highs for weather in Andalusia does average at around 73 degrees, and lows close to 57.


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Northern Spain’s Weather Calendar

Northern Spain might throw you for a loop, and it’s important to keep in mind! Here it’s bound to be a little colder and rain more frequently – but you can still prepare yourself for those lingering sunny days. Throughout this period of the year In Bilbao, the highest it might reach is 70 degrees, with a sweet low of 54.


Barcelona’s Weather Calendar

During your October in Barcelona days, you can expect an excellent 70 degrees. At night, bundle up slightly more, as the drop is light but still rather chilly at 54 degrees. Then when you feel the lightest drop of moisture, look up and enjoy it, because October is one of Spain’s rainiest months, and you can rarely enjoy the rain there any other time of year.

Throughout this period in Barcelona in October, keep an eye out for (or rather an ear) the Barcelona Jazz Festival. At this time as well, expect to sit back, relax, and enjoy the autumn film festivals.


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Madrid’s Weather Calendar

Not only does the Madrid bullfighting season wrap up throughout this season, but these first two to three weeks in Madrid are quite pleasant, with lows rarely dipping below 46 degrees, and highs near 68 degrees and higher. Rain is guaranteed, though not in excess and not every day. Just the pleasant lightest storm here and there. The highlight of this season in Madrid is Feria de Otono – the exhilarating and coveted fall festival, which ends the best of Madrid’s Bullfighting.


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Weather in Northwest Spain in October

As always, take weather advice as a prediction, but use your own common sense. The Norwest regions are especially hard to predict, and their weather patterns can often change erratically and surprise you. Sun, rain, clouds, who knows? Galicia is Spain’s wettest region by far. Highs averaging around 64 degrees, with lows at a stunning 55. These particular results are from Santiago de Compostela’s Weather.


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