Most Expensive Restaurants In Barcelona 2018/2019

Barcelona, despite it being one of the most sought out destinations in the world, still retains its affordability when you compare it to some of the world’s top destinations. With Barcelona having the most Michelin star restaurants in Europe, you should be able to afford some of the most expensive restaurants in Barcelona. That does not mean that it does not have this sense of luxury and glamor to it. In fact, Barcelona offers hundreds of luxurious options if you just look at the right places. Here is a list of some of the best places to wine and dine in Barcelona.


Premier Experience

Cinc Sentits

Embark on a journey of the highest-caliber food, unique dishes and a five-star service at this restaurant. With its texture wood panels, this place is where you can ultimately get the utmost luxurious experience. From seafood to pigeon – you will find what your heart (and stomach!) desire at one of the best restaurants in Barcelona 2018.

  • From checking our coats to saying goodbye. Just such a memorable experience. We had the tasting menu and it was just amazing. Staff were wonderful and I can not recommend it more.
  • Fantastic food. We took the 6 piece option and it was just marvelous. Highly recommend this restaurant. Great staff, great environment. Staff really went the extra mile for us.
  • Great setting – warm reception. the food is creative and excellent. Nice wine list. I’m sure anything on the menu will be good.

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Catalan Food


Location? Via Laitena, 49

For some of the best Catalan food head over to Sauc. This Michelin star restaurant has the symbolic black pudding, incredible dessert and unparalleled service making the list as one of the most expensive restaurants in Barcelona.

What are people saying?

  • Extraordinary dinner with some friends couples. Enjoyed each of the dishes of the tasting menu. Absolute must in Barcelona. Great place and friendly staff”
  • “We were nicely surprised by the quality, the taste if the food. Especially the baby lamb leg was amazing. This restaurant is located in the Ohla hotel, Central situation.”


For The Ultimate Hidden Gem


Location? Carrer Aribau, 55

Trendy and hip, this restaurant is definitely a must visit. A comfortable atmosphere that’s also still classy and elegant – Access offers the ultimate blend of Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant offers all types of options – from a lounge, to a DJ allowing it to be on the list of one of the top restaurants in Barcelona 2018.

What are people saying?

  • Delicious food, amazing and friendly atmosphere and last but not least the best and the funniest staff ever! Highly recommended!”
  • “I love it. The owner and his staff are amazing. The food is super good and I would recommend this place for any kind of occasion. Do not miss this when u are in Barcelona. Fair pricing.
  • Every member of staff contribute to making your experience amazing. Gin-tonics are world-class. The food is absolutely phenomenal and the owners are wonderful.”


Romantic Setting/Date.

Pla Accés

Location? Bellafila, 5. Gothic quarter.

For more of a highly romantic setting, head over to Pla. You know those hidden gems that locals don’t like sharing with tourists so they can have the place all to themselves? Well, Pla is definitely one of these. It’s one of those hidden gems that is known between the locals, that consistently offers high-end culinary, an inventive vibe and delicious food. Find a mixture of both, Catalan and international (including Eastern) food, and enjoy the decorative touches that surround the entire place. Try some of the lime sorbet, the grilled lemon fish, the braised lamb or the grilled zucchini.

What are people saying?

  • The location, the dining room, the atmosphere, the service and the fabulous food and wine, all work in an easy harmony. We had a great experience in this excellent restaurant. Whole heartedly recommend this one.”
  • “This gem of a restaurant is tucked out of the way so you’ll have to google to find it but it’s well worth it. Excellent food, friendly staff and a good selection of wine. Highly recommend!!!!”



Asian Food

Dos Palillos

Location? Carrer d’Elisabets, 9.

Albert Raurich opened this incredible Asian restaurant that starts off with a typical Spanish bat and then surprises you in every way when it comes to the food offered. Think rich, shiny, black surfaces juxtaposed with red chairs, a dramatically passionate atmosphere and a team of chefs unlike any other. The restaurant has received a Michelin star and mixes the Spanish tapa style with Asian delicacies.All prepared by Spanish, Asian and even Scottish cooks. There you will find:

  • Seafood
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Types of meat and chicken.
  • Grilled Dishes
  • Steamed Dishes

What are people saying?

Repeat of our first impressions of this excellent restaurant. Perfect little dishes, with an Asian twist, super professional staff, and casual atmosphere make this place deserving of repeated visits.”


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Best Seafood

Big Fish

Location? Carrer Comercial,9

This is simply one of the best seafood restaurants in Europe. Expect some of the most incredible and unique sushi that you’ve tried, a great selection of wine, and a fusion of different types of cuisine. It sounds like the ultimate dream: eating high-quality sushi, while drinking at a bar, and moving to the beats of a DJ…all while you’re at one of the most expensive restaurants in Barcelona!

What are people saying?

Some of the tastiest sushi I’ve ever had. Lovely venue, friendly staff and a gorgeously fresh and tasty menu. Good wine selections and honest advice from helpful staff. Highly recommend booking in advance.”


Chez Coco

Location? Avinguda Diagonal, 465.

Words cannot describe the beauty and elegance of Chez Coco. Chandeliers juxtapose lush greenery, great furniture contrasts beautiful booths and the setting is highly romantic, and quite cozy. French food is served, adding to the elegance of the place.

What are people saying?
“If you love chicken, you must dine here! Full of locals and as soon as you walk in you see the rotisserie’s full of revolving chickens. Great dining experience for those who want to eat and chat. The restaurant is buzzing with chatter and laughter.”



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