is Valencia Worth A Visit In 2018/2019?

Valencia in Spain is often visited by foreign tourists for its several beach resorts and lake houses retreat parks. While locals, beach and other weekend getaway are the normal activities for them. But many want to know if Valencia is worth a visit in 2018?

Valencia is somewhat a highly urbanized city because of the pool of day and night time professional and skilled workers; the city is also known for the futuristic – like a lot of modern structures like arts and Science museums, planetarium, gigantic indoor aquariums, eccentricity and new novelty museums, and whole a lot more new oddities you can imagine.

Aside from the modern structures you can find in Valencia, the city is situated in the South Eastern coast of Spain, where it is most loved by a lot of people like a peaceful and quit getaway or a lively party in the metro. The scenic views and natural beauty of the region is not enough to be described in just few sentences.

Anyway, we listed down few wonderful amazing places you need to visit at Valencia and why Valencia is worth visiting for.


5 Reasons You Should Visit Valencia In Spain

Dine Like How Locals Do It

Well, Spanish dishes have most likely to the have been a part of most local foods around the world. But you must try out to eat authentic Spanish food in Valencia. There are quite a lot of good restaurants that offer the best tasting Spanish dishes around the region.

What better way to spend your vacation in Valencia is dine and drink like the Spanish locals? In Valencia, it is where every dish is prepared with love, perseverance and delicious ingredients. And to add with the sumptuous food, it is often served in huge portions like eating the Spaniards way!

Witness Real Life Bull Ring Fights

Bull fighting has been with Spain’s rich history from 1800’s and still continuing to thrive and showcase up until this day. Watching a real life bull fighting event where the bullring event started thousands years ago brings a different feels. However this is not for the faint heart and animal welfare lovers.

The cruel parade and show of dominance of matadors over untamed bulls was surely one of the many arts and activities old Spanish people enjoy thousands of years ago.

Fallas Celebration and July Fair in Valencia commonly include bullfighting event into the festival. Among all other regions in Spain, Valencia is one of those who have the longest bullfighting events that happen annually every weekend; and seldom events are scheduled on weekdays too.


Visit Modern Museums, Planetariums And Other Indoor Parks

We mentioned earlier that despite being famous as one of the iconic historical place of Spain; Valencia also have a lot of modern antic and novelty shops, malls, indoor gigantic aquariums, man – made modern attractions, and arts and Science museums that you may find peculiar and interesting at the same time.

Aside from visiting the common historic national museums, and arts museums you will often find around Spanish region; you might as well as try to check out the old historic architecture of the region – just by walking around. And on that same place, another corner will take you to modern and city space structures. Walking along the main downtown area of Valencia brings you a feeling as if you are in two different worlds and period at the same time.


Beach Hop Around The Beautiful Beaches Around Valencia

It is no secret that Valencia is famous for its beautiful beach areas. You must never miss the chance to visit one.

Every summer in Europe, Valencia is often swarmed with a lot of locals and tourists wanting to feel the heat of the sun, sun bathe, swim the warm sea waters, or just relax along the long coastal areas of Valencia beach shore. Well, what would you expect, having one of the most convenient beaches to visit nearby European continent, Valencia beach areas are lovely.

Aside from visiting major beach resorts in Valencia, we also suggest tourists to visit untouched pristine beaches like the Sagunto Beach, Port Saplaya Beach, El Saler Beach and La Malvarrosa Beach. The only downside is that since there are few people who have not exploited the place yet, it is because of the location and inaccessibility of the area where as compared to commercial popular beach resorts in Valencia; all amenities are provided and is quite easy to move around the city area of Valencia.


Enjoy Day Time Activities The Valencia Way

Although the great outback on the country side of Valencia area can give you loads of fun activities like off – road ATV and hummer ride, wall climbing or zip line activities, or probably a short half day hike; It is best if you also try to spend it to some water sports activities.

River activities in Valencia are surely worth your while. In the late 1950’s the Turia River bed was developed and has been an attraction to locals and tourists for dining overlooking the river.

And with that, Turia River has also evolved and has catered to new activities like river rafting and gliding, boating, and a lot more. The river has been developed into a park which means, a lot of people can go to enjoy a night walk beside the river banks, or in day time enjoy day time river activities of anything that you can think of.

The Turia Gardens (or the Jardines de Turia known locally), provided activities from baseball, football, skating, and biking activities. There are also a lot of trees relocated and planted as to provide more shades for park goers; flowers and man – made park structures to highlight the beauty of the garden area; and playground for families to gather together.



Spanish Foods To Try When Visiting Valencia:


You probably, watched world famous chef Gordon Ramsey cooked Paella on international television shows he has been hosting with; but you will have to enjoy a bite of the famous authentic Valencia dish – Paella!

The dish started as a main heavy meal for the Iberian Peninsula and can be traced back to Valencia, Spain. Ingredients of traditional authentic Valencia Paella vary depending on the type of Paella. Common Paella is made from thick Valencia white bomba rice mixed with local spices and herbs (like rosemary and saffron), olive oil, richly mixed and topped with various meat (chicken, duck, rabbit, among others), or sometimes snails and vegetables (like artichokes, green beans, and more!). Seafood Paella replaces vegetables in the dish.

You should visit two or more restaurants or befriend locals who have their own version of traditional Paella so you can taste the difference.



The most common dish often serve in a home in Valencia is the Esgarraet. This is made up of cured and fermented cod, red pepper, olive oil or black olives, and garlic. The fish is cut into stripes and served as tapa which can be eaten with bread.


Horchata And Fartons

Usually the fartons and horchata can be bought just around corners of the Valencia metro sold by carts and food stalls. It is famous either as a dessert or s a snack.

Both farton is prepared by mixing oil, flour, milk, eggs, yeast to leaven. Mashed and shaped into elongated sizes, then baked glazed with sugar. The soft and spongy baked delicacy is often dipped in another yet sweet horchata. Horchata is a beverage made out of tiger nuts and often drank cold.

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