Fuerteventura And Lanzarote: Canary Islands That You Should Visit

If you are after scenic landscapes and beautiful beaches, then the Canary Islands are the ideal travel destination for you. But do you know that there different component islands in this autonomous community of Spain? It is impossible to visit the entire archipelago if you are faced with a limited time frame. But the islands of Lanzarote or Fuerteventura is something you should consider.

But to tell you frankly, I have my own two favorite islands to visit. These are the Island of Fuerteventura and the Island of Lanzarote. These two places offer some of the most adorable destinations for people who want to have peace of mind and a bit of adventure. When going to the Canary Islands of Fuerteventura or Lanzarote, there’s some things you should consider.

Because the Fuerteventura and Lanzarote islands are geographically similar, we could expect the same climate in both places. Even their culture and their traditional cuisines also have similarities. That’s why it is really hard to just choose one island over another. But to help you with the decision-making, let me discuss even further the similarities and differences between the Lanzarote and Fuerteventura islands.


Lanzarote: The Basic Facts

Going to Lanzarote would require you to ride a marine vessel. It is around fifteen kilometers from the Island of Fuerteventura. The landscapes are quite similar to Fuerteventura except for its terrains. This island is also a perfect place for those who want to find the bluest ocean. It is also home to beautiful mountains and volcanoes. What is distinct to Lanzarote is the availability of other tourist attractions such as wine factories, art establishments, and monumental museums.

For those who would like to capture nature’s evolutionary wonders, Lanzarote may be an ideal place for them. Here you will see cliffs and other rock formations that resulted from volcanic eruptions millions of years past.


Lanzarote: Activities & Destinations

The best way to explore this island is by renting a private vehicle. There are wonderful tourist spots such as Los Hervidos which magnificently gives you a beautiful sight of black cliffs near the ocean. Can you just imagine listening to the strength of waves as they hit the cliffs?

Lanzarote is also a perfect venue for those who are enthusiastic about getting into some volcanic adventure. The Lago Verde is basically a lake with green waters. What’s interesting with this lake is that it is located inside the crater of a volcano and even connects to a nearby ocean. Visiting this place is like being transported to a whole new dimension where you witness a striking combination of strange landscapes, black cliffs, red sands, volcanic lava, and a lot more.

After heading to the lake, make sure that you visit El Golfo. This place is famous for having a couple of restaurants that serve fresh seafood.

Once your tummy is full, head on to Timanfaya National Park. Going to this place is quite an adventure because you will personally witness and maybe feel how the heat from the earth’s core reaches the island. Don’t be afraid of the possibility of feeling a 700-degree-Celsius temperature just below your shoes.

Lanzarote is definitely not just for those with a tender love for nature. It is also an ideal destination for those who would like to discover more about artistic creations and unique crafts. César Manrique is a local artist who was able to highlight the beauty of Lanzarote through his sculptures. He built his own house in the middle of a lava field. Today, the house serves as a museum for the discovery of other local artists, Spanish craftsman, and other notable personalities such as Picasso. He also designed a local café called Mirador Del Rio which offers a fantastic and exhilarating view of the entire Chinijo Archipelago.


Lanzarote Highlights

  • Perfect For: Culture Enthusiasts and Adventure Lovers
  • Perfect Accommodations: La Isla Y El Mar Hotel which is newly established or the Club La Santa which is a famous local sports hub
  • Perfect Travel Dates: October
  • Perfect Luggage Inclusions: Camera for perfect photographs


Now that we have an overview of the two islands, could you pick the better travel destination? For me, both are remarkable places to spend the holidays or some important celebrations. I would suggest that you have a 7-day itinerary that should start in Fuerteventura. Spend all your four days exploring the majestic landscapes and the serene beaches of this island.



Fuerteventura: The Basic Facts

Fuerteventura is a haven for beach lovers. Despite its relatively small area which only spans over 1,600 sq. km., it is still home to the most visited resorts in the entire Canary Islands. Corralejo and Playa del Matorral are two of the famous towns in Fuerteventura because of their crystal clear beaches and glamorous resorts. The shores of the entire coast of Fuerteventura offer great opportunities to witness the lovely sunset and sunrise.

What’s unique with the beaches in Fuerteventura is that some of their distinct parts actually came from a real volcano. That’s particularly because the island is formed by a series of volcanic eruptions millions of years ago and it is still home to a couple of volcanoes. Some of the beaches in the area have volcanic grains and black sands.

Despite the unique landscape of the Canary Islands, it is still definitely noticeable how wonderful the evolution of the place has been. The waters have remained crystal blue which makes it all the more adorable for tourists. Unlike other beach destinations, the sun shines on this island for most days of the year.

Do you know what I appreciate most with Fuerteventura? It is their high regard for the environment. I really think that their government prioritizes the preservation of the environment over some commercial development. Because of this fact, I just can’t help fall in love with the tranquility that it offers my soul. Seeing a few palm trees and little green spots in such an arid condition just make my heart melt with delight.


Fuerteventura: Activities & Destinations

If you would like to maximize your time on the island, it is advisable to rent a private vehicle upon landing at the airport. You could opt to have a tour of the panoramic landscapes of the Tegu Mountain and the Morro Velosa. If you think that you’ll only see bare land in these places, you are definitely mistaken. There is a gallery that chronicles the important evolutionary milestones of the island. That’s worth a visit for a better understanding of the Fuerteventura history.

From Morro Velosa, you could drive towards Betancurria. This little town has some of the most bizarre elements that you could definitely enjoy. Have a sumptuous meal at a famous restaurant, Casa Santa Maria.

If ever you find yourself craving for some seafood, it would be nice to head over to El Cotillo. This place in Fuerteventura is popular for its semblance to Greece. There are a lot of eateries in this town that offer fresh seafood.

After some delectable meals at El Cotillo, you may then drive to a conservation park that features Tostón’s lighthouse.

Because Fuerteventura is essentially a haven for beach fanatics, it would be loathsome on my part not to introduce you to the most exciting adventures on the island – the water sports. Playa Sotavento is a good place to drive to if you want to experience some windsurfing. You may also ride a boat going to Corralejo in order to witness the best of the ocean’s wonders. Get into diving or snorkeling to find some colorful corrals and beautiful creatures.

Parque Natural de Corralejo is also one of the best beaches to visit in the town. Unlike the majority of the resorts in Fuerteventura, this place will allow you to enjoy stepping on some white sand. This is a truly perfect place for capturing your stunning social media photos.


Fuerteventura Highlights

  • Perfect for: Nature enthusiasts and beach addicts
  • Perfect accommodation: Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real, beachfront 5-star hotel
  • Perfect Travel Dates: October because the climate is fine with an average number of tourists
  • Perfect Luggage Inclusion: Gorgeous swimsuit and plenty of sunscreens


For last 3 days of your itinerary, schedule some adventure trip to the island’s beaches. Enjoy their local cuisine and explore volcanic formations all over the island.

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