Festivals In Spain In October 2018/2019

Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta! Isn’t that what Spain in October is all about? The bustling streets, the fiery fiestas, the sizzling tapas and the delicious tapas y vino tinto? Yum!

It’s practically impossible to get bored in Spain, no matter the time of year you go to. You want a beach holiday? Check! A cultural one? Check! Want to dance the night away? Also check!

The country of Spain boasts incredible weather all year long, and an array of activities and festivals that go on all year long making a trip anytime of the year basically a dream come true for those looking for festivals in Spain in October.

So what about Festivals in Spain in October? The weather is mild, the tourist crowds have disappeared, and the city is practically all yours to see! The month of October boasts dozens of festivals all over the country of Spain so it’s about time you choose a city and experience the true explosion of culture and art! Check out below the list of October festivals in Spain that you might enjoy during your time in this beautiful country.


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Feria del Rosario Festival

Tradition emanates into the entire city at one of Fuengirola’s most anticipated festivals! From the 6th to the 12th of October every year, the entire city is filled with concerts, parades and dozens of stalls peppering every street. This Spain festival in October is full of exhibitions on horses, women dressed in flamboyant flamenco dresses, free concerts, dance performances and much more fill up the schedule of the city.

The city is basically a myriad of overlapping colors and extravagant attire and you’ll want to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture!



Barcelona Jazz Festival

One of Europe’s most premier jazz events, the Barcelona Jazz Festival in Barcelona is a sight to behold. With jazz music echoing through the streets, the castles and the little bars – the entire atmosphere and allure of Barcelona slowly changes into a jazz haven. Smoky jazz bars, live performances and full on concerts will be available so you can choose whatever your heart desires at this festival in Spain in October.


International Film Festival – Sitges

Indulge in all times of gory, horror and sci-fi movies in this world-renowned film festival that takes place in the beach town of Sitges. Only an hour away from Barcelona, this festival includes premiers and press conferences, along with special screenings!


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Seville Guitar Festival

The thrum of the Spanish guitar is one of the most iconic symbols of Spain, and what better way to experience a guitar festival than by visiting Seville? Home to Spain’s most authentic traditions and customs, Seville puts an emphasis on cultural and educational activities in festival in Spain during October, and the agenda keeps getting more and more filled!


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Semana de la Arquitectura

Madrid is known for its architectural wonders compared to other cities in Spain and its juxtaposing sights with medieval churches and cobblestone alleys contrasting skyscrapers are iconic. So it’s no surprise that the Architecture Week is held there as one of the best October events in Spain! Over 20 architectural events, conferences, exhibitions, are all included in the schedule.


International Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Madrid has always been known to be progressive and in direct competition with all other European countries. One of the world’s leading gay film festivals in October takes place in Madrid, allowing a safe space for all LGBT people to express themselves freely and LGBT talent are scouted. You’ll also find several venues showcasing all types of different movies, videos, exhibitions and documentaries.


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Fiestas del Pilar

A week long festival in Spain, the Fiesas del Pilar is one of the main yearly festivals in Aragon, the capital of Zaragoza. A plethora of performances, concerts, entertainment, dance and much more fill the streets and is then followed by rocketing fireworks, traditional parades, and countless events. On the 12th of October however, that’s the day when they celebrate the feast of La Virgen del Pilar. Make sure to be par of the flowering ritual!



Feria de Nerja

With the lighting of the portico at the Real de la Feria, starts an entire festivals in honor of San Miguel Arcangel. The festival is all about an array of folkloric performances, parades, fairgrounds, stalls and much more! People in extravagant masks and long gowns and costumes celebrate throughout the entire lit-out city.



Fiestas de San Lucas 

With a growing olive oil industry, an influx of new residents and a renovating going on in the city, Jaen has become more interesting than ever! Get ready to be a part of a four day celebration, where activities range from bullfighting to dancing to Havana songs and concerts. Both the religious and the non-religious join together to celebrate this fiestas with its cultural performances in one of Andalucia’s most renowned festivals!



Bilbao Night Marathon

If you’re more of an active-lifestyle kind of person and you’re not really into the fiesta scene, Spain still has something to offer for you! You can explore the streets of Bilbao by a guided tour or with a map in hand, but why be cliché? Try exploring the streets of Bilbao and experiencing its culture first-hand by joining a marathon! The Biblabo Night Marathon is one where all fitness enthusiasts get together to choose from 10K, half-marathon, or a full marathon. It’s beautiful to be amongst so many people with your same interests, all striving for the same goal! So many different events and festivals in Spain in October that you’ll love your time in Bilbao.



Fires de Sant Narcis

Catalunya has always been proud of its heritage, its customs and its traditions. Not to be confused with the traditions of Spain, you can experience the raw authenticity of Catalan culture in Girona! That includes the infamous sardana dances, the gigantic paper machine figures, and of course the list of endless shows, food stalls and performances.


San Sebastian

Horror And Fantasy Film Festival

An entire festival dedicated to the horror, sci-fi, thriller and mystery genres with all types of screenings and exhibitions!


Other Festivals

  • Make sure you experience the Grape Stomping that takes place all over Spain in October. Grape stomping has long been a tradition when it came to producing wine (one of Spain’s most important produce!) and it’s only logical to experience the ritual that got us there in the first place!
  • Matadors are automatically associated with Spain, and in October you can still catch a glimpse of the bullfighting season that ends in October and experience a show or two in Madrid.
  • How about some fun in the sun in Marbella? Don’t forget to check out the array of festivals in Marbella’s cities from Nerja, Funegirola and Cadiar!


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