Events In Spain In September 2018/2019 – 24 Best Things To Do In Spain

Remember the rock pop song: “Wake me up when September ends…”? Well, best days are yet to come on the month of September in Spain for events. If you like summer in September, no better place to chill and enjoy different activities and events in Spain in September. Although technically, September is a bit warm in most regions in Spain, the weather is generally welcoming.

Whether you would want to enjoy the sultry beach area, or the exclusive city streets; Spain’s span can offer you both varied pleasurable vacation getaway in September. Good food, local cultural celebrations, international events, great people, diverse culture, and amusing festivities – it can all be relished with lots of things to do in Spain in September.

With the large area of Spain, more than over a hundreds of festivals are celebrated every year. But most of these highlights are mostly in the month of September in Spain for events.

We have consolidated the best things to do in Spain including all the provinces, where you can choose from the list. Here is the official list of cities and provinces in Spain where different exciting festivities to celebrate with when you visit in the month of September for events.


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Events In Spain In September 2018



Although Bull Fighting Festival is widely notable and is happening all over Spain, the capital of Madrid has the grandest highlights of the event. You can check the 2018 bullfighting schedule here. You need to check schedule and book flights and hotel reservations earlier to be able to celebrate with the locals. Usually, the festival starts the first week of September and can last the whole month simultaneously with the rest of Spain regions. If you’re interested in buying tickets, you can learn how to buy bullfighting tickets here.

Meanwhile, another international event is also happening in Madrid at these times, the Madrid Fashion Week that gather the top designers and biggest fashion people around the world in Madrid. This is a 5 days celebration that often starts in the second week of the month of September. Also another fashion related event also happens on 8th September, the Fashion’s Night Out. For bike, BMX and trail bike enthusiasts, the Festibike is also celebrated in Madrid from 19th to 21st of September.

Because of large population of Catholics in Spain, religious festival is often celebrated in the country on of which from San Lorenzo de El Escorial is the Romería de la Virgen de Gracia happening every send week of the month of September.


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Tarragona, Catalonia

The Festa de Santa Tecla is a music event festival where all varied genre of music (like rock, pop, local folk, among others) gather together to celebrate different culture. Human castle formation contest, parties, concerts, and exhibits are organized to commemorate the event.


Donostia – San Sebastian, Basque Country

The San Sebastian Film Festival is one of the most awaited international movie recognition – body for award winning films all over the world. The award giving affair is attended by famous actors and actresses in Hollywood and European movie industries. Awards event dates are announced every year.


Villabuena de alaba, Basque Country

Happening every second week of the month of September, The Fiesta de la Vendimia is a festival for abundant harvesting of grapes in the town.


Logroño, Northern Spain

If you happen to love wine and has a distinct taste pallet for perfectly blended – aged grapefruit drink, the Rioja Grape Harvest Festival is definitely for you. The wine fair kick starts its main event every 21st of September. You can choose from variety of wines from all over and is one of the best things to do in Spain in September.


Huelva, Andalusia

The Real Feria y Fiesta de la Vendimia is a 5 – day celebration starting on the third week of September of grape harvest of the region in La Palma del Condado. Tagged as one of the oldest Grape festival in Spain.


La Rioja and Riberia del Duero

In line with the wine tasting event in Spain, the famous Grape Stomping in Spain festival is also celebrated to start the harvesting feast of grapes from these major regions that yields majority of grapes used for wine production.


El Borge and La Vinuela, Malaga

The local areas in Malaga, El Borge and La Vinela are also celebrating harvest time of grapes, called La Fiesta de la Pasa every 13th and 14th of September.


Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz

You cannot get enough of grapes in Spain in September? Well, here is another grape feast, the Fiesta de la Vendimia in Jerez. This is a massive harvest local grape fruit festival in time for wine making season. The fest can run the whole month of September which extends to first week of October.


Ainzón, Zaragoza

The Fiesta de la Vendimia, in celebration of another grape harvesting and wine making festival, the event also showcase fireworks as well on the regions of Campo de Borja.


Barcelona, Catalonia

The Festa de la Mercè is one of the largest party events in Barcelona where people gather in the streets to see lighting of Cathedral Barcelona, fireworks and parade. The festival is usually held from September 22 to 25 and one of the best things to do in Spain in September.

The Birraso Beer Festival, also known as Cervesa y Tapas, it also provided fun and unlimited beer drinking event for the party goers. Yes, wine and beer have both have different celebrations in Spain. Only in Spain! What is good about this is that it may run the whole month of September!

The Diada de Catalunya is the national day that commemorates 18th century history, especially the fall of Castilian forces. The celebration is a national holiday in Spain on September 11.


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Valencia, Southern Spain

Although the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos is celebrated in most parts of the whole Spain territory, the event is given more importance in Valencian Community in Southern part of the country. The other parts of Spain celebrate this on other months but mostly the event starts around August and ends on the months of September for this event.


Aranjuez, Madrid

The Fiestas del Motín in Aranjuenz is a yearly festival that demonstrates a re – dramatization of 18th century rebellion of local peasants from the region.


Mijas, Andalusia

With a large number of Catholic followers in Spain, you will not be surprised if a lot of Saints are honored in the country. Every 1st week of September, the patron Saint of Mijas Festival, Virjen de la Pena is celebrated with various activities such as cultural presentations, sporting events, musical programs and other fun activities. At Segovia, the Hay Festival Segovia is the largest and most respected literary events in Spain in September.


Segorbe Castellon, Valencia

The Entrada de toros y caballos is an event in honor and in celebration of bull and horses to which are valuable to farming and help on daily activities of locals in Segorbe. This is an annual festival that starts every second Saturday of the month of September and runs the whole week from its inauguration. Various bull and horses activities and contests are held during the festival.


Denia, Alicante

For music lovers, here is an event in Spain in September for you. The land of romance and passion, Spain, where a number of guitar and other stringed instruments came from is in Denia. For guitar lovers, the Jornadas de Guitarra is happening in Denia, a concert of guitars, is a 4 to 5 days celebration every second week of September.


Utrera, South – West Spain

The Utrera Bullfighting festival happens every first week of September is one of the biggest bull festival celebrations in Spain.


Tordesillas, Valladolid

Another bull festival happening every 9th of September is the Toro de la Vega. Aside from bull fighting event, another highlight is the sacrificing of bull in the center of the town (which visitors and tourist are expected to have an open mind and have a strong grasp of the belief of locals in Tordesillas.


Province of Albacete

Albacete, has a lot of local festival. This is in line with their strong religious belief, that they honor various patrons. Every September, Albacete showcase local fest and organize fun activities, such as street concerts, battle of the bands, street parties, small carnival fairs and a lot more.


Reinosa, Cantabaria

A local festival in a town in Cantabaria celebrated every last week of the month of September, commonly called as Fiestas de San Mateo or Deia de Campoo, where different activities are organize like religious events, and local cultural events in honor of their local Patron Saint San Mateo.



The Fiesta de la Virgen de la Vega is a celebration of their local patron saint Virgen de la Vega where she performed various miracles in the past. This is also in celebration of catttles and trae of vegetables by local farmers as well. The event is usually a two – week celebration starting on second week of September.



The Bienal de Flamenco is a dance festival celebrated and organized every two years in Seville to commemorate the art of Flamenco dancing (Next event will be on the year 2018).


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Candeleda, Avila

The Romería de Nuestra Señora de Chilla is a pilgrimage in honor of Virgen de Chilla happening on every second Sunday of September.


 Muxía (La Coruña)

Another religious pilgrimage is celebrated every second week of September, somewhere in Spain is the Romería de Nuestra Señora de la Barca, in Muxía.


Graus, Aragon

The Mojiganga Festival is a giant puppet parade celebration on the streets of Graus happening every second week of September. Aside from the paraded of giant dancing puppets made from papier-mâché, there are other activities that exhibit food, music and other fun activities in the town.


Asturias, Oviedo

Every September 19, to commemorate the immigrants who migrates to the New World from Oviedo the Día de América.


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