Events In Spain In November 2018/2019

We hope you are looking for a cultural experience to enlighten your mind, adventure, and senses, because if so – November events in Spain is the perfect month to visit Spain and dig deep into the amazing local jazz festivals, cinematography events, beverage tasting, theatre prospects, and other outdoor, indoor, general fall wonders!

These experiences especially prevalent in the cities of like Madrid, Barcelona and Granada, but even if the arts aren’t what you’re interested in, there are plenty of other great things to do throughout Spain in November.

Only note you’ll want to be aware of, is that on some holidays throughout this social season – such as the holiday All Saints’ Day (November 1) – a lot of the shops and other activities will close up to observe the public holidays, but overall there’s lots of events in Spain in November.


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Weather In Spain In November

November weather in Spain will still be hotter than fall in most other countries, but do be aware that this month is when the country really starts getting cold. Pack jackets and warm layers when going to different November events in Spain.


Film Festivals In Spain In November


Jazz Festivals In Spain In November


Beverage Tastings In Spain In November

International Sherry Week – Nov 6 – 12th in Jarez: Throughout this warm festive days, you’ll find a local population which is downing glasses of wonderful sherry – the holiday honoring a fortified wine which the region is famous for having made – look for hotels, restaurants, bars, tabancos, wine clubs, even universities! In all these places, someone is bound to be taking part in the festivities and sharing the warming drink.

Feast of the Orujo – Nov 10th –12th in Potez/Cantabria: During this day, expect the streets of Potes to provide tastings and distillations of Orujo, which is a Spanish style grappa.

San Andres Festival – Nov 29th in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife: Also called the ‘dragging of the pots and pans’, this is a loud holiday with lots of drink, where the celebration is in regards to the new year and new opportunities for this wonderful November event in Spain


More Festivals In Spain In November

International Theater Festival – Nov 5th – 26th in Vitoria: Renowned for its excellent taste and quality, this festival has been held in Vitoria for more than 40 years now. And gradually with time, more and more genres of theatre have been included in the festivities.

Fuerteventura International Kite FestivalCanary Islands 10th through the 12th: During this time a magnificent kite festival takes over the skies, with exhibitions, fun on beaches, and hundreds of colors and styles of kites flapping in the breeze.


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