Events In Spain In June 2018/2019 – Calendar Of Festivals And Spain Events

Generally, it is always advised to travel different regions in Spain, you have to start in the month of June. During summer season in Spain, temperature can rise up to 113 °F, which is too hot to walk on the streets of Madrid or Barcelona on a sunshine afternoon. To escape the hottest season and yet would want that summery feeling, you can visit ahead Spain in June!

We prepared a few list of events in Spain in June divided in each City: Barcelona, Granada and Madrid.


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Mediona Craft Beer Festival

The Mediona Craft Beer Festival in Barcelona is just one of many beer celebration events in Spain in June. The event is annually done on the month of June, spreading across the region of Spain. Locals and tourists can try on more than 300 kinds of beer variance during the event.


Pride Festival

The Pride Barcelona Festival is a yearly celebration where the LGBT community makes a statement on the streets of Barcelona to express their rights and showcase their talent for creativity. This June event in Spain is a worldwide celebration happening every June, and Pride Barcelona Festival is just one of few events takes place around the world.


25th Sonar Festival

The Sonar Festival is a yearly event in Barcelona in the middle of the month of June that features music, fine arts, painting and other art forms. Concerts, exhibits and other programming activities are scheduled to celebrate the event.


Classic Bus Rally

Although the event started in British country, it is also refreshing to see classic coaches and old bus line up the streets of Barcelona. The event in Barcelona is often held in the month of June, contrary to United Kingdom, which is happening every December.


Feast Of Saint Joan

The Feast of Sant Joan happens at the beginning of summer solstice and is a great event to attend in Spain in June. Summer in Barcelona begins earlier than any other parts in Spain. Locals celebrate it with food, parties and fireworks.


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Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi is a religious festival celebrated in whole Spain. This is to commemorate the body of Christ’s sacrifice. Spain has a large number of Catholic followers, while in the town of Castrillo de Murcia, they have their own version of Colacho Baby-Jumping Festival instead of Corpus Christi.


Fiesta del Agua y Jamon (Water And Ham Festival)

Is it obvious? Fiesta del Agua y Jamon is a yearly celebration of local bull and cow raiser as thanksgiving for plentiful produce of cattle. The festivity is celebrated with abundant variety of sumptuous cooked ham. Splashing of water to bystanders, locals and tourists on streets make the feast more enjoyable, as well, in the Alpujarras region.


Festival Internacional de Musica y Danza

The International Festival of Music and Dance is annually held in Granda. This is in recognition of classical music and a party of Flamenco.  The event is attended by great musicians and dance professionals as special performers from around the region.




Festival Flamenco de la Comunidad de Madrid         

The Suma Flamenca is a one month event held in Madrid to celebrate music, dance and other forms of arts. The main celebration of the event is in Madrid which is the biggest Flamenco Festival.


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Photo España

This is an annual international event to recognize best photographic shots. Training, seminars and exhibit programming are organized by photography enthusiasts’ worldwide.


Bull Fighting Festival

The month of June in Spain marks the start of Bullfighting Season in the country of Spain. All regions in Spain generally celebrate bull fighting. The first week of June starts the bull fighting event in Madrid followed by simultaneous celebration in the whole country. You can plan your trip to Spain to witness the fighting of bull, please visit Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid for exact dates.


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