Canary Islands Packing List: What To Pack For Canary Islands

Cannery Islands in Spain is such a wonderful vacation trip. The ivy blue colored water, along a long coast peaceful shore can be a relaxing vacation. If you plan on going here, you might want to know what to pack for Canary Islands.

With the beautiful tropical vibe of the island, tourists cannot help but go back to Cannery Island and enjoy the beach getaway. Cannery Islands have 7 major islands where tourists and locals can sulk into different beach area. Each island has unique flavor and offerings and you should check our Canary Islands packing list below.

Generally, Cannery Islands most tourists destinations are beach resorts. And there are quite a number of which. There are also hiking and trekking trails where tourists can climb a mountain or trek parks around. When traveling to Cannery Islands, you need to pack these things with you.


What To Pack For Canary Islands: Canary Islands Packing List

Slip On Sandals Or Slippers

Not only in Cannery Islands but also every time you visit a tropical place, you should always carry with you slippers. It is comfortable to walk on soft sands using slippers and can also protect your sole from hot sands.



Again, to protect you from the rays of the sun, you should never forget to wear shaded or any protective gear to protect your eyes. There are also times that the strong winds can carry dust and dry soil that can get through your eyes. So it is always safe to use shades.


Protective Lotion Or Sun Block

Even though your aim is to get that perfect tan, when sunbathing, you should use sun block creams. Creams and lotion with high SPF should never be forgotten. You should often apply as often as you can. Sun rays is often cannot be predicted and the amount of the sun beaming on you cannot be adjusted.


Caps Or Hats

Caps and hats may come in handy when you travel to the warm climate of Cannery Islands. Or you can buy on small stalls and stores around the tourist area in the islands. If you do not want to add more extra items in your baggage, you may use huge handkerchief and fashionably fold it into a head accessory just to protect your head from hot sun rays.

Light Clothes

The climate in Cannery Islands is generally tropics. Basically warmer compared to other Spanish region. When you decide to try mountain hiking or trekking, you can pack with you protective light long sleeved and tights. Or if you wanted to travel and move around comfortably, you can wear thin cloth shirts and shorts. If you wanted to sulk or perhaps spend most of your time near bear areas, a pair of swim wears with shorts is a must.


Shawl And sweater

During the day cannery is extremely warm but as the sun goes down, the cold wind from Atlantic Ocean brings cold breeze. A scarf, or a shawl can make a good clothing to protect you from the cold weather. Or you can also wear a light jacket too.


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