Best Things To Do In Gothic Quarter In Barcelona: What To See In Barri Gothic

If you want a more compelling and knowledge stimulating vacation, you can tour around the Gothic quarter in Barcelona in the Catalan region. Gothic area is the oldest corner of Barcelona City and there’s lots of things to see in Barri Gothic.

You can walk around and feel the old paved streets of the city and there’s lots of things to do in Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. Check out the following famous places you need to visit in Gothic Quarter in Barcelona that we have mentioned below.


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Things To Do In Barri Gothic And Things To See In The Gothic Quarter


Cathedral of Barcelona

The Barcelona Cathedral (also known locally as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia), is under the pastoral leadership of archbishop of Barcelona. The ceilings are intentionally high that manifests royalty and majestic architectural design. The church is in honor of Saint Eulalia. This is really cool and highly suggested for things to do in Gothic Quarter.


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El Call

El Call is known as the Jewish Quarter in Barcelona City. The narrow alleys on the small village represent the lifestyle of previous people living around the town. The buildings in this part of town are unique and is a great thing to see around Barri Gothic.

Despite of the sound of traffic on the busy city of Barcelona, El Call is a quiet place to drop by and appreciate history behind the cobbled streets and bricked – marbled walls.


Esglesia del Rei

The Church of Santa Maria (or Esglesia del Rei), which shows a prominent bell tower on the side of the church. The church is too old that the church first recorded reference was way back 900s.


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Mirador del Rei Marti

The Old Royal Palace, Mirador del Rei Marti, is built just beside the Palace of the Lieutenant (which you can also visit quickly).


Palau del Virrei

The Palace of the Viceroy (known locally as Palau del Virrei), is considered as the Royal palace were once the residence of the Spanish Royal Family in Barcelona. It’s really cool and is a great thing to do in Barcelona Gothic Quarter in Spain.


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Placa Reial

The Placa Reial (also known as the Royal Palace) is where locals and tourists enjoy good food and nice ambiance from famous for the restaurants.

A few scenes from the movie “The Perfume” was also shot from the Royal Palace. The building structure was dated from 1900s, and a nearby water side made ambiance more inviting and elegant.


Placa Sant Jaume

The Saint Jame’s Square, is considered as the Time Square of Catalan Region. You can stroll around and take pictures of the central area of Gothic area. You can also enjoy sight of City hall of Barcelona and the palace of Generalitat of Catalonia just across the square central. This is a great things to see in Gothic Quarter if you have the time to check it out.



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