Best Things To Do In El Born In Barcelona: What To See In El Born

Generally, Spain is a country of rich history and diverse culture (considering the huge territory covered by the country). With long recorded rule of monarchy – finer, elegant and affluent things surround the whole country of Spain. With that, the key cities in Spain, especially in Barcelona shows the wealthy statue of the monarch.

The high rising expensive building structure in El Born, Barcelona indicates fancy living of previous Spanish people; whether those structures are for defense or entertainment backdrops the whole city. With El Born being one of the nicer areas of Barcelona, there’s lots of things to see in El Born that will blow you away. These are the things to do in El Born in Barcelona Spain.


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Best Things To Do In El Born In Barcelona: What To See In El Born


Appreciate The History From El Born Center Culture

Basically this area was used to be the flea market during the 1700s and there’s lots of things to see in El Born. After the discovery of the old business village by archeologists, recently, about few years ago, the place was opened to public. The place was used to be an elegant place for market and trade ages ago. It was ruined due to Spanish Secession war in the 17th century, but later tried to be reconstructed after the discovery. Different activities are done such as lectures, and tour around the baroque remnants, modern ridges and contemporary fixtures, including free servings of crafted beer by Moritz.


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Be Amazed With Spanish Artistry

One of the world – renowned painter, Pablo Picasso, grew up in the heart of Barcelona, El Born. Although a number of his life was also spent in Malaga and Paris, but generally, you will see his early life works where the roots of Picasso. It is here in El Born where he got his inspirations and motivations to create such priced artworks. Who would have thought Picasso’s works would become part of the strong history of Spain, basic foundation of modern day arts, and his masterpieces would be worth millions of dollars. One of the best things to do in El Born in visit Picasso’s museum as you will be fortunate enough to witness the largest collection of paintings of Picasso.


Discover The Streets Of El Born

Government of Barcelona brought back the old business center to what used to be the heart of city and there’s lots of things to see in El Born because of it. They installed back shops, boutiques and other amenities to represent the same El Borne (El Born) abode three thousand years ago. You can shop around the block of El Born, or rest on cafe’s, drink wines / beers local bars, and enjoy delish tapas (local Spanish buffet).


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Indulge In Wine And Chocolate In El Born

What makes El Born especial is the abundance of food, beer, wine, and chocolates. Tourists can sample on 300 selections of beers, a number of wine variants, and numerous chocolates delicacies (and other sweets).


Stroll On The Concert Halls Around El Born

Aside from having the privilege to see Picasso’s early works, you would also be able to stroll around the designed building structures of 17th and 18th centuries architects and there’s lots of things to see in El Born. The whole district of El Born was a big masterpiece of the greatest architects in Spain: Antoni Guadi and Lluís Domènech i Muntaner.


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Visit Neighboring Churches

A meaning tour on churches in Sagrada Familia (the infamous unfinished church in Barcelona) and Barcelona Cathedral can make your sight – seeing in worthwhile as it’s one of the best things to do around El Born.

When you are already in El Born district, you may also want to check out the inspiration of the story about Barcelona’s history – La Catedral del Mar written by Ildefonso Falcones.

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