Best Madrid Hotels Of 2018: Top 9 Hotels In Madrid In 2018/2019

Madrid, Spain is one of the most visited tourist destination in the world. This is a place where one of the greatest histories has transpired. With the union of various culture and arts from old monarchy period to the modern artistic pop, Madrid will surely make your travel to Spain worthwhile. If you’re visiting the Spanish capital, you might want to know the best hotels in Madrid to stay at.

From the renowned museums like Museu Reina Sofia (noted for Picasso and Dali masterpieces exhibits), and Prado Museum, to famous landmarks like Plaza de Cibeles, Puerta del Sol, and Grand Via; you cannot argue but really appreciate Madrid’s glorious beauty.

Now, that you have considered and prepared checklist of your go – to – visit in Madrid; of course, you need to also plan where you will stay at some of the best Madrid hotels. We listed top 9 hotels in Madri you may want to suitably stay in Madrid, Spain.


Best Madrid Hotels In 2018


  1. Artiem Madrid Hotel

    The Artiem Madrid is dubbed by its hotel’s website as the first ever urban – green hotel. They aim to provide the friendliest and most hospitable experience for their guests. The staffs all are well trained as one of the best hotels in Madrid with their amazing crew.

    The hotel provides all amenities that you can possibly need, showers, restaurant, indoor shops, café, gym, sports area, yoga centers, clean toilets and showers, and among others. Hotel Artiem has a very nice view of the Madrid’s metro. The hotel is built in a classy architectural design, which interiors are exclusively filled with designers’ chairs, furniture, cabinets and high technology appliances.

    With the high end services and amenities provided by the hotel, this is often rated as one of the best luxury hotels in Madrid. Artiem Madrid hotel also offer its own sport event like fun runs and social parties for both public and private gatherings.

  2. Artrip Hotel

    If you are in a tight budget, yet you wanted to enjoy the same indulgence that of a luxury hotel in Madrid can offer, the Artrip Hotel is the best budget hotel for you. You will be surprised that this hotel is rated as five star hotels for vacationers. The Artrip Hotel, is well kept and taken care well of, considering this has only less than 20 rooms (which are all have French inspired balcony which overlooks the city) to maintain.

    The hotel is strategically located just few minutes’ walk from the famous Reina Sofia Museum. The hotel was what used to be a famous short-lived residence of famous people in late 19th century.

    Despite of the small area of the Artrip Hotel, the small space in the hotel’s lobby displays tasteful paintings and other artworks from local artists. The hotel also provides a mini book area, coffee and tea shop, Mediterranean restaurant, bar and wide parking spaces.

  3. Only You Boutique Hotel Madrid

    The Only You Boutique Hotel Madrid may sound like an apparel brand but this is considered as one of many luxury hotels in Spain. The hotel is rated as 4 stars by most travel companies and tour destination affiliates.

    The hotel is ingeniously deliberately designed with upbeat quirky interior but still manages to project an elegant décor, at the same time. Guests would literally feel the Madrid ambiance inside – out. The rooms provided by the hotel are all so spacious and have provided complete amenities on each (stable WiFi, satellite television, audio surround system, rain showers and neatly designed bathrooms, and comfy beddings). Balconies’ design is of colonial contemporary inspired around 1900s. The hotel has its own restaurant serving traditional local Madrid cuisine and fused with modern day dishes as well.

    The location of the hotel is just around the corners of best bars, restaurants, shops and theatres in the metro. To add with those, hotel employees are all approachable.

  4. Gran Via Capital

    If you are traveling with the whole family, the Gran Via Capital is recommended for you. The hotel is situated in the center of the city where shops, restaurants, theaters and few of the famous tourist spots (like Teatro Rialto, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Espana, Oeste Park and Temple Debod) are located within the area.

    The Gran Via Capital, is generally for the whole family with kids. Although there are matrimonial and double beds in a room, the hotel also provides rooms for a large number of families, with which some may have their own dining, and kitchen area. In fact, aside from in house restaurant, the hotel has its own swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, yoga and gym. Parking has never been hard for the Gran Via Capital hotel guests. Each room has also customized hotel service and amenities, like cable TV, WiFi, and among others. It’s recommended as one of the best Madrid hotels you might want to stay at.

  5. The Principal Madrid

    For more romantic place to stay, The Principal hotel is the best hotel in Madrid to book your stay. However, if you are travelng with a group of friends or other family members, the hotel can also accommodate. The hotel is rated as five stars, so expect that all your needs and other amenities will be provided. Although the Principal Madrid is located in the heart of Madrid, you would still be able to relax and will not hear the loud noise of the city, eve the hotel’s proximity is around the busy streets of Madrid.

    The hotel’s restaurant serves the finest Spanish Cuisine in town. Amenities also include luxurious massages, romantic rooftop terrace, amazing view of the whole city of Madrid, sauna, complimentary breakfast and sweets, and a wonderful interior architecture.

  6. Hotel Orfila

    Another hotel, located in the center of Madrid is The Hotel Orfila. The Hotel has five – star rating and is one of the best Madrid hotels. The place is a little bit expensive compared to other hotels around the metro, but you can be assured of luxurious treatment. Basic and personalized amenities like satellite television, customized hotel services, fine – expensive beddings and linens, stable internet connection, complimentary food services, complete bath and toiletries, to name few are all provided by the hotel. The hotel also provided multilingual   friendly staff. The same with all other hotels around Madrid, the Hotel Orfila also is a walking distances from boutiques of famous luxury brands.

    The Hotel Orfila shows off its 19th –century splendid architecture. Although regularly refurbished, the interior design concept is still untouched and unsoiled. The hotel kept the furniture of high class Venetian design and tranquil ambiance. You will be amazed to know that how the hotel rooms are uniquely yet elegantly decorated each differently.

  7. Seven Urban Suites Nantes

    For vacationers who seek exciting parties, the Hotel Urban is highly recommended. The Hotel Urban is known for its fun – party like environment. Although it still projects a rustic Spanish era, you can’t help but appreciate how the interior have been uniquely fused with modern and old décor. The hotel is rated as 5 – star hotel. Suite rooms on this hotel has its own bathtub and showers, cable TV, stable internet connection, complimentary bottle of wine or champagne, and a lot more.

    The hotel has the most lively bar and cocktail party. Amenities included in this hotel are swimming pool, rooftop garden view, and restaurant and of course bar.

  8. Hotel Hesperia Madrid

    The Hotel Hesperia Madrid is a luxury hotel in Madrid with five stars. It is known for the most accommodating and helpful hotel staff. The hotel is just around 15 to 20 minutes away from the airport. So you would be assured of the convenience upon arrival in Madrid. Plus shops and high rated restaurants surround the hotel area.

    The hotel provides personalized bed and breakfast service, complete room amnesties (such as satellite television, internet connection, standby room attendee, baths and showers, comfortable beddings, and a lot more), garden patio, massage parlor, fine – dining restaurant, chic and dazzling hotel lobby, and among others.


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