Best Flamenco Art Show In Seville? Top 7 Locations For Flamenco Art

You can experience the flamenco art in different ways one of them being the popular tablets. Seville, on the other hand, is the other sets with different venues and festivals where you can get to know in detail on your flamenco passion.

Tablaos is one of the best places to get introduced to flamenco, and the places in the list below are not as touristy as those in tablaos. Here you will see a group of people doing a professional performance of music and choreography with their good-looking dresses. This is only done by women.

This shows some of the places you should visit for the best flamenco art in Seville. Some of them may not be open all year round but if you manage to be there when they are open, ensure that you spend some time there.


Where To See Flamenco Art In Seville?


  1. Museo Del Baile Flamenco

This show is carried out every day in the whole year. It happens at Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos. The first show starts at 7 pm to 8 pm. The second show in the same venues will start at 8: 45 pm to 21:45 pm. This flamenco was founded by Cristina Hoyos one of the most known Spanish bailaoras. The great dancer started the dancing company in 1989. She started dancing from as young as 12 years. She has since got the most awards in flamenco dancing. It will be a great idea to visit the museums since you will get a big picture and understanding of flamenco. This is where you will know more about where it originated and also get to know about its different styles.

There is spectacular flamenco every day all year round organized by the museums. Several artists are supposed to perform, and this show is only done for one hour in the museums. This every day there will be a performance by a different group. Depending on the season that you get to visit the museum, you can also get a chance to attend lessons on sevillanas and flamenco. You can get a ticket for the show only or one to go for the show and also visit the museum. Get these tickets online or call 954-340-311 and they will help you out.


  1. Auditorio Álvarez Quintero

This Flamenco Art in Seville show is done every day in the whole year at Calle Álvarez Quintero, 48 which will take you only two minutes to walk from Giralda and Cathedral. There are two shows. There is one show that starts at 7 pm to 8 pm while the second show begins at 8:30 and ends at 9:30. If you want to have an intimate and great experience of the espectáculo flamenco, then go to the auditorium. This is a cultural house in the traditional Sevillian house basement of the nineteenth century. You will get around ninety folding chairs. This means that this is a cozy and a very small venue. It is the smallest venue for flamenco dancing shows in the city.

The stage of the auditorium is also quite small, and thus the performance is only done by three to five people among them a guitar player, a dancer, and a singer. Here you will get a completely different show compared to what you will see in other tablaos. It may be little small, but you can be sure that it will meet your expectations. This auditorium is managed by a family, and they have been doing flamenco art here in Seville for a long time now. You can call the auditorium through the telephone number 605-130-130. The tickets sold are only for the show, and they do not cater any drinks or food you will take in there.


  1. La Casa De La Memoria

Visit La Casa de la Memoria at Calle Cuna, 6, and you will be amazed by its beauty as you enjoy their show in flamenco art. The house was built in the fifteenth century, but it has gone through some renovations. As you visit the house, you will also see some of the elements of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Flamenco dances performances are done the typical traditional houses of Seville also known as the central patios. It will be lightened with lights from candles making this atmosphere even greater.

You are advised to book early in advance since the space of the venue is quite small for this Seville flamenco art show. Many of the artists here are talented students, and thus the prices are lower compared to other tablaos. You will find the show every day at this venue. The first show will start at 7.30 pm while the second show starts at 9.00 pm. You can also get a show from 10.30, but this depends on the season. You can call them r go online to book the tickets for the show. They will only cater for the show but not any foods or drinks in the show.


  1. Bienal De Flamenco

This event is organized by the Seville’s City Council after every two years, this festival takes place from the early days of September to the beginning of October. It may not be the main flamenco festival in but it is among the most important. During the time of Bienal, you will find that all the places in the city are concentrating on flamenco art.

All the places you like in corral de vecinos, Alcázar, auditoriums, and theaters of the city there will be performances on flamenco. You can also enjoy some great time in peñas flamencos. There are cultural organizations in Peñas that own bars and locals where you will find regular performances and discussion groups.


Other Venues

Flamenco arts in Seville are not only found in flamenco shows. There are other places you can also enjoy the art. Below are some places where you can get the performances.


  1. Teatro Central

You will find this amusing place in front of the Isla Mágica pack at Isla de la Cartuja. You can look for it with the map address of Calle José de Gálvez, 6. The prices of this venue are affordable, and the activities in there are quite impressive. You can reach them at 955-037-200.


  1. Teatro Lope de Vega

The program will have in it flamenco and classical dance, operas, music on top of the theatre plays. It is next to the Seville University at Avenida Maria Luisa s/n. you can get them through the telephone number 954-629-560


  1. El Palenque

This venue is in the middle of Isla Magica and CAAC at the Isla de la Cartuja. The address on the map that you can use to look for it is Avenida de Los Descubrimientos, s/n. You will not find the performance of Flamenco art so frequently here, but in case you meet them you will be delighted by how great they will be. Reach then on telephone number 954-467-538.

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