Barcelona To Paris by Train, Bus, Car and Flights

Paris is an open city that connects different cities and European regions. If you plan to have a memorable getaway to Paris and spend few days in Barcelona, or vice versa, you can always count in a good transportation system of each cities. Since most locals and tourists often visit the two famous cities in one vacation trip. The high-speed AVE train was implemented to help out travelers reach the two regions faster and conveniently. We have listed options and guide to travel from Barcelona to Paris via train, bus, flight or car.


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Barcelona To Paris By Train, Bus, Car And Flights

First Option: By Plane From Barcelona To Paris (Vice Versa)

Many tourists prefer traveling to Barcelona to Paris via plane because of convenience. Although it may only take a passenger about an hour and fifteen minutes from Barcelona to Paris, you should also consider the time allotment for baggage and passenger check in at the airport. Plus you have limited view (only aerial view, if you are seated near the window area of plane, otherwise, you can spend your time sleeping and resting for more than an hour) of the places in Barcelona and Paris trip.

You also have to consider the airport location. Make sure you book on a closer city area in the Paris Charles de Gaul and Paris Orly. However the other Paris Beauvais and Paris Vatry are a little bit far, about an hour from the city area. Either way Paris to Barcelona (vice versa) you can can find good flight deals.


Second Option: By Train From Barcelona To Paris (Vice Versa)

Even though flight arrival to the other city by plane for Barcelona to Paris is a little bit faster than train, traveling by plane consumes a lot of time. Take note of the time you have to adjust in airport transition / check in and taxi ride leaving or arriving the airport, since airport is farther away from the metropolitan.

With the train to Paris from Barcelona, rest assured commute is nonstop and train schedules are continuous every few hours. You can take the Barcelona Sants Train station to Gare de Lyon in Paris (and vice versa). And also, consider that Las Ramblas to airport or train stations would also consume about 20 minutes to 40 minutes of your time going to the metro.

Plus, you will enjoy more of your time in train because you can meet and chat with other passengers during the ride, see and even take pictures of land marks passing through Paris to Barcelona (and vice versa).

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Third Option: By Bus From Barcelona To Paris (Vice Versa)

Although, bus is the slowest transportation to travel to Paris from Barcelona and vice versa; there is still bus which allow travelers to go and fro between two the cities.

Traveling in train and plane will only take you only less than 2 hours, while bus would definitely eat away 15 hours of your time! You can ride bus from Nord and Sants bus stations. Bus schedule is only one bus a day. So make sure you have to check schedule and availability ahead of time through Book Bus Tickets in Spain at Eurolines or Movelia; not to miss a bus trip. You can pay using credit card online and just print or provide a digital photo of the successful bookings. Or you can purchase tickets on the bus stations.

But if you are into adventure, you can try to travel through bus as part of your trip. It is a little bit expensive though; the ticket is a bit pricey compared to train and plane. With bus, you have to allot expenses for your food during the 15 – hour travel. This is by far the slowest option for travel of Paris to Barcelona.


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Fourth Option: By Car From Barcelona To Paris (Vice Versa)

If you own a car or plan to rent car to travel across the two cities, you can also try this option. You have to pay for your fuel and toll gates fees from AP-7, A9, A10, A71 and A75 high way. Imagine you have to drive more than 15 hours (about 1,000km).

It is best that you have someone with you to drive alternately as not to exhaust yourself too much. You can drop by to sleep and rest on hotels and inns along the way or enjoy a good meal too! This is another better way to truly step up with your sight-seeing adventure in Barcelona and Paris.


Going To Dali Museum Via Train

You can visit and enjoy sight – seeing of popular architectural attraction in Figueres just by riding a train connecting it from Paris and Barcelona.

Figueres is Catalan region, is one of the tourist destinations in where the famous artist Salvadaor Dali was born. A lot of tourists are intrigued by the place where the well – know brilliant artist’s birthplace. You can visit Church of Saint Peter, Sant Ferran Castle, and the famed Teatre – Museu Gala Salvador Dali (or the Salvador Dali Museum).

Since you cannot leave your luggage on the tourist attractions in the Figueres, rent a place to stay overnight. You would not want carrying heavy stuff around the town with a handful of luggage.


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