Barcelona In November 2018/2019: Weather, Things To See And What To Pack

Have you ever seen the light glint of sun off of clouds, and heated breaths, and the slight chill of winter? Sunsets like these are to die for, and they’re often the background to amazing cities and excellent leaves, especially in Barcelona in November.

This gorgeous city, in close proximity to the warm watered Mediterranean Sea, is a boundless place. Compared to the rest of central Europe, Barcelona in November 2018 is graced with mild and even pleasant winters – especially seeing as Autumn is just a transitional season, making November an excellent month to tour around. There will be mild rain, and windy days, but the touch of the sea suffused air on your skin is a natural medicine to indulge in.


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The Brink Of November?

There is no reason to get away from the cooling air, in fact it makes for more laughter, better food, warmer wine, and less of the usual touring types. Coming Barcelona during November is truly a one of a kind experience. In the early weeks of this month the daytime high can be expected from 65 degrees and higher – it makes for pleasant mornings and afternoons. Even at night, the warm watered sea does not allow the air temperature to drop much lower, and it’s the simplest thing to take a walk through the night and bask in the city’s glow. Here are the recorded temperatures from the past November in Barcelona:

  • 2015 –A high of: 64.4 F – and a low of: 48.2 F
  • 2016 – A high of: 68 F – and a low of: 57.2 F
  • 2017 – A high of: 73.4 F – and a low of: 59 F
  • Record – A high of: 77 F – and a low of: 42.8 F
  • Average – A high of: 60.8 – and a low of: 46.4 F


Come The Middle Of The Month?

The later on your November in Barcelona extravaganza hits, the better your deals at flights, trains, and hotels are going to be. The weather of course will remain in its previous balmy state, and will not give much trouble to your travels. Keep in mind that deeper into the month you stay, the temperature will decrease slightly week to week. Here are the highs and lows recorded on the 15th day of previous years.

  • 2015 – A high of: 66.2 F – and a low of: 53.6 F
  • 2016– A high of: 68 F – and a low of: 48.2 F
  • 2017– A high of: 60.8 F – and a low of: 46.4 F
  • Average – A high of: 57.2 F – and a low of: 44.6
  • Record – A high of: 77 F – and a low of: 41 F


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Jacket Weather – Late November

Never fret, the cold does not make an end to all the events and things you can through November in Barcelona. This month is just as busy and spirited as the rest – perhaps more spirited as the holiday season draws closer. Simply pull on that new sweater or jacket, through a pair of thin gloves over your hand, and you are ready to go. Here are the recorded patterns on November 25th throughout the last few years.

  • 2015 – A high of: 59 F – and a low of: 46.4 F
  • 2016 – A high of: 60.8 F – and a low of: 41 F
  • 201 7 – A high of: 59 F – and a low of: 44.6 F
  • Average – A high of: 57.2 F – and a low of: 42.8 F
  • Record – A high of: 64.4 F – and a low of: 35.6 F


Now That Weather Is Out Of The Way:

Rather than focus on the wind and rain, what really is at the epicenter of Barcelona-November fun? Trust me, a lot in fact. There are so many events to attend, and places to go. For instance, the first of November call for a time of reflection and rejoice for lives that have passed – Diada de Tots Sants (typically known as, All Saints Day) brings locals from all walks of life together, allowing them to recognize their deceased friends and families by leaving flowers all across the cemeteries of this fine city. Fine dining and cuisine of this memorial day calls for feasting on the ripe seasons produce – namely chestnuts and sweet potatoes.

Not in the mood for flowers and chow? Make sure you’re in town throughout the unforgettable social season including the Barcelona Jazz Festival. These exceptional venues and eclectic concerts span the length of time from the end of October clear through November. There are always new concerts to see, foods to try, and dances to learn. This festival will make every night in Barcelona during November a magical one.

Or perhaps the only reason you’re in town during this season, is to feel the Christmas spirit start to take flame in the hearts of the locals. If so, stay put, you’re in the right place. Starting in the last two weeks of November, the holiday celebrations begin to burst in song, as locals and tourists alike celebrate the lighting of Christmas lights all across the city. Many of them spinning around and enjoying the dazzling glow from the massive ice skating rink in Placa de Catalunya.


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