Barcelona In January 2018/2019: 4 Must Do Things

Everyone is saying January in Barcelona is a peculiar month, when everyone is trying to get over from holidays. Usually the weather is not that good, but if you want to visit Barcelona this month, then set aside your worries! There are a way lot more you can do here even if it rains. So here are some lists on what to do in Barcelona in January 2018.


Where To Visit In Barcelona In January

It is correct that the weather in Barcelona in January is not terrible, and it is also correct that when it rains, we do not just stay in our houses. So when it rains, I usually go to Plaça dels Àngles and spent the whole afternoon going different museums. CCCB and MACBA are my best-loved museums in the city.


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What To See In Barcelona In January 2018

There is a remarkable event called “La cabalgata de Reis”, where the children get the chance to see every January in Barcelona. This event is a procession with marching bands starting from the harbor (they use boat to arrive to the city) until the town center. Amid the way, the kings and their associates collect the letters of the children that contains the children’s wishes and gifts they want to have. In case you happen to be in Barcelona by this time, you should go and join this event with or without children.


Where To Buy In Barcelona In January

As I have mentioned before, the most expensive months are from December to January because the people want to purchase gifts for the people that are special in their life. Perhaps that is the reason why on the 7th day of January is when the sales start. There’s a sort of event in the city called “Las rebajas”, where some shoppers wait in a line in the entrance doors of shopping stores to be the first ones to get in and get the clothes they adore with a discount rate of 70%.

In each area, there’s something best that you can buy, but the best places to discover all the famous Spanish brands are Carrer Pelai, Portaferrissa and Portal de l’Àngel. You simply have to stroll a somewhat bit more until you reach Passeig de Gracia if you love large international brands. One of the greatest things to do in January in Barcelona is Las rebajas, swear!


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Food To Eat In Barcelona In January

During winter in Barcelona, we always love to eat and drink hot, despite the fact that we are fond of pretty good weather. In late afternoon, enjoying a nice stroll in the Gothic place and ending up in Caj Chai is one of my preferred things to do in Barcelona in January 2018. Caj Chai is the absolute place to unwind after strolling and to regain the energies you lost. Furthermore, the area is extraordinary, it is hidden in a small street of the Gothic Quarter. What also makes the place extraordinary is that it is a little bit hard to arrive there, no wonder why only few people knows the existence of it.


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