April Weather And Events In Spain 2018/2019

Most people expect the spring in Spain to be rather hot. However, this is a variable time in here and the weather changes quite quickly. One is therefore advised to carry items that will favor him when the weather is sunny, and then it becomes cold. April weather in Spain is perfect and makes the country not extremely hot or extremely cold.

There is also sometimes the weather becomes wet, and you need to be prepared for it. Andalusia has the best weather, and it’s where you get Semana Santa which is supposedly the best event in April. This is the time when Spanish celebrates their Easter Celebrations and we have some events in Spain 2018 that you should attend.


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Weather in Andalusia in April

Andalusia is one county with the best weather in April. It is where the event of Semana Santa takes place. This event requires a good weather that will not destroy the valuable floats on the streets. The April weather temperature ranges from 52°F/11°C to 68°F/20°C.


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Weather in Barcelona in April

The weather is not consistent in Barcelona, but it is mainly hot. You can be lucky to get a perfect April weather in Barcelona for swimming but do not be too expectant. It can be rainy in Barcelona, but it is not as much as in other parts of the country. That average minimum and maximum temperatures are 46°F/8°C and 63°F/17°C respectively.


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Weather in Madrid in April

In much, the temperatures in Madrid are much better in March, but that does not last for long. The weather in April in Madrid will keep on changing from time to time. There may be some heat waves and heavy rains during this month. The average minimum and maximum temperatures are 43°F/6°C and 63°F/17°C respectively.


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Weather in Northern Spain in April

Basque country does not have such bad weather. It has some slight showers that are not more than what is experienced during other seasons. The temperatures increase during this season but not by far. The average temperature in the northern part of Spain during spring ranges from a minimum of 46°F/8°C to a maximum of 63°F/17°C.


Weather in North-West Spain in April

The April weather in Santiago is almost the same with that of March. It is a little mild but very wet. Santiago’s minimum temperature during this month is 46°F/8°C while its maximum temperature is 63°F/17°C.


Events in Spain in April

Bullfighting in Madrid

Bullfighting is a fantastic event in Madrid in April, and you should not miss it. The season of bullfighting starts on the Easter Sunday. The tickets to this event are sold in Madrid.



This celebration goes all the way to May. It is the festival of Musical biodiversity in Madrid. This should be a not miss event in Spain in April.


Human Rights Film Festival

Another place to go during your visit to Spain is to celebrate the human rights through a film in San Sebastian.


Half Marathon

Consider attending the 5km run and the half marathon in Madrid. Participating will not only be fun but will also help you to keep fit and it’s even a fun event in Spain that you’ll like even if you just witness it.

La Passio

Here you go to see the performance of the passion of Christ. This performance is done every Sunday of April in Esparraguera, Catalonia.


Malaga de Festival

This is another festival during April that you should not miss. This is an arts festival starting from 20th April in Malaga Andalusia.


Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamericà de Lleida

This is the film festival of the Latin American. Visit Lleida in Catalonia and enjoy the film


Sant Jordi Festival

This is a great day in Barcelona. The Barcelonans celebrate the death of Shakespeare and Cervantes who passed away on the same day. It is combined with the celebration of St Georges day and valentine’s day. It is also celebrated as San Jorge Festival at Caceres every 23rd day of April every year.


Spring festival

Marsians will not finish their Easter holiday before they celebrate the spring festival. Visit Murcia in Southeast Spain and be part of them.


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