5 Best Things To Do In Cordoba

Andalusia is filled with historical sites with wondrous tales. Only, the tales are real. The cobbled stones, magnificent religious structures and the journey of Andalusia that goes through different twists and turns, is the reason why the region unique?

The city of Cordoba, is the witness to all those unsuspecting twists and turns. The city has transformed in many ways, of shapes, sizes, culture and structures; basically changing its face and civilization all though out the years. There’s lots of great things to do in Cordoba with the beauty of love and conflict of Jewish, Moorish culture, Islam, and Christian civilization have contributed greatly to what and how Cordoba looks like today. Let us revisit the Cordoba history and famous places that have made Cordoba such vibrant city.


5 Best Things To Do In Cordoba

Stroll Around The Plaza de las Tendillas

The central square of City of Cordoba is at the Plaza de las Tendillas. You can walk around the square; take pictures of monuments, public fountain, statues, and timeworn building structures which took part an important part of history of Córdoba. This is a great thing to do in Cordoba.


Walk Through The Juderia

The Juderia is a small village in Cordoba that kept and preserved Jewish culture alive. Although, there may have few Jewish memoirs and structures left in the Jewish quarter, it is also a good place to somehow explore one of the journey of Cordoba City in the past. You can also few life and works of famous Jewish mathematician and philosopher Maimonides at Juderia.


Explore The Calahorra Tower

The Calahorra Tower is located besides the Roman Bridge stretching over the Guadalvir River. The tower was used as a defensive structure to protect the land. Then, 2 other towers then added beside the original one in different period. This is a great thing to see in Cordoba. The Calahorra Tower, the Roman Bridge, and the Gate of the Bridge was then recognized with European Union Prize for Culture Heritage in 2014, as it is awarded as a historical national monument in Cordoba in the early 1930’s. Nearby the bridge the famous Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos residence of monarch can also be visited.


Stopover For A Quick Tour Of Calleja de las Flores

The Calleja de las Flores is a typical narrow road in Andalusia. The whole streets of there are all coated with white paints, complementing the quiet neighborhood. Each stunning old house have a number of potted plants and flowers that brings vibrant and color to the white backdrop of the wholes street of Calleja de las Flores. Calleja de las Flores, literally means “street or alley of flowers” and this is a fun thing to do in Cordoba.


Visit The Mezquita

Locally known as the Mosque of Córdoba, is originally built as a church for Roman Catholics. For most religious historic sites in Europe, original Islamic structures are often now converted and used as Christian Cathedrals. But the Mezquita has a different story twist. The story behind the Mosque of Córdoba is history of victory of Islamic Emirates over hundreds of years in the past. The Muslims at those time culture added sophisticated Moorish touch and turned it to what may seem a luxurious architecture as a place of worship of Muslim believers.

The mosque was then embellished with precious stones and gems like gold, ivory, silver, onyx, and all the gems you can ever think of. But later after 12th Century, the Mosque was returned back to European conquistador and now serves as a Christian Church in Andalusia. Today, the Mosque of Córdoba is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.



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