20 Best Things To Do In Cordoba, Spain

Every adventure and travel should be memorable. Hop on plane and finally ride your way to Cordoba City in Spain. Cordoba City in Andalusia, Spain is a mixture of opulent culture and architecture of both Roman and Arabian colonization in the early Middle Ages. Both empire and ruling have influenced the city of Cordoba located in the province of Andalusia. The Islamic architecture both shows devotion to its religion and secular symbolisms. On the other hand Roman structure speaks loudly of Greek ancestry. There’s so many great things to do in Cordoba.

It is a city that is a product of succeeding conquerors which both left a quite unique infusion of civilization. Building structures that had been abandoned by Islamic mosque and towers were then later converted into Roman religious sites and churches upon the arrival of Roman Empire. Basically, it is a representation of real world filled with mystic and respect for one’s culture.

What to do in Cordoba? We listed fun things to do in the city. There are guided tours that Cordoba visitors can join with to tour around the famous historical places. Or, if you want to handle our time well and not to rely on a schedule trip; you can try exploring the city by yourself and with your family and friends. At least you do not have to wait for other tourists who have lost tracked of their time. Check out our list of the unforgettable things to do in Cordoba.


20 Best Things To Do In Cordoba

#1 Visit Museums

Truly, Cordoba has quite a lot of artistry to boast in sculpture, painting, ancient civilization artefacts, relics, and this is a great thing to see in Cordoba.


Archaeological Ensemble Of Madinat Al-Zahra

The museum is sits at the bottom a hill where interesting archaeological artefacts and relics are exhibited and unearthed. This has become one of the favourite tourist destinations of most visitors in Cordoba. The ruins showed an ancient civilization long before Jewish, Islam, and Roman built structures in Cordoba.


Palacio de Viana

A glimpse of the stylish lifestyle of people of Cordoba in the past where nicely designed garden courtyard and lavish patio. Pretty flowers neatly arranged on the terraces compliment the beautiful structure. This is one authentic patio in Cordoba, which now becomes an inspiration for garden and modern architectural design all over the world. This is a must see in Cordoba.


Calahorra Tower Of Cordoba

The museum is a castle like tower guard built near the Roman Bridge near the Guadalquivir River. It is built during Islamic rule, and now converted into housing relics, and historical narration of the history of Cordoba, covering from early Jewish locals, Islam reign, and Roman control.


Museo Arquelogico de Cordoba

The museum is a small space that house Roman history in Codoba’s antiquities located in an excavated Roman theatre basement.


Museo de Julio Romero de Torres

The museum is an exclusive exhibit of the life and works of painter Julio Romero de Torres. The museum shows different masterpieces painted by Spanish artist Julio himself, depicting love, inspiration, Flamenco, and all that of Spanish Culture.


Casa de las Cabezas – Patio de Leyenda

The house is also known as the “house of the heads” depicting a what look like a legendary tragic story on the “7 infants of Lara”, former occupants of the casa. What are truly amazing is the walls, narrow alleys, the house interiors depicting Muslim design.


Galeria de La Inquisicion – Eoropa Siglos XIII al XIX

This museum shows inquisition in the past. If you travel with kids, or if you do not appreciate dark historical presentation, you must not go here. Otherwise, some may be fascinated with the dark times and inquisition process in the past. Torture instruments, and also paintings of nudity, tormented women, and inhumane cruelty in the past are depicted in this museum. This is not for the fainted hearted people.


#2 Take A Cultural And Historical Tour

Cordoba is a place filled with cultural heritage and historical sites. There are a handful of popular historical tourist destinations to visit. You can actually witness 3 intertwined arts, culture, and architecture from Jewish, Arabian, and Roman.


Great Mosque Cathedral Of Córdoba 

You can start with touring the UNESCO World Heritage protected monument. The huge Catholic Church is what used to be a place for Islam to worship. It was originally called Aljama Mosque and built in late 700’s. Then after, the Roman Empire took over and turned the mosque into a cathedral in early 16th century. The church exhibits more Islamic style with over 856 columns made out of granite, marbles, jasper, onyx, and porphyry.


Alcázar Reyes Cristianos

Another protected UNESCO World Heritage site. The fortress was built as a residential castle for monarchs in the past. It was constructed near the Guadalquivir River and Grand Mosque. So basically you can just walk going Alcázar, after visiting the mosque. This is a great thing to do in Cordoba. The castle has amazing garden, patio, and watchtower where tourists can enjoy a walk and stroll around the expanse of Alcázar.


Jewish Quarter (Juderia Site)

Cordoba city surprisingly have been also a place for refuge where Jewish culture thrive. Unfortunately, there are quite few Jewish structures left, but the small Synagogue and Maimonides statue can remind you that there was indeed a Jewish community here in the past.


#3 Try Some Outdoor Activities

Contrary to what tourists thought about Cordoba in Spain that the city is only limited to museums, historical sites, and city strolling and tour; Cordoba also offers active indoor and outdoor activities.


Bike Around Cordoba City

You can rent bike to pedal your way while exploring the whole central square city area.



There is a river where most adventurers go to if they wanted to experience a white river kayaking experience. There are adventures and outdoor guides who can take you to Córdoba to Benameji where the adventure starts. Check out outdoor tour companies like Karma Turismo Activo or Adventuras Limite.


Wall Climbing And Rappelling

Cordoba is surrounded by scenic rock mountains and rock walls beside rivers that can be used as a wall climbing above the hill sand rappelling down to the river area. This is a fun thing to do in Cordoba


#4 Watch Amazing Shows The middle Of Historical Sites

Cordoba City is places where there are three generations of different culture and most likely adopt a rich cultural value in arts and entertainment. You can try to watch unique performances from both animals and professional dancers.


Flamenco Pit Stop

There is actually a museum showing information about Flamenco’s history, famed – artists,and a lot more. You can visit Centro Flamenco Fosforito. You can also watch Flamenco dancers strut their Flamenco like jazz steps at the annual Cordoba Flamenco Show at Tablao el Cardenal.


Espectaculo Pasion y Duende del Caballo Andaluz

You can check out horseback riding show in a stadium. A variety of horse forms an ensemble to perform tricks and dances. This is quite entertaining especially with kids.


#5 Dare To Try Out Cordoba Local Exotic Food

In the middle of your tour and strolling around the whole Cordoba City, you definitely need a break and recharge yourself with good food.



Is a fermented fish sauce where can be used as a condiment, dip or an appetizer made out of fish guts, and intestines. There are versions that the small fishes are also processed as part of fermented ingredient. The sauce is a contribution from Roman and Greek origin. This is a great thing to eat in Cordoba.


El Tercio Viejo

This might gross a few tourist because you might be surprised of a glass of snails served in front of you with a mint and yet spicy drink.


Wine Served In Barrels

Yes, it seems like bottomless drink of wine. There are restaurants and wine shops near the old Jewish village Juderia.


Coquillas And Ortiguillas

These are local dishes cooked from tasty small clams and sea anemones.



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