JeJu Island In 3 Days – Best Things To Do In JeJu Island

South Korea generally has been making a noise in the past recent years. The country has both made names in pop culture and tourism industries. The first time I heard about the gorgeous island of Jeju is when I was able to watch few Korean television soap operas. Because of the flexible weather (even on winter time in the country, the island has fair climate compared to the main island), and ideal scenery for television and movie shooting as there’s lots of things to do in JeJu Island during your 3 days in JeJu Island.

The island is a formation of volcanic cavity and molded magma from an active volcano millions of years ago, thus JeJu Island is similar to Hawaii. This created a haven for various elusive flora and fauna, and majestic scenery that can be compared to what looks like a perfect movie setting with lots of best things to do in JeJu Island.


How To Get To Jeju Island?

The island has its own airport, the Jeju International Airport. Flight details in your country if there are nay direct flight to Jeju Island. Otherwise, you have to take a connecting flight from Seoul – Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, or Cheju Kukche. And from the main international airport from Seoul, you can either travel by bus (which takes the longest time), connecting plane flights, ferry boats (which adds more adventure to your trip), or train. What to do in Jeju Island in South Korea for three days? Let us guide you to make sure you make the most out of your JeJu Island 3 day trip.


Best Things To Do In Jeju Island

Feel The Hawaiian Fever Of South Korea

Jeju Island always has the perfect summery weather even in the cold seasons of autumn and winter. The favorable wind and temperature of the island makes it a favorite getaway tourist destination of South Korean locals and foreign tourists as it resembles the famous Hawaii Island of United States of America.

You can bask in the glorious mountainous and volcanic view of the island considering the weather is better and friendlier compared to other tropical tourist destinations during your three days in JeJu Island. You can even enjoy a good sight of the long edge coastline of the island like in Seongsan Ilchubong, or Jusangjeolli.


Explore Other Hidden Water Bodies

Aside from enjoying the beach and summer vibe along the beach line of the island of Jeju, you can day trips to different waterfalls near your hotel like the Jeongbang Waterfall or Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls. This is a great thing to do in JeJu Island. The waterfall gives a feeling of tranquility as you swim through the fresh and cold fresh water of the water falls gliding through the hardened volcanic mountain rocks.


Get Silly Photos At The Love Land

Although, the Love Land is somewhat kind of a contradicting concept of what the tourism industry is promoting the natural beauty of Jeju Island; it is still a fun activity that you can drop by to take pictures of various erotic statues, and sexualized themed sculptures. This might seem odd basing in the concept of the island’s tourism spot, so you can take this one off your lists during your JeJu Island three day vacation. A lot of tourists complain on how expensive the entrance fee for the Love Land Park as compared to visiting other natural tourist attraction area. So it is up to you if you wanted to just have fun and take goofy photos, you can visit this park.


Dive, Snorkel And Swim Warm Waters Of Jeju Beach

If you are in an island, what would be the best thing to do? Of course! Go to the beach side and feel the sea water! This is one of the best things to do in JeJu Island. You can choose from lined up dive centers and shops along the beach to rent and guide you to different diving sites. Or you can just put on your goggles, and then swim on a fish and coral populated area to snorkel.


Stroll Along The Beach Shore

Maximize your time in Jeju Island. You can walk along the beach coast area, feel the warm sand under your feet, or just lie down to read a book or drink cold refreshments to get the perfect tan.


Visit The Human Made Sea Creature Habitat In Aqua Planet Jeju

You can enjoy a fun deep sea exploration peeking through the see though glassed aquarium where several of ocean creatures thrive in a controlled environment. The Aqua Planet Jeju also offers a dive swim with the fishes and other water creatures inside the giant aquarium. Although, in reality if ou are staying in a resort or hotel near the beach area in Jeju Island, you can just dive on the natural coral reefs to see real life sea creatures. But of course, the Aqua Planet is safer and cheaper compared to renting diving equipment and boat to bring you to diving sites.


Explore The UNESCO Heritage Site In Manjanggu Lava Tube

This is one of the things you should never miss when you visit Jeju Island for 3 days. The natural human maze puzzle created by nature for millions of years. You can walk through the divided maze of the Manjanggul Lava Tube – like tunnels as the hardened molten lava guides you to nowhere. This is a great thing to see in JeJu Island. The tubes are longer and have covered a wider span but tourists are only allowed with the one kilometer tourist zone to protect the rest of the tunnel.


Hop On The Rocks Of Jungmun Lava Columns

More evident display of nature’s natural talent for architectural design , the volcanic rocks formed and sculpted by heavy lava, volcanic eruption, and earthquake have created a magnitude beauty. The blue green clear waters moves calmly in between the different shaped volcanic rocks. The Jungmun Lava Columns is so far tourists’ favorite place to explore because of the tranquil ambiance and awesome scenery. This is a fun thing to do in JeJu Island.


Discover The Old Jeju Folk Village

The Jeju Folk Village is a restored old community of original local residents of the island. The villagers are believed to have established the community around late 1800s. The lifestyle of people living in Jeju Islands resembles the original habitants where they all survived in a traditional dive spear fishing, and agriculture. Up to this day, a lot of local Jeju fishermen similarly fish the same way how the old villagers do it ages ago. That has kept the population and kind of endemic sea species of the island intact and thriving. The Jeju Folk Village also exhibits quite a lot of artifacts, and both original and restored structures and should be seen during your 3 days in JeJu Island.


Visit The Famous Settings Of Favorite TV And Movie

If you quite familiar with the pop Korean culture, you may have definitely be familiar with the Jeju Islands, because it has been a favorite setting to shot for movie or television programs by your favorite Korean celebrities. This is one of the best things to do in JeJu Island.

Few of these are the Boys over Flower, My Lovely Sam Soon, Lie to me, and Secret Garden where the actors play their part making Jeju Island’s beach coast as a perfect background. Or perhaps, Gong soap opera showing the Bear Museum located in Jeju. Another scene of one of the convent and church in Jeju can also be seen also in All In tv program. Jewel in the Palace was mostly shot in the old Jeju Folk Village. And there are a lot more.

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