Machu Picchu Entrance Rules- New For 2018/2019

There have been different new rules for Machu Picchu entrance that have been recently communicated by the Machu Picchu National Park management. These Machu Picchu entrance rules that are new may not have so much effect on many visitors, but it will affect the disabled, elderly and people willing to hike in the mountain surrounding trails like the Huayna Picchu. These rules have already started to be enforced, and it is crucial that you come to learn about them before hiking Machu Picchu.

The Machu Picchu entrance rules have been given in one of the most recent meetings but some things still require to be defined. Beneath are some of the rules that have already been put into effect.


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New Entrance Rules For Machu Picchu In 2018


Use Of Walking Sticks

Visitors are prohibited from picking walking sticks from the Machu Picchu Sanctuary apart from those with a physical disability and the elderly. The age that determines that one is an elderly has however not been determined. If you happen to visit and you have a physical disability, you will be required to give a medical certificate as soon as you are admitted to the park. This will confirm that you need a walking stick for assistance.


The Use Of An Umbrella

The visitors who go to Machu Picchu are only allowed to get in with small and foldable umbrellas. They are not allowed to use large umbrellas with a wooden or metal point.


Baby Holders/ Backpacks

You are not allowed to get to the Machu Picchu citadel with large backpacks. You are only permitted to get in with a small personal bag. The weight and the dimension of the bag are not specific.


The Use Of Wheelchairs

If you require using a wheelchair, then you need to inform the management when still at the entrance. You will be given a Machu Picchu staff to help you when using a wheelchair. People using wheelchairs are restricted below the main entrance level at the terrace level. Here they will be able to view Machu Picchu panoramically. The management of the park, however, said that during the low season’s wheelchair access may be allowed but only during the afternoon hours.


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Huayna Picchu & Machu Picchu Mountain Entrance Conditions

The Huayna Picchu Mountains will be closed at 2 pm and all visitors are required to return to the main gate by that time. The Sun Temple descending Huayna Picchu peak and Great Cavern entrance trail will be closed at 12 pm. If you get later than this, then you will not be allowed to enter.

Entrances of the Machu Picchu Mountain Trail will only be allowed before 11 am. Hikers will have to get to the summit before 12.30 pm and at 1 pm if the case is exceptional. This is the time the summit will be closed by the park warden. Hikers who arrive later than this will be asked to go back to the entrance. It will, therefore, take you around one hour and thirty minutes to ascend.


Editors Comments

The new measures and rules placed have to be enforced if the Peruvian Government will safeguard the Machu Picchu future. This is also because of the much pressure imposed on them by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. These rules are not that new, but it is the older rules that people seemed to have forgotten that have been reinforced. The enforcement of these rules may be a sign that things in Machu Picchu will change for the better. It is always good to welcome and follow new rules as long as they will work Machu Picchu future advantage.

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