4 Best Treks In Peru For 2018/2019

Peru best treks and trails are known all around the world. With the many jungles, rivers, land formations, and vast climate arrays, Peru is a place where everyone should visit. Everyone irrespective of that age has something to enjoy here especially people who love adventure. There are many things to enjoy here depending on the time you visit in the year and your physical fitness. Here are the five best treks in Peru that you should visit.


4 Best Treks In Peru For 2018

  1. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

    This trail is the best trek in Peru for people who love to take challenges in life and make them adventurous. You will go through Andean scenery that is quite incredible as you transverse through the mountains and then go to the Amazon Jungle. One should be ready to go through Inca ruins, tunnels and explore settlements before you finish the trek. Make an booking for you to get a ticket. The Peruvian government has been limiting the mummer of people to hike in the Inca Trail due to its overuse of late. It gets filled up quite fast especially during the high seasons, and thus it is closed for maintenance every February. Take at least two days on this best Peru trek, or even more, to maximum enjoy the Andes wonders.

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  2. Salkantay Trek

    If you missed the booking of the Inca Trail, you could still have the fun at the other great Peru trek, Salkantay Trek. This trek is near the Inca trek, and this alternative is also quite attractive. You have an option between different mountain trails to choose from for this Peru trek, and this will take away all your disappointments. As you enjoy the tall Andes glorious views, just remember to take deep breathes so that you can avoid sickness due to the attitude of the thin air. This best trek in Peru is among the 25 best treks in the world as named by the National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine. The trek will offer you the solitude and peace environment you need compared to the Inca Trail next to it.


  3. Lares Trek

    Start trip in the Lares villages on the eastern side of Machu Picchu or the northern side of Cusco. You can take a van or a bus to begin your trek. It has a high attitude and a short distance. It is also a spectacular site and a good alternative to the Inca Trail. This amazing Peri trek is well planned and thus a good place to recommend someone. Some companies will give you outreach trips and thus can be able to offer services to the locals who settle along the trail. You can come with basics, and toys and the Peruvian Highlanders will be quite pleased.


  4. Santa Cruz Trek

This best trek in Peru will give you a good view of the Peru White Mountains. The trek is regarded as the world’s best for alpine hiking. Go to South America after the Asia Everest Mountains to experience the new heights. Santa Cruz Trek is suitable for all types of hikers, and the weather from May to September is ideal. It has few restrictions compared to the others, but it is quite safe. You may view domestic animals and other local cattle, but there are no bandits. If you happen to be anxious, you can take a flight. The trek may not require you to have any permit and trekking restrictions, but it will be prudent to go along with an operator. Trek through the Cordillera Blanca in Peru and have an incredible time as you experience the nature of pristine.

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