10 Reasons To Travel To Ljubljana

If you happen to love touring around European country, you must have heard about how famous Ljubljana in Slovenia. /lyoo-blyah-nah/ is how to properly say the city. This is a central part capital in Slovenia.

Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of tourist have been dying to visit the city as there’s lots of great things to do in Ljubljana. The city is famous for its magnificent stretch of green land areas and well-preserved castles. In case you have not been to Ljubljana, this page has listed 10 reasons to travel to Ljubljana.


10 Reasons To Travel To Ljubljana

The Architectural Structure Of The City

Because Ljubljana is located in the heart of Europe’s Slovenia, the city is filled with past stories of success, down fall and rise to power. From Gothic to Baroque architecture up to modern arts, by walking around the city of Ljubljana at night you will be amazed how the city collected a lot of memoirs of statues, monuments, sculptures and architectures in the past and present day.

Wait till you are able to take picture of the Preseren Monument, covered with bronze or enter the Cathedral of St. Nicholas – Bronze is generously painted in. You can also walk past just in the city area other statues like Znamenje Svete Trojice, Citizen of Emona Statue, Fountain of Three Carnoilan rivers, and a lot more! This is one of the best things to see in Ljubljana.


The Ljubljana Castle

Definitely, the highlight of the trip to Ljubljana in Slovenia is the castle that stands in the middle of the hill. The castle is surrounded with beautifully designed garden, and towering trees.

It is an adventure for the love and nature and the city. The Ljubljana Castle is an infused of both a historical point and modern taste. You can find café and restaurants inside, which is really convenient for your tour. Overall this castle is very impressive and rated as one of the best things to see in Ljubljana.


The Love For Art And Theatre

The Ljubljana City also holds a lot of events, concerts and performances both in public areas, cinemas, and theaters. Locals have a deep rooted love affair in arts, music and culture. From jazz, folk and modern dance to theatre shows, the city has a lot to offer.


The Greenery

Ljubljana City is holds the record as one of the greenest and environment friendly urbanized place in the world, not only in Europe! Predominantly, the city is covered with color green from grasses, plants and trees, especially in mountainous areas.

The fresh and pleasant air skirting the entire city is quite evident for the grasses, plants and trees that freely grow in the entire land. You can walk across the entire place without worrying about skin allergies and pollution brought about by unclean air. For those that love nature, this is one of the best things to do in Ljubljana.


The Ljubljana Cathedral 

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas is the main capital church in Slovenia. It is located in Ljubljana City. Albeit the outside design architecture of the cathedral is too simple and meek, the church is highly recommended to be visited.

Not just of the historical value of the church but the inside of it is filled with so much extravagance. The door is made out of real bronze and may be, almost all of the pieces inside. The walls are filled with highly crafted sculptures of paintings boarders. It I truly amazing that it may represent humbleness in the outside and yet sheer beauty and worthiness sin the inside.

The church was originally built inspired by Gothic architecture and then transformed into Baroque style in the late 18th century.


The Antique Ambience, Safety And Convenience

The city of Ljubljana is such an amazing place. Fusing both historical structures, the progressive urbanized area surrounded by restaurants and bars, and yet is able to keep the greenery and nature intact. Ljubljana City is such a peaceful place to spend your weekend to refresh and unwind from all the busy life you left behind back home. It is also convenient to move round the city because of the various convenient mode of transportation to offer. For me, I rather explore the city walking or you may choose from trains, bus, bicycle and boat.


The Clean Bodies Of Water

Not only are the land areas of Ljubljana City clean and healthy but also the water area. Rivers, lakes, and even ponds are well – kept. Even the river in the middle of the city, River Ljubljanica (often mistaken as canal because of the narrow area), is quite clean and tranquil. It’s a great thing to do in Ljubljana

You can also check out other water activities such as boating or just a quiet walk beside the Sava River or Koseze Pond. All are such a great experience to keep in Ljubljana.


The Ljubljana Food And Wine

Nothing more better to spend your weekend vacation is good conversations with locals, sumptuous food, and tasty wine! Make sure to eat at some of the best places to eat in Ljubljana.


The Amusing Activities 

There not far from the Ljubljana church, you can frolic across the famous Dragon Bridge. Take pictures around the place, and for few more steps away from the bridge you can shop and bargain on the Central Market on the city’s square. The Square is also filled with historical buildings and structures that existed century years ago like the Preseren monument.

If you are lucky enough you can participate or watch a street artist on the sidewalk in central area create plausible art pieces.

You can also try to seal and lock your love in Butcher’s Bridge, or visit other bridges like Cobbler’s Bridge, Trnovo Bridge, Triple Bridge, and a lot more! There are also a lot of art, modern (like illusion) and history museum, and theaters to visit. You can dine on local and modern restaurants of your choice without walking to far from the central area.

There are also adventurous way to explore the city through ferry boat ride crossing the rivers surrounding Ljubljana. There are also romantic bike rides offered on different parks. You can also visit local zoo in Ljubljana too. Or you can also visit the Seminary Palace and library to check out old scripts and books. Name it, Ljubljana City has a lot of activities to offer for you!


The Ljubljana Locals

The people in Ljubljana City are of ready help. They tend to become helpful and friendly most of the time. Because of the antiquity and historical value of Ljubljana City, most people earn living in tourism (aside from pharmaceutical, wine making, and food processing industry). It has become a fluid response for locals to entertain tourists even without payment in return. Spend time to meet the locals especially at night where they are free from work and they all are happy to lend their time and chat with you.


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