Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2018/2019: The Best Options To Try

Singapore is a small country which is both an island and a city – state at the same time. The country is small but it has a huge heart for native locals and expat residents because the state was able to accommodate both peacefully. The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar location is along Engku Aman Road and Geylang Road.

The city – state is so diverse that it also welcomes other traditions from other countries. One famous biggest festival annually celebrated in Singapore is the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar. The Bazaar is celebrated from last week of May up to June 25 in Geylang, Serai. The event is now having increasing number of people wanting to attend the event. This is one of the best festivities in Singapore. Imagine more than a thousand of food and souvenir kiosks in the busy center of Singapore.

Food stands and carts would basically melt your heart out at Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2018 with more than 1000 choices of appetizing delicacies, various scrumptious fused – dishes, tasty drinks and other mouthwatering food choice. Burgers, teas, coffee, fried stuff, desserts, salads, breads, rice dishes and more; from different countries, will make you walk around the center sampling all foods offered by all stalls in the area. Make sure you go during the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar opening hours to have the best time.

The following are just few foods offering you have to try in perhaps the largest food festival in Asia. Read: There are a lot of food stalls in the event, so the following are just few from the thousands Geylang Serai food options.


Delightful Drinks Choices:

Baby Blue Bandung

The Bandung drink is another version of the Indian Rose Milk. It is a cold creamy milk shake usually color pink or shades of red / purple. Bandung is a popular sweet cold drink in Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore. The versions in Singapore is drink tastes more like berry and is in different shade of color blue, prepared with chunks or sometimes with its bits of real fruit (or for more thickness tastes, dried fruit is also added). The price of the Blue Bandung is only #6 per bottle.


Galaxy Milkshake

Sweet milk taste drink in one of the food stalls sells – Galaxy Milkshake. This is no ordinary milkshake. The mix is in three happy colors: purple, pink and blue milk shake swirls, which looks like a galaxy in space. For only $6.50 per tumbler, kids would really also enjoy this drink. Do you like brain freeze anyone?


Gangster Drink

This is a unique concoction drink with a weird name. Yeah, the name sounds pretty much more like a hard drink that will make you go loco once you drank it. Nope you will not easily get drunk but you will definitely go crazy for the flavor. The Gangster Drink is a mixed of sweet and sour fruity sour plum, lemon grass, and lemon. You can purchase $7 per one glass of Gangster Drink.



Psychedelic Drinks

Yeah, another colorful drink potion of different flavor and tastes. The tumbler is like a unicorn colored swirls. Psychedelic Drink offers different combination of flavors of your choice. Choose from pandan, apple, lychee, and a lot more to choose from! You can buy one serving for the price of only $6.



Food – Cart Worthy Selections:

Spicy Pokerritos

With the popularity of the Japanese anime show Pokemon, and almost everyone were hooked once in the game Pokémon Go; well, you imagine it right, the round shaped food in the figures of the famous cartoon Pokémon catcher, Poke ball, were cooked. Rolled up in a burrito, the assembly of scallops in the different forms is ingenious. There are three colorful Spicy Pokerritos to choose from – Wasabi flavor, Flaming Cheetos Spicy, and Oriental Scallops. Per burrito roll is worth $14. You can request for half if you think you can’t finish the whole, but we doubt one roll is enough for you as this is a wonderful Geylang Serai food option.


Raclette Cheese

The famous French food truck super cheesy Raclete from France can be tasted in one of the thousand food choices in the event. We can surely assure you that the Raclette Cheese is one of the best food cart indulgence in the event. The food definitely tastes blissful. You can really feel the juicy melting cheese as you take the first bite. An individual serving is only $12, or you can treat the whole family for a platter of only $40.


Rainbow Burger

The perfectly moist beef patty is deliciously prepared by the popular Classic Ramly Burger joint in Singapore. You can try a delicious treat with fried crunchy fries for only $8.


Giant Fried Squid

You can definitely sink your heart out, with a lot of seafood choices in the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar.

One of the thousands food there is the giant fried squid. Not just your typical regular squid, giant one; that is! The stall has its delicious umami tasting secret ingredient to go with the fried squid on stick. I am sure the crunchiness and tasty treat would let you want to eat more.


Heavenly Tasting Desserts And Sweets:

Chocolate Skewer

Everyone loves chocolates. And there are many ways to eat chocolates. One is to wittingly place it in a barbeque like stick that holds all the chocolates. Alas! You have a Chocolate Kebab! It is fun because stall owners encourage food trippers to prepare their own Kebab; or might just ask the crew to prepare one for them. One Chocolate Kebab (which has 4 pieces slices of chocolate) is worth $5.


Candy Floss Burritos

Human taste preferences never end at Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2018. We wanted to try more, experiment and fuse more food combinations. The sweet tasty and smelling candy floss is rolled into a burrito like dessert. You can try this at Artbox ine one of the food stalls in Geylang. 3 pieces of this candy burrito is worth $8 only.


Durian and Jackfruit Bombs

Durian is a unique fruit which originated all the way from Thailand. However, Malaysians and Indonesians brought it to their countries and harvested hundreds to thousands of tons of this oddly smelly yet delicious fruit. Jackfruit is also almost physically of the same appearance, but durian is harder and has stronger odor. Both have sweet, fibrous, and yellow berry fruit inside. The fruit is made tastier by adding milk and cream baked inside of crunchy puffs. You can purchase 3pieces of puffs (or often called bombs) for $4 and 5puffs for $5.


Macaroon Ice Cream

Cannot get enough of ice cream? This is another way to eat Ice cream. Imagine Macaroon shaped in a Japanese cake, sliced in half and stuffed with heavenly cold sweet ice cream and gelato. Heaven!


Fried Milk

Yep, you read it correctly, it’s fried. But it is not exactly fried above hot temperature. The creamy milk is actually frozen to a very low and slow process of small slabs of secret milk solutions. The process of making an ice cream is as if you are frying, thus “Fried Milk”.

There are a lot of ice cream milk flavors to choose from. Few of unique and surprisingly popular flavors are pandan, salted caramel and milk fused with Thai Tea.



Rainbow Tower

Another special ice cream is the Rainbow Tower. This dessert is originally from Otaru, Japan. You can choose your colorful ice cream combination like chocolate, vanilla, and other colorful fruit flavors. The idea is to top one flavor unto the other until it looks like a tower of colorful rainbow. Like unicorn tails. You can purchase regular size for $8. Just add few more bucks to pay for additional ice cream tower, it’s well worth it for Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar.

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