8 Best Hotel Staycation Singapore

Singapore’s economy has surprised the whole world with its rapid development. From a sleeping small country (and a city too) has become one of the Asia’s most visited city, despite of the geographically limited land and water area span.

The luxurious hotels and magnificent building structures are few of the major reasons why Singapore stands out among other Asian countries and many want to do a Singapore staycation.

We have listed 8 Hotels and best accommodation areas you can book and feel relaxed on your cozy staycation in Singapore:


#1 Marina Bay Sands Resort

The Marina Bay Resort in Singapore what have almost replaced the iconic Singapore Lion mermaid to welcome tourists and expats entering the country. You can never miss the humongous ship atop the 3 fancy structured glass hotels.

With all its fancy features, the Marina Bay Sands brags its own classy Casino gaming area, elegantly structured swimming pool, coolest cafes, expensive restaurant, sophisticated indoor shops, and exclusive cozy hotel rooms. The hotel also has its own indoor garden, sports amenities, and other facilities you could not imagine they cater to an amazing Singapore staycation.

Room Price Range From $600(excluding fee, taxes and other overhead charges) to $10,000

Address: Bayfront Avenue, 10 Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore 018956 Singapore | Contact Number: +65 6688 8868 Website


#2 Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Basically, the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is the nearest and most convenient place to stay in Singapore. You can basically cross few minutes away from the Changi Airport.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel stands firm just across the Changi Airport in Singapore, overlooking the runway of the Singapore’s airport. According to the hotel’s official website, the hotel is considered as the “World’s Best Airport Hotel.” Its unique architecture shows elegance and modern that is wonderful for a staycation in Singapore. The airport hotel has restaurant, swimming pool, Café and other hotel amenities.

Room Price Range From $245(excluding fee, taxes and other overhead charges)
Address:  Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, 75 Airport Boulevard #01-01 , Singapore, 819664 | Tel: 6823 5300 | Website


#3 InterContinental Singapore

The Intercontinental Hotels around the world have a reputation of being able to deliver a good and worthy service to all its guests. In Singapore the InterContinental Singapore started operating in early 1990’s even before other 5 – star hotels have occupied the busy city of Singapore.

Because of the competitions around new hotels around the urban Singapore, the hotel management decided to refurbish and improve the hotel. Like any other hotels in the country, InterContinental Singapore Hotel delivers good service, cozy atmosphere and other facilities.

The hotel is just about 15 or 20 minutes away from the Changi Airport and central train stations.

Room Price Range From $225(excluding fee, taxes and other overhead charges)
Address:  InterContinental Singapore, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966  | Tel: 6338 7600  | Website


#4 Hotel Vagabond

The Hotel Vagabond just recently opened 2 years ago, 2015, so you can really enjoy the new building, facilities, furniture, and appliances. The hotel was designed by interior designer from France, Jacques Garcia. So you will expect more of European design and interiors during this Singapore staycation.

For most guests who have stayed in the hotel have somehow described the place seems like more of a little quirky little India, because of the interior style. But generally most of the guests really wanted to go back and check in the same hotel again because of the friendliness and approachable staff.

The hotel also provides discounts and special prices for returning guests, as well as gives promos on special off – peak days.

Room Price Range From $260(excluding fee, taxes and other overhead charges)
Address:  Hotel Vagabond Singapore: 39 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207630 | Tel: 6291 6677 | Website]


#5 Oasia Hotel Novena

If you want more a surreal and simplistic Asian atmosphere you can try to check in to Oasia Hotel Novena. The hotel was inspired by artistic design from popular Super Potato interior home design in Japan, architect Takashi Sugimoto. The hotel consists of finest wood work that welcomes calmness and coziness feeling.

The hotel also boasts private infinity swimming pool, Jacuzzis, bar, restaurants and a lot more!

Room Price Range From $173 (excluding fee, taxes and other overhead charges)
Oasia Hotel Novena, 8 Sinaran Drive Singapore 307470 | Tel: 6881 8888 | Website


#6 Pan Pacific Singapore

Before the biggest swift development in the urbanized country of Singapore, Pan Pacific  has been the most noted iconic structure in the city; together with the popular welcome landmark mermaid lion fountain. The Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel has operated since 1980’s. With the competition and building of high rising hotels in Singapore these past few years, the hotel have invested more than SGD 80 million just to cope up with the other building structures around the city. Making it one of the best staycations in Singapore.

Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel is quite convenient enough because it is just across the new popular Marina Bay, and underneath are famous chic and elegant shops and high – end restaurants. You can easily access the city because the hotel is just located in the center business area.

You will definitely enjoy your staycation in this hotel because it has been around offering hotel services for few decades now in Singapore, so basically it has mastered the art of good service and good amenities.

Room Price Range From $322 (excluding fee, taxes and other overhead charges)
Pan Pacific Singapore: 7 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Singapore 039595 | Tel: 6336 8111 | Website


#7 The St. Regis Singapore

The The St. Regis Singapore, just few kilometers away from the popular amusement park – Universal Studios. The hotel is only 10 km away to be exact. The hotel is located in a block near shops, stalls and souvenir stores.

The hotel offers a fine hotel service. It has well – trained hotel crew, clean restrooms, well maintained rooms, cozy Jacuzzis, fine restaurants, and an elegant bar. The St. Regis Hotel also boasts wine and fine dining on its own Brasserie Les Saveurs.

Room Price Range From $400 (excluding fee, taxes and other overhead charges)
Address:  St Regis Singapore, 29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911 | Tel: 6506 6888 | Website


#8 Naumi Liora Hotel

Most of the hotels and accommodation places in Singapore are either of modern contemporary or of foreign inspired themes. However, if you want a more authentic Asian – Singaporean accommodation you might want to check out the Naumi Liora Hotel. The Hotel is basically a unique facade of 1920’s townhouse. The hotel is built together with the finest wood work and a mix of French design on its window panels.

What separated the Naumi Liora Hotel in Singapore form the rest of others, is the unique food choices offered by the hotel. The same with other Naumi Liora Hotel on other countries, the hotel in Singapore is consistent in giving the best service and complete facilities to its guests. Something you can really enjoy during your stay at the hotel. Shops and restaurants like Restaurant Ember, Roosevelt’s Diner,  and L’aiglon are also located near the Naumi Liora Hotel.

Room Price Range From $288 (excluding fee, taxes and other overhead charges)
Address: Naumi Liora Hotel, 55 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089158 | Tel: 6922 9000 | Website


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