Layover Guide For Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport

Shanghai, China is an oriental place which boost anything but a representation of anything Asian, yet stretches out a colonial – era structures. Chinese has probably one of the longest historical civilization, modern civilization somewhat has contributed to the scenery of Shanghai.

A layover at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport, can give you a different perspective of China and its people. The Pudong Airport is one of the two international airports in China which caters to transit flights from all over the world.

If your next flight needs you to stay a little bit longer, let us say over night, there are a number of luxury hotels and less expensive motels you can stay nearby the airport. You can ride a taxi to get to your destination while you wait for your next flight. Make sure you just have to write down on a piece of paper the Chinese translation of places you need to visit if you are unable to speak Chines language. You do not want to spend most of your time being stuck in trying to explain your destination.

Basically, Shanghai does not really need visa .for transit or tourist entry for most countries, business trip needs otherwise. There is also other country that China requires visa. Make sure to check updated list on Shanghai’s official website for public advice.


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Best Things To Do During Layover In Shanghai

Visit The Famous Waterfront In Shanghai

You can stroll along the side of the bank of the Huangpu River where you can take pictures or appreciate in amazement of the neatly structured architecture. The buildings around the area are a mixed of local Chinese heritage and modern art structures. If you are tired of walking, you can also eat on food stalls along the river bank. There are also shops that sells souvenirs and other local Chinese crafts in this area they call The Bund.


Shop For Cheapest Items You Can Imagine

You can shop till you drop at Feng Xiang Market. You will find the a lot of stalls and shops that sells just any items you would be surprised to see like knock off famous brands. You can test your negotiation skills on each stalls as you will not believe how low you can as for bargain, just bring a lot of patience to ask for discount.


Climb The Prominent Skyscraper TV Tower

Ranked as the third tallest TV tower in the world, the Oriental Pearl Tower can be seen from afar along Huangpu River. You can take a picture of the tower from the river bank or you can climb and reach until the observation deck of the tower. The skyscraper also have restaurants, shopping center and hotel inside.


Join The Walking Tours

Back pack adventure seekers can just walk out of the airport and start the adventure. Just be careful for the signage if you are unable to read. You might be violating jaywalking or no entry signage.

For more convenient and faster tour around the city you can join group of Shanghai walking tours   that is provided by local tour company. There are options to ride bus city tours that pass to famous landmarks at Shanghai.


Watch Death-Defying Acrobatic Show

If you are opt to some heart stopping entertainment, you can check out theaters that showcase Shanghai Acrobatic Show.

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