Best Day Trips From Seville – Check Out Andalusia And The Region’s Most Famous City

Do you want to explore Andalusia? If yes then you need to have a starting point. The very first place to visit when you get to Andalusia is the Seville region. This is a great day trip from Seville and you can explore in one day.

There is however still some places that you cannot get in a day because they are very remote but let us look at those places you can reach through road. You can go the public means, but you can also hire a car to take you on the trip. Below we have a list of some of the best day trips from Seville that you should do if you have the chance.


Combining Sights Around Seville

There are places in Seville that you do not have a visit for a whole day. At times it will be necessary to combine trips so that you can go to as many places as possible and make the best use of your time. You can basically do a few of things for some of the best day trips from Seville.


Arcos de la Frontera and Ronda on the Same Trip

Ronda and Arcos are the white villages, and you can visit them in during the same trip. This trip will take you one day if you have a guided tour or if you are going through personal transport.


Go to Morocco from Tarifa  

It is quite difficult to come from Seville and visit Tangiers in Morocco in one day. This is because to get to Morocco you have to get to the Tarifa ferry port which is among the best. Consider spending a day and night in Tarifa as you learn and watch windsurf before you take a ferry back to Morocco the following morning.


Granada on the Way to Malaga 

You will only need an hour to get to Granada from Malaga. You can visit Granada when coming from Seville if you think of taking a flight from Malaga. You do not have to go to the city because there is a direct bus from Granada.


See Carmona on the Way to Cordoba 

On your way to Cordoba, you will pass through Carmona. If you choose to go to Cordoba through a high-speed train, then it is more likely that you will not see Carmona in detail. You can, however, take a guided tour and it will only take you one day.


Visit Cadiz and Jerez in One day 

Cadiz and Jerez can be visited in one day because they are not so much apart from one another. In fact, it will take you less than an hour from one city to the other. There is a bus that comes from Jerez to Tarifa daily, and thus you can use it to travel if you happen to spend your night in Jerez.


Visiting Osuna en Route Elsewhere

It will only take you on a day to travel from Seville to Granada to Malaga to Osuna. If you only take a few minutes to see famous sights in this place, then the trip will take you only half a day. You can get to Osuna on your way to Malaga if you are going with a car. You can also use this opportunity to visit Antequera. If you have a personal car, you will be able to see the Lovers’ Rock and Antequera’s dolmens much better.



When coming from Granada, Malaga or Seville, Antequera is the best place to visit. Some interesting things you will see in this pleasant old town are the Lovers Rock and dolmens in Antequera. Dolmen de Mengais the most popular ancient sight in this city. Make sure that you see it as soon as you get to Andalusia. The lovers’ rock or the Peña de los Enamorados looks like a big human face, and it is also an interesting sight to see.

Legends claim that this rock was given that name after two lovers from different religions killed themselves on this rock because of forbidden love. One of the lovers was a Christian while the other was a moor and their difference in religion restricted them from loving one another.

You can visit this site simply by car because it is just outside the city. Some other sights you should visit here include a flamingo lake known as the Fuente de Piedra and Iglesia del Carmen. It will only take you forty minutes to get to these sights from town. This is a must do as it’s a easy and fun day trip from Seville.


Arcos de la Frontera, Ronda and Other Pueblos Blancos (White Villages)

Make sure you go to the White villages when you go to Spain. Ronda is the most popular pueblos blancos. There are two very impressive bridges that joins the two sides of Ronda. Taking a bus from Prado de San Sebastian to Ronda will only cost you thirteen euros. Going by bus will only take you two hour, but a guided tour is much better. A guided tour will take you to all your desired sights, and it will save you from logistic problems for a day trip from Seville.

Arcos de la Frontera’s is one of the most delightful places you can visit in Andalusia. It is positioned in quite a unique way at the steep cliff, and this sight makes it more interesting. This white village is however small, and you can head to another place after you are through with the enjoyable sights here. You can get here by bus if you are coming from Seville.



It will cost you less than three euros to get to this fortified city with a superb main gate. It will cost you around two euros to get to this town with a bus. The bus station to Carmona is at Prado de San Sebastian. Busses from the bus station leave frequently, and it will not take you much time to get one to Cordoba.



Cadiz is a lovely old on the south coast of the peninsula. This place has great fish, nice climate, a great history and amazing beaches. This is the most convenient place to go during the day. Different sights in this region can be easily reached by bus or train. The prices and the time you use for traveling are the same. It will cost you can approximate of twelve euros and will take more than an hour and a half with both modes of transport.



Cordoba is one of the oldest cities in Spain, and the Cordoba mosque is the biggest attraction site in this town. You can get to Cordoba from Seville in forty-five minutes through high-speed AVE train. You can go for this fantastic trip alone, and you will enjoy. Consider going for a guided tour if you also want to go to Carmona for some of the best day trips from Seville.



Granada is one of the most amazing places to visit in Spain and especially because of Alhambra fortress. This town is highly suggested for a Seville day trip. It has successfully maintained the Spain tradition of giving tapas for free with food. A bus and a train will take you an approximate of three hours. The two modes of transport will charge you the same prize. Consider visiting Alhambra in the morning and the evenings because there is quite a long queue during the day.



Jerez is a well-known city for its horse festival and sherry production. There is a great and famous Jerez horse show, and this is probably the only interesting place to visit here. For this reason, it would be prudent if you combine the visit to Jerez with a trip to another area. It will take you an hour and about seven euros from Jerez to Cadiz with either train or bus.



Some parts of season five and six of Thrones an HBO game was filmed in this town. It took the Doerne setting. You can get to Osuna through two train lines. You can use the line from Seville to Malaga and from Seville to Granada. You will find a train after every two hours coming from Granada station and Sevilla Santa Justa and both pass via Sevilla San Bernardo. It will take you one hour and a half when coming from Granada and one hour when coming from Seville. Other places to pass through the train line are Almeria and Antequera.


Matalascañas, Seville’s nearest beach

You can end the trip to Andalusia by visiting Matalascaña. It may have fewer cafes and few shops, but there is good weather to go swimming. A bus to this beach is taken at Plaza de Armas. You can enjoy the sun at the beach as you have some ice cream for a fun filled day trip from Seville.


Santiponce (Italica)

At Italica, you find the remains of the Roman city, baths, amphitheater and Roman mosaics. You will also get the Roman ruins archeological remains in the museum nearby. It will take you an hour from Plaza de Armas to Santiponce in Italica.



This town is mainly known as a party town and is a Seville day trip for many. It will be a place you would love to spend your night. You can spend time here windsurfing and watching whales and ferries to Morocco. Getting to Tarifa from Seville is about a three hour journey when going with a bus. You may need to combine it with other activities to do the rest of the day. You can book the bus tickets from Seville from

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