Weekend In Fife: Itinerary For Those That Love Food

Scotland’s largest city is the ever lively and revolutionized, Glasgow. The city of Glasgow is located nearby bank of River Clyde. From a humble countryside fishing settlement area, what used to be a town is now one of the most populated city in the whole Scotland.

Basically, with growing number of people residing in Glasgow, Glaswegians (also locally called as, “Weegians”) welcome people from other Scottish villages, and regions. The need for manpower to fill up jobs demanding for growing industries in Glasgow, it helps the population grow bigger and faster. This means, there have been increase in variety of trends in fashion, architecture, culture and food offerings.

A number of restaurants and diner have been built around the city of Glasgow in area a called Fife. That also includes various distilleries and wine refineries. We have a great itinerary for those that want to spend a weekend in Fife and enjoy all the great treats in the area.


Weekend Itinerary In Fife For Foodies

Taste Various Fife Whisky From Distilleries In Glasgow

During times of cold weather in Fife, most residents warm up the low temperature by drinking specially distilled whiskey. With the growing demand for the famous Fife alcoholic beverage, a lot of whiskey crafted and brewed to perfection in all parts of Fife area. This is even enjoyed during the warmer months when you visit Fife for a weekend.

Whisky in Scotland is quite famous around the world. There are a number of demands for Scotch whisky, because of distinct taste perfected for over years. One of which is the Tullibardine Distillery which had been brewing malt from 1949. The distillery also provide tour around the production area, as well as whisky and chocolate (yes, sweets too!) tasting. This is one of the best places to drink in Fife, so don’t miss it.

Another one is the Lindores Abbey Distillery offers not only distillery tour but there is a restaurant inside where visitors can dine while taste whisky from the plant and should be checked out during your weekend in Fife.

The famous Kingsbarns Distillery is one the most visited whisky brewing company in Glasgow. The Scotch whiskey from this distillery has just recently opened in 2014, that only shows the first malt prepared 4 years ago is now ready this 2018. The Kingsbarns is what used to be an old and abandoned farm land of Weymss family. Visitors can taste gin from Darnley’s Gin just within the old farm area and take a tour of the old farm where a lot of lemons and other citrus plants, and a small bee hive culture center. Other whisky distilleries across Fife area are Daftmill Distillery, Diageo Global Supply, and Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd.


Savor Some Tasty Cheesy At St. Andrews Farmhouse

The St. Andrews Farmhouse produces fine milk products from the cows which the farm raises. The farm keeps and raised healthy Holstein Friesian cattle breeds that produce one of the best milks. The collected fresh milk directly from well taken care cows undergoes the process of pasteurization to make sure unwanted bacteria are killed. The farmhouse also makes tasty and flavorful variety of cheese products and is a fun thing to do in Fife.

Visitors can walk around during the weekend in Fife and appreciate how the farmhouse, barns, milk collection area, and cheese processing center are well managed based on highest standard.


Eat Freshly Caught Seafood Along Anstruther Area

The restaurants are overlooking the dock area at Anstruther shore. With delicious and big servings of various fish dishes, crabs, lobster, and other freshly caught seafood delights can make you eat as much as you like. The ambiance overlooking the harbor gives additional feels to the served seafood dishes.

The most visited restaurant in the area is the Anstruther Fish Bar, then followed by Craig Millar @ 16 West End, Reilly Shelfish, Ostlers Close Restaurant, Eastern Touch at Anstruther, and more small food stall areas to choose from. Be sure to check it out as it’s one of the best places to eat in Fife.


Snack On Seaweed Flakes At Mara Seaweed  

The historic county of Fife extends along a wide rocky coastline filled with growing seaweeds. These seaweeds are quite a delicacy in Scotland. Tourists can hop onto the shoreline and collect dulse seaweeds/kelps and this is a great thing to do in Fife for a weekend. These sea plants can be made as healthy salads, appetizers, and snacks.

The Celtic Sea Spice Company T/A Mara Seaweed is a unique restaurant that offer flavorful seaweed dishes. Each kelps and seaweed dish is a perfect combination for a delectable meal.


Try Delightfully Tasty Dishes At Elegant Restaurants inside Hotels

There are a lot of hotels that provide fine dining experience for tourists and locals “weegians”. 5-star hotel offers great delicious food offerings. You can visit Radisson Blue Hotel Glasgow, Hilton Glasgow, The Principal Blythswood Square Hotel, Hotel du Vin and Bistro Glasgow, and Glasgow Loft where all served unique seafood dishes. Because of the well prepared and truly high class food servings, the prices of the dishes are a bit higher compared to restaurants outside these 5-star hotels.



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