Edinburgh’s Secrets: The Underground Guide

If you are a bit adventurous and would love to be thrilled, then consider strolling along the streets of Edinburgh at night.

Edinburgh is a very mysterious city with historic significance. It’s either you will be challenged or spooked when you traverse the dark and narrow alleys of Edinburgh underground. There are a lot of things to discover about Edinburgh when you explore the city at night. You will love to walk on the cobbled streets as you imagine who could have wandered in such dark places. There are different accounts of what happened in these streets which you could read on some history books and see from artistic renderings.

If you think that the alleys are already a thrilling tour to take, then you could be entirely mistaken. Edinburgh underground has secrets that you must not fail to discover. Underground Edinburgh lies a mysterious maze of tunnels and streets that have been buried by the present structures of the city. Going down would make you feel like you were in a ghost town with lots of Edinburgh secrets.

Honestly, you should know that Edinburgh is considered to be a haunted place. It is one of the most notorious cities in the British Isles for having various supernatural events. According to different accounts, these tales happen both underground and even above the ground in venues such as the local facilities and hotels.

Edinburgh underground, you will also see creepy vaults that used to serve as meeting places for merchants at the South Bridge. These hidden dark vaults also served as homes to Edinburgh’s poorest residents. It was only in 1985 when the government evicted these people from the vaults in order to restore the city’s glory.


The Ghosts From Edinburgh’s Underground Streets

If you are among the tourists who want to get some goosebumps from their travels, then you could book Mercat Tours. I really enjoyed the frightening sensation that I felt upon hearing various scary tales from the local guide. We were brought to the Blair Street Underground Vaults which proved to be really dark and filled with ominous spirits.

Well, everything that I felt was perhaps just because of my faint heart. We were not able to see actual ghosts, but the surroundings and the tales that were told while going around the alleys and the vaults were already enough to let my heart pound with fear with the secrets of Edinburgh.

The tour underground is really something that you must go for. It will test your tolerance for the dark and claustrophobic spaces. It will test your ability to allow different sensations to be felt just by merely strolling a strange place. But if you are looking for a more daring experience, then you have to book a Ghost Tour. This will take you to the most more obscure and formidable parts of the city.

I personally think that the Ghost Tour is just for those with valiant characters and adventurous souls. I am honestly not one of those because the tour of the underground vaults already caused me some kind of insomnia for a couple of days.


The Real Mary King’s Close

It would be amazing to get a glimpse of Edinburgh’s past by visiting The Real Mary King’s Close. It is an alleyway that still successfully depicts how life went on from the 16th Century to the 19th Century.

The name of the close was from the 17th Century Royalty, Mary King. This alleyway had a very notorious character for being a place where criminals thrive. Being close to the market and a center for trade, a lot of people chose to build their rooms in the very narrow alley. Rooms stacked up against each other which resulted in a bizarre structure that is about 14 floors high.

Because of the poor structure, scanty lighting, and unsanitary environment, the alley had been plagued with sicknesses that were caused by the proliferation of rats in the area. When the plague hit the tiny area, the residents chose to lock themselves in their small rooms instead of risking the chance to be bitten by the numerous rats. Those who have locked themselves died in their own rooms.

Getting a tour of the Mary King’s Close would not only open you to more scary ghost stories but would also reveal interesting historical and architectural facts of Edinburgh. The guide will give you a narrative on how these alleys have been transformed into an enigmatic underground maze. The mystery of the place will surely be kept in your hearts and minds forever.

Visiting this destination will let you be transported to the time of the plagues. You will be seeing statues and tributes to the rats and patients. Make sure to visit Mary King’s Close which lies underneath a Scotland government structure. It will be a good escape from the rainy weather of the country. Learning about histories would also be a good experience for your entire family.

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