5 Tips For Climbing Snowdon Mountain: What To Wear And Other Tips

Snowdon Mountain is an ideal trek site for both beginners and well-seasoned climbers. The peak and return back can be reached about 6 hours to 10 hours for a distance of 7 to 10 miles. Snowdon Mountain trekkers can climb up and can go down in the same path or on the other side of the mountain. Usually, it is easier and will be the shortest path using the same way from going up to going down. Before you go, you’ll probably want to know some tips for climbing Snowdon mountain.

Snowdon is a towering peak in Wales which literally means “snow hill”, because of its peak is covered with snow. The mountain is so far the highest peak in Scotland. Snowdon Mountain is just around the area of Snowdonia National Park at Gwyned. The highest peak elevating at 1,085 metres (3,560 ft)  above sea-level in Wales is quite one of the favorite climbing and trek sites of most European and foreign adventurers. It’s important to know what to wear for Snowdon so you have the best experience possible.

Generally, Snowdon has a friendly weather all year round. The subtle cool breeze of air is a convenient weather for mountain trekkers. The snow covering the slopes often adds chills to climbers. Generally, Scotland is very cold during winter season. Although at those time, the sun surely peaks from behind clouds to give natural warmth.

Snowden is a mountain with a lot of beautiful flora and fauna. It boosts a lot of amazing natural growing sporadic plants along the trek area of the mountain. Most common plant flower grass found in Snowden is its very own Snowdon Lilly which grows all around the mountain edges, along with what seemed like properly arranged snows along steeps.

Many people ask how long is the Snowdon hike? It’s generally expected 6 hours travel time, and some things to bring when climbing Snowdon are around a liter to two to help quench thirst as you climb. It should replenish the water and energy you lost from walking for hours. As you climb the Snowdon Mountain there are things you should remember to bring and wear. The cold weather can be sometimes harsh and uncomfortable for you to continue your climb. Proper gear, attire and shoes should be considered.


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5 Tips For Climbing Snowdon Mountain

Prepare Physically

 If you have never tried exercising before and you are not an active person, you better have to visit the gym for few days first to get your legs and arms be prepared for the long challenging hike Snowdon.

Imagine you will be walking for about 6 to 10 hours! You would not want to end your hike with muscle pain and exhaustion. The climb should be enjoyed, appreciated the nature, and be refreshed.


Wear Appropriate Clothes And Shoes

Since Snowdon Mountain is covered with snow, the very cool air breeze can blow up more freezing weather as you reach the top. Make sure to wear thick but light weight jackets/coats. It is recommended to use water resistant (waterproof) coats, because there are moments where there may have possible rain showers while you hike.

A soft comfortable sock is also needed with a sturdy and mountain climbing shoes. There are rocky, stony, snowy, and grassy areas where you can come across while you hike so you need light shoes to maneuver on those pathway obstacles. Shoes with spike that are able to withstand slippery areas are also encouraged to wear to prevent from slippage accidents.

A mountain hike short can also be worn for easy walking and moving around. But because of the expected cold weather, a long legging covering your whole lower extremities can be a good protection from the low temperature and from scrapes (or scratches) on rough edges of the mountain or thorny bushes. You may also use comfy hats, ear warmer, and winter gloves to protect you more form clothes. But you may opt not to. These are some of the important things to pack for Snowdon mountain.


Dress Simply

It might sound too silly, but putting make up during the climb is discouraged. Even the weather is extremely cold; the long walk would still end you up looking sweaty and looks like you just hit the gym. You do not want to look like Joker from batman or Marilyn Manson al too sweaty during and after the climb. Plus cosmetic products are a bit uncomfortable when hiking Snowdon. 


Bring Food And Water

Prepare water about a litter or two in a light bottle for you to hydrate when you get tired of walking. Also, make sure you also bring power snacks like chocolates, salted stick, and lunch. A sandwich would be most convenient to carry as these are the best foods to bring for Snowdon.


Pack Less

Bring only what is necessary when hiking Snowdon mountain. You should not bring heavy stuff and things that you will not use during your climb. Excess baggage can be burdensome as you walk for hours. It will surely slow down you walking pace. You can bring small light-weight back pack for you to easily carry your things like small cameras, sunscreen, smartphones, and medicine emergency kits.

“Packing less” means wearing appropriate light clothes, and shoes. Also, consider only bring water that you can drink for 6-hour hike. You can enjoy a hot chocolate or sweet smelling wine after you finished the challenged of climbing Snowdon and going back down.


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