Things To Do In Mecca: 6 Things For A Great Trip

Muslims pray facing Mecca’s direction at all times. This is in reverence of the sacred land. Once in a life time of an Islam follower, most of them have to take a pilgrimage to visit the sacred land. Unfortunately, Mecca is only an exclusive sacred place for Muslim. Any non – Muslim who might attempt to enter the land will be deported immediately or suffer penalty.

Check your calendars now and book a trip going to Mecca for a prayer, petition, and reverence. A big portion of your Islam faith will be fulfilled if you are able to go to Mecca. Below we have a list of the 6 best things to do in Mecca.


6 Best Things To Do In Mecca

Visit The Grand Mosque

The best thing to do in Mecca is part of once in a life time pilgrimage and one can go back many times as possible; a visit to the Grand Mosque in reverence to the birth place of Mohammad. It is a blessed and spiritual fullness upon entering and leaving the holy place. The Grand Mosque is peaceful and is a perfect place to pray. Grand Mosque is well-organized place and well-kept at all times.


Shop Till You Drop In Mecca

It is quite limited options to purchase clothes and other apparels from malls outside Middle Eastern countries. This will not be a problem in Mecca anymore. You can purchase from a number of various shops, stalls, and stores in line with Muslim fashion style. The variety of highlighting authentic Saudi Arabian color, prints, and high quality items can be brought home from different shopping centers like in Makkah Mall, Al Hijaz Mall, or even market bazaar in Mecca. While you are in the city for your penitence and pilgrimage duty, you can visit some shopping centers and flea market stalls for souvenirs for your friends and families back home. In your spare time, this is a fun thing to do in Mecca.


Visit Umm Al – Quara University In Mecca 

There are a lot of historical places that you might want also to visit in Mecca during your pilgrimage journey, like the Station of Ibrahim, Jabal – Al – Noor (Mountain of Light), Mount Arafat, Black Stone and a lot more. But, it is also nice to somehow drop your way to one of the largest academic pillar in Saudi Arabia the Umm Al – Quara University in Mecca. The university has produced more than 100, 000 of Muslim graduates, dedicated to uphold highest standard of education, honor and holiness as an Islam Follower since 1941. Who knows, you or one of your family members might want complete academic undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies in Mecca.


Continue The Praying Journey In Kaaba Masjid Al Haram

With over hundred and thousands of Muslim praying together in the center of Masjid Al Haram, it is a unified accomplishment of doing a holy petition together with all other Islam followers. Despite of the crowded people in the Masjid Al Haram, the place is organized and quite peaceful enough to utter your prayer, and you can even read Quran too.


Dine And Eat Your Heart Out To Various Middle Eastern Food Offerings

Whether it will be a feast after a long Ramadan, or just a regular pilgrimage trip to Mecca; you should not miss out eating in the best food stops in Mecca. You can try out authentic Muslim dishes. Most likely, each country, region and town has each distinct flavor even of the same origin of food delicacies.

You can select from various restaurants in Mecca like the famous Al Baik. There are also other Italian and American food diners that serve halal food specifically for Muslim diners like Rawae’s Italian Food, Texas Restaurant, or Slice of New York. Or you can walk along the flea market area in Mecca to check out the lined up food stalls while you shop for souvenirs, and other local products like rugs, carpets or burkas. Rawae’a Italian Food. For those foodies, this is a great place to eat in Mecca.


Accept The Challenge To Hike To Mountains In Mecca

The whole the city of Mecca is considered divine. Including the mountains around the city, can be considered as a place to give respect to the life and works of Prophet Muhammad. Once you get to the top, this is one of the best things to see in Mecca. Although the hike to the mountain where the Cave of Hira is located is not part of the required pilgrimage for Muslim, it would be another good place to meditate and find solitude.


Thing You Should Know When You Visit Saudi Arabia:

  • There are appropriate dress code that needed to be worn at all times in all parts of Saud Arabian countries, that includes Mecca
  • It is considered “haram” or disgraceful to show public display affection (PDA) in their country
  • You should not be caught living or staying in a married person’s room, otherwise you will be penalized according to their law
  • Mosque is considered as a holy place, so make sure not to make noise, create vulgar scenes, nor bring shoes inside
  • Do not be surprise if there are establishes or stores that need to close for 30 minutes many times a day, all Muslims need to observe prayer time
  • Homosexuality is not tolerated in Saudi Arabia, so we should all respect that
  • Do not be surprised that there are local women on pools who are swimming even when they have their full garments on, it is a part of admirable virtue in their culture
  • As much as possible, men should refrain from speaking with local women in Saudi Arabia not to cause misunderstanding


More About Mecca:

For those non – Muslims; well, there is really no law applies to not allowing non – Muslim to enter a mosque, especially the holiest place for Islam.

Except at Morocco, there is a French law disallowing non-Muslim to enter mosque to avoid problem. Generally, anyone can enter the mosque depending on the area where you visit. This is because of the isolated cases where non – Muslims are not able to give same reverence and respect on how to conduct oneself to the holy temple. But in Mecca, it is strictly implemented. NON – MUSLIM ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER.

Sometimes, in some cases for few remote mosques locations, chances are when you wear the appropriate clothes and observe proper conduct inside, you will not be stopped from entering. But in respect to those who went there to pray and accomplish the pilgrimage, it is best not to go here, unless, you decide to become a full pledged Muslim.

Over all, Saudi Arabia is not that scary at all as you might think because of the above mentioned dos and don’ts. These are guides to keep you out of trouble while you enjoy a wonderful time in Mecca.


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