Things To Do In Prague 2018/2019 Edition: 8 Best Things For First-Timers

Prague, is it your first time? Get ready to experience a wonderful intruding lifelong tryst of experience with all the great things to do in Prague. As a first time visitor, you are supposed to capture the city’s energy and the unbelievable beauty for a one-time life memory.

Over a period of time, this love will bring you back to Prague due to the lovely experience of the beauty of the city. That will have strengthened the bond between you and the city. Check out the 8 best things to do in Prague for first time visitor in Czech Republic.


Best Things To Do In Prague


Take A Walk Across Charles Bridge

Mostly preferred in the morning hours is the best time to walk across the bridge. The Charles Bridge is the most iconic place in Prague and is one of the must do things in Prague. This is for a good reason. Walking under the arched bridge tower entry, one feels as if you are stepping back to primitive times. The Baroque saint statues and the cobblestone path guide you through the Vitava River. The walk across the Vitava River fells like a complete fairy tale. Best time to capture the beauty and essence of the bridge is in the morning. Charles Bridge should be your first stop in the morning before going to other destinations like the Old Town Square and the Prague castle. One problem is that it is impossible to take the photos of the bridge.


Go To John Lennon Wall And Kampa Island

You can also visit Kampa island and the John Lennon Wall. One can access Kampa Island, as you walk across Charles Bridge, just head down the staircases. On your left or right to kampa island. Stroll through the cobblestoned streets which is along the canals. You can find shops and vendors selling snacks beer and sausages. You can also choose to relax along the water at one of the cafes and enjoy a lovely snack. You should discover your way to the nearby John Lennon Wall and the small park. The John Lennon wall is a living piece of art. It has Beatles lyrics and tributes to the one member of the Beatles John Lennon being regularly modified and added. A fan of the Beatles you should visit the John Lennon wall and don’t forget to pass through Kampa Island as this is one of the best things to do in Prague.


Climb Charles Bridge Tower And Astronomical Clock Tower

The best points of seeing the intruding beauty of Prague is definitely from up above. The Prague’s surrounding hills have castles, forts, parks and battlements to view the city from a bird’s perspective. By climbing the Charles Bridge Tower and Astronomical Clock Tower you get an advantage that gives you an overhead view of the Prague’s lovely city landscape and is the best thing to see in Prague.


Go To Prague Castle

Later after experiencing a lovely time at the Old Town Square, make sure you go up the hill. This will take you to Prague castle. While going up the hill take your time to enjoy the lovely the river below and landscape of the city. These are some of the beauty of the city that will stick in your mind as a lifelong souvenir. One should plan to reach the castle when it opens to avoid long ticket lines and many people. Stroll through the complex.

Enjoy the beautiful sights in the Castle. Some of the sights are like the Old Royal Palace with its artistic supported celling and grand hall and St. George’s Basilica and its beautiful mauled apse and alter. Wonder along the Golden Lane and go to the beautiful, brightly, tiny colored houses decorated with items of past residents. The Prague castle is a place that you must do in Prague in order to enjoy the beauty the castle depicts.


Walk The Streets To Look At The Architecture

The Prague’s beautiful colored pastel buildings and Baroque architecture take the show. One should create time during their visit to this lovely place Prague and stroll through its streets. With you gaze upward and camera out. Check for buildings with graffito. Also, look for walls covered with layers of plaster. This walks in the streets of Prague that really depicts the beauty of Prague must do things.


Visit Old Town Square

Go in front of the Astronomical Clock Tower. Eat some astonishing roasted meat. Listen to lovely songs played by musicians. Wonder at the astounding architecture. The Old Town Square is it a full package for a lovely place for tourist? Yes, from the buildings, to the songs and even to the food. For the first timers in Prague, this is a destination that you must see when visiting Prague.


Taste The Romance Of Prague

Prague will great you with inviting and friendly arms. The city’s beauty and attractive places to visit steals one’s heart and leaves one longing for more. The sights, the architecture, the Castle, the river brings that pretty view that leaves one with a lungful mind souvenir and is one of the best things to do in Prague.


St. Vitus Church Admire

St. Vitus church is a Roman Catholic cathedral. It is within the compound of the Prague Castle. This Cathedral dates back to the mid-1300s. With prior religious structures on the site dating back 300 years earlier. You should make sure that you stroll around the whole St. Vitus church. The gargoyles, flying buttresses and spires are worth your attention. They are intruding and lovely to see, creating a fixed image in your mind. Inside the Cathedral there are stained-glass windows that are long colorful which fills the Cathedral with light. Emperors and Kings. St. Vitus is always closed on Sunday.

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