Lisbon Airport To City Center Guide – Lisbon Portela/LIS Airport

If you are looking for a majestic city in Europe where you can find a distinct culture and some of the most unique attractions, then you have to include Lisbon on your travel bucket list when getting to Lisbon from LIS airport.

To get the most of the Lisbon experience, it is advisable that you spend at least three days in the city. You cannot just allot a single day because there are actually a lot of things and sites to enjoy.

What is great with going to Lisbon from airport is just located near the center of the city. This makes the exploration of the capital so much easier. Please do not ever make the same mistake of other tourists by getting a taxi ride immediately upon exiting the airport as they can become expensive compared to other options.

There are different ways of going to the center of Lisbon from Lisbon Portela airport apart from riding a taxi. You could use the bus, a private vehicle, ride sharing or the metro wherever you intend to go. Follow these tips for the best travel to Lisbon from airport:


Lisbon Airport To City Guide

  1. Take The Metro

If you are on a tight budget and would like to experience a speedy way to commute from the Lisbon Airport to Lisbon City Center, then you have to take the Metro. The name of Lisbon’s metro station is Aeroporto. You could get here by just walking towards the arrival hall from the airport.

The metro is by far the most convenient way to bring you anywhere in the city center. You can reach São Sebastião, Saldanha, and other places within the city in just around 20 minutes. In order to take the metro, you will have to purchase a card that is called the Viva Viagem from the ticketing machines. The cost of the Viva Viagem card is 0,50 Euros. You can put a value on your card by pressing the Zapping option where you could enter the amount that you want for your trip. The use of the card extends not just to trains but also to Carris buses.


  1. Take The Aerobus

The Aerobus of Lisbon is managed by the Carris and the Yellowtours companies. These are two different lines that traverse different routes going to the city center from Lisbon airport.


Line 1 Going To The City Center

Line 1 departs every 20 minutes. Among the stops included in its routes are the Entrecampos, Campo Pequeno, Avenida da República, Saldanha, Picoas, AvenidaFontes Pereira de Melo, Marquês de Pombal, Avenida da Liberdade, Restauradores, Rossio, Praça do Comércio, and Cais do Sodré.


Line 2 Going To The Financial Center

Line 2 departs every 40 minutes. Among the stops included in the route are the following: Entrecampos, Sete Rios, AvenidaColumbanoBordaloPinheiro, Praça de Espanha, and Avenida José Malhoa.

Taking the bus is definitely a good choice for those who would like to explore other areas of Lisbon. Also, the Aerobus offers a convenient transfer to those who are going to their apartments and hotels because the stops usually include spots that are near major accommodations. Further, other stops include connecting hubs to other bus terminals and train stations.

You can reach the bus terminal from the airport by walking towards the arrival hall where you will see the platform dedicated to bus journeys.


  1. Take An Uber Ride

You can actually take a private airport transfer by hiring an Uber driver and car for you. Wait, are you even aware of Uber in Lisbon? If you are behind technology development, you must know that Uber is a truly wonderful platform for those who would like to experience convenience and reliability on their travels. You must take advantage of the great services offered by Uber so we would suggest that you just take the Uber instead of the regular taxis.

The Uber services in Lisbon is considered to be excellent since the fares are reasonable and the quality of the car is also impeccable. Apart from that, you will experience no hassle because Uber drivers can actually pick up their passengers right at the parking lot of the Lisbon Airport. Just walked outside on the second level of departures and you’ll see the uber pick spot. For those that don’t have data, you can still use the WiFi while in the parking lot to connect with your uber drive at Lisbon Portela airport.


  1. Take The Bus

Taking the bus is a good way for those who are looking for inexpensive ways of going to the city center from Lisbon airport. You will find out that there are numerous buses that make a top at the airport terminal. Riding these buses could bring you to the following:

  • 705: Oriente-Aeroporto-Roma/Areeiro
  • 722: Praça de Londres-Aeroporto-Portela
  • 744: Marquês-Aeroporto-Moscavide
  • 783: Amoreiras-Aeroporto-Portela
  • 208: night bus going to Cais do Sodré and Oriente


What’s bad about taking this option is that it will test your patience. You could not really expect too much from Lisbon buses. They do not arrive regularly at designated stops and they may not be able to accommodate you in case your luggage exceeds the allowable dimensions of 50 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

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